Here’s a list of various radar detector and laser jammer tutorials, walkthroughs, and setup guides to help you make the most of your tools.

ALP teeny thumbAntiLaser Priority:

Complete AntiLaser Priority Setup Guide


Uniden R1 & R3:

How to Program your Uniden R1 or R3

How to Update the Firmware of your Uniden R1 & R3


V1 teeny thumbV1:

How to Manually Program the V1

How to Check what Version V1 you Have

Getting Started with the V1 & Accessories

How to Program your V1 on the iPhone


YaV1 main alert screenYaV1:

YaV1’s Coolest Features

Pairing YaV1 with a V1C bluetooth module

How to Program your New V1 & YaV1 from scratch on Android

How to Tweak a V1/YaV1 for Quietness and Maximum Performance

YaV1 2.0 Walkthrough

YaV1 doesn’t require an internet connection

How to automate YaV1 with Llama

YaV1 lockouts vs. Escort Live lockouts


Max360 teeny thumbMax360:

How to Set Up your Max360

Customizing the Max360’s Arrows, Colors, & Display


Redline teeny thumbEscort Redline:

How to Set Up your Redline

How to Replace a Blown Redline Speaker


Beltronics Magnum teeny thumbBeltronics Magnum:

How to Set Up your Magnum

How to open a Magnum and see which LNA it has


Net Radar teeny thumbNet Radar:

How to Configure your Net Radar


Stinger VIP teeny thumbStinger VIP:

Stinger VIP Menu, Features, & Interface

Stinger VIP Components


Max2 teeny thumbMax2: 

How to Minimize False Alerts on a Max2


Escort Passport teeny thumbPassport & X70:

How to Set Up your Passport


RPSE teeny thumbRadenso Pro & Radenso Pro SE:

How to Set Up your Radenso Pro & Radenso Pro SE

How to Update your Radenso Pro’s firmware


Uniden DFR6 & DFR7:

How to Set Up your Uniden DFR6 or DFR7


LRD950 teeny thumbUniden LRD950:

Uniden LRD950 Features & Overview

How to Set Up your LRD950

How to Update your LRD950

How to turn your LRD950 into a DFR7


Uniden LRD750:

Uniden LRD750 Features & Overview


Uniden LRD450:

Uniden LRD450 Features & Overview


Beltronics GT-7:

Beltronics GT-7 Overview

How to Set Up your Beltronics GT-7


Cobra DSP 9200BT:

Cobra DSP 9200BT Features & Overview


Cobra SPX 7800BT:

Cobra SPX 7800BT Menu Options and Settings


K40 RLS2:

K40 RLS2 Unboxing

K40 RLS2 Features & Menu Options


Laser Jammers:

What is the Best Laser Jammer?



StealthAssist for the V1 & iPhone

Waze, Escort Live, & Cobra iRadar Comparison

How to Automate Escort Live on iOS using Activator

How to Automate Escort Live on Android using Llama


GPS Lockouts:

The Benefits of GPS in a Radar Detector

How to Use Manual GPS Lockouts


Wiring Tutorials:

How to Hardwire a Radar Detector

How to Hardwire a Radar Detector to your Powered Rear View Mirror


General CM Tutorials:

High End vs. Low End Radar Detectors Compared

How to Avoid Speeding Tickets on a Budget