Have you already purchased your radar detector or laser jammer and want to set it up to give you the best performance and fewest false alerts? Take a look at the following tutorials and setup guides to help you get the most from your countermeasures.

Radar Detectors Tutorials: 

Uniden R1 & R3:

Max360 teeny thumbEscort Max360:

Uniden DFR6 & DFR7:

Escort Redline EX:

V1 teeny thumbValentine One:

iPhone V1 users, V1Driver:

YaV1 main alert screenAndroid V1 users, YaV1:

Radenso XP:

Redline teeny thumbEscort Redline:

Beltronics Magnum teeny thumbBeltronics Magnum:

RPSE teeny thumbRadenso Pro & Radenso Pro SE:

Max2 teeny thumbEscort Passport Max & Max2: 

Net Radar teeny thumbNet Radar:

Stinger VIP teeny thumbStinger VIP:

Escort Passport teeny thumbEscort Passport & X70:

LRD950 teeny thumbUniden LRD950:

Uniden LRD750:

Uniden LRD450:

Beltronics GT-7:

Cobra DSP 9200BT:

Cobra SPX 7800BT:

K40 RLS2:


Laser Jammer Tutorials:

AntiLaser Priority:


Cell Phone Apps:


Power Cable & Hardwiring Tutorials:


GPS Lockouts:


General Countermeasure Tutorials: