Private Sessions

Would you like some one-on-one support to help you get your countermeasure setup up and running to 100% for the areas you personally drive in? If so, I am available to help you.

The whole objective is to help you save time and find the best equipment for you depending on where you drive, what your needs and preferences are, save you money, and then get everything configured the way that’s best for you.

Here’s a few of the topics we can cover together:

  • Which radar detector is best for you?
  • Which laser jammer is best for you?
  • How many heads should you install?
  • How to install your equipment properly on your specific vehicle for maximum effectiveness?
  • How to properly configure your detector and jammer?
  • How to quiet down annoying false alerts while maximizing performance so you get the best experience possible?
  • Which dashcam should you get?
  • Which products should you not waste your money on?
  • Where to find the best prices on equipment worth buying?
  • How to use your tools once they’re installed?
  • How to get up and running quickly?

There’s a lot of helpful information freely available for you on my website and YouTube channel. A personalized private session can help shorten your learning curve, save you time, and make sure you have everything covered in terms of equipment and settings for your specific vehicle and needs before you drop thousands of dollars on new equipment and install it into your car.

A private session costs just $150.

A private session includes:

  • Up to 40 minutes of discussion via Zoom or phone call
  • Up to 5 follow-up emails

Book a Private Session now.

Book a Private Session

Note: My guidance is best suited to drivers in North America, especially in the USA. Radar guns, radar detectors, and even firmware versions / features vary widely internationally so information that applies in the US & Canada often may not apply in other countries.


Radar/Laser protection is a must when buying a fast car, but like most people, I had no idea where to start. Vortex’s website has a wealth of useful information that not only helped me decide on a system but also taught me everything I needed to know in order to make an informed decision that would meet my needs. The private consultation Vortex offers (for a very reasonable fee) is an absolute must to get your questions answered and get your system set up perfectly. He typically responds to emails within minutes and is an absolute Genius when it comes to Laser/Radar systems and everything that goes with it. I highly recommend taking advantage of his service!


I bought a radar detector based on Vortex’s videos and recommendations.  Once I realized that he offered private sessions to assist and make sure the radar was set up properly, I was all over it.  He helped me adjust my V1 and made sure that my settings were correct for my area.  Even though I watched the videos several times, I really enjoyed speaking with him and learning more specifics about the V1 and radar in general.  I would highly recommend a private session with him.  He is very responsive and the money was well spent.  HIs customer service was fantastic!!!!


About 5 months ago, I was doing my own research to figure out which product would best fit my my needs. I came across a lot of product options but struggled to to choose one because of the difficulty that I experienced in finding answers to some questions that I had. At the advice of some radar enthusiasts, I opted for a private session with Vortex Radar, asked a lot of questions, and was extremely happy with the detailed answers that I received. If you have seen any Vortex videos, you know what I am talking about. I learned more about radar detectors in a 1-hour phone call with Vortex than I ever did after three weeks of doing my own research and came to the realization that I should have started with Vortex right from the beginning. The initial and follow-up support that I have received has been nothing short of exceptional and I highly recommend his services to anyone.


I set up a 1×1 session w/ Vortex and couldn’t have been more impressed w/ the quality of the conversation. 

He reached out to ensure we had a robust agenda, and then came prepared to discuss everything on my list (and more).
I was most impressed w/ the follow-up after the session. He had to have invested as much time “post-conversation” as he did during our phone call itself, and sent an incredibly informative note (w/ very crisp “next steps”) to me re-capping our dialogue… Highly recommended for anyone interested in countermeasures.


Book a Private Session

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