Best Radar Detector Reviews

Radar detectors can help you avoid speeding tickets, but which one should you buy? Here’s a comparison review of the Best Radar Detectors of 2024 to keep you and your license protected on the road.

(Last updated: May 2024)

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Best Radar Detectors of 2024

There’s a lot of excellent radar detectors to choose from and each one has a sort of specialty, making it “best” for different people with different needs and budgets.

Best Windshield Mount Radar Detectors:

Best Custom Installed Radar Detectors:

Escort Redline 360c: Best Set-It-And-Forget-It Radar Detector ($799)

Escort Redline 360c

The Escort Redline 360c is a top pick for a long range and easy to use radar detector. It’s a long range detector with arrows, excellent false alert filtering, and some of the best hands-free automation. It ticks just about every box you could want in terms of features and capabilities.

  • What it’s great for: Long range detection with minimal false alerts
  • Key features: High sensitivity, arrows, bluetooth, WiFi
  • Who should buy it: Ideal for drivers wanting top-of-the-line range in an easy to use package


  • Long range performance
  • Outstanding BSM Filtering
  • Arrows
  • Photo radar detection
  • Stealth & RDD Immune
  • Integrated GPS
  • Automatic lockouts
  • Redlight / Speedcam Alerts
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Escort Live cloud alerts
  • Automatic updates
  • Multicolor OLED Display
  • Speed limit displayed on screen
  • Laser jammer integration
  • Solid build quality
  • Great mount


  • Slower responsiveness against instant on radar
  • No Open API
  • MultaRadar falses
  • No directional arrows for MultaRadar
  • Expensive at $799

Buy the Escort Redline 360c

So the Redline 360c isn’t cheap at $799. That said, it offers long range performance, minimal false alerts, GPS built in with auto lockouts to make it more plug-and-play, Bluetooth to extend its functionality using phone apps, and the ability to keep it updated right in your car via WiFi. Its arrows help you locate the source of different threats, it can share alerts in realtime with other drivers, it’s completely undetectable to radar detector detectors, and it’s virtually plug-and-play.

The biggest downside of the Redline 360c is that it can be a bit slower to quick signals on both K and Ka band despite the marketing claims. If you face a lot of instant on radar in hilly and tree-filled terrain, I’d suggest going for a Uniden or Valentine. Additionally if you enable photo radar detection, you don’t get any directional indication since all of the arrows will light up.

The Redline 360c is ultimately a well balanced detector offering top tier detection range, some of the best false alert filtering around, automated updates, and ease of use.

Buy the Escort Redline 360c

Once you buy your Redline 360c, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

(Bonus) Escort MaxCam 360c: Best Redline 360c Alternative ($849)

Best Radar Detector: Escort MaxCam 360c

If you like the idea of the Redline 360c for its automation and wifi/cloud features, you can consider the MaxCam 360c instead. It costs $50 more than the Redline 360c, but it gives you an added dash camera which is a huge help while driving.

  • What it’s great for: Combining radar detection and a dashcam into one package
  • Key features: Long range performance, integrated 2K dash camera
  • Who should buy it: Drivers who want a convenient all-in-one package with simple installation

Buy the Escort MaxCam 360c

Uniden R8: Long Range & Responsive ($699)

Uniden R8

For both long range radar detection and the best in responsiveness against instant on radar, get the Uniden R8. It offers outstanding performance, reasonable false alert filtering, arrows, GPS capabilities, plus bonus capabilities like photo radar detection and bluetooth.

  • What it’s great for: Long range detection against all types of police radar
  • Key features: Excellent sensitivity and responsiveness, arrows, photo radar detection
  • Who should buy it: Ideal for drivers who prioritize radar detection in exchange for more false alerts


  • Long range performance
  • Very responsive to brief signals
  • Good BSM Filtering
  • Arrows
  • Good photo radar detection
  • Integrated GPS
  • Automatic & manual lockouts
  • Redlight / Speedcam Alerts
  • Bluetooth
  • Multicolor OLED Display


  • Autolockouts don’t work reliably
  • Not fully RDD immune
  • Ineffective Gatso detection
  • Limited access to API
  • Build quality is a bit plastic’y
  • More false alerts than the competition

Buy the Uniden R8

If you do a lot of driving in tough terrain with mountains, hills, and trees, and you want the highest level of protection against both constant on and instant on police radar, pick up the R8. It offers outstanding range and quick responsiveness to keep you protected against the main forms of radar.

The main downside though is that the false alert filtering isn’t as good. It will false more to other nearby vehicles with blind spot monitoring radar (BSM), plus its automatic GPS lockouts aren’t as good at learning and muting stationary false alerts from speed signs and shopping center door openers. It also offers Bluetooth capabilities. On Android you can use Highway Radar (free) and on iOS you can use either V1Driver ($12) or R8 Companion ($10).

If you’re looking for protection from both easy and difficult forms of police radar and you’re okay with accepting some more false alerts to get that, pick up the Uniden R8.

Buy the Uniden R8

Once you buy your Uniden R8, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Valentine 1 Gen 2: Performance, Arrows, Excellent Third-Party Apps ($599)

Valentine One Gen2

The Valentine 1 Gen 2 paired with some third party apps make for a pretty incredible package. It’s gonna require a phone for maximum features and false alert filtering, but this combo gives me long range performance, good BSM filtering, plus the automatic GPS lockouts just like the Uniden R8 for $100 less.

Paired with JBV1, the V1 Gen2 is the go-to pick among radar detector enthusiasts who like complete control over their detector with advanced functionality.

  • What it’s great for: Providing a ton of detailed information when paired with an Android phone
  • Key features: Long range, sleek design, arrows, and excellent third party apps
  • Who should buy it: Radar detector enthusiasts who love getting the most control possible


  • Outstanding long range
  • Good BSM filtering
  • Arrows
  • Bluetooth + Open API
  • Fantastic third party apps
  • Automatic GPS lockouts (via app)
  • Excellent mount
  • RDD immune
  • LED display works great in direct sun


  • No built-in GPS
  • Requires a phone for full functionality
  • More limited without phone
  • Display lacks frequency display
  • No redlight / speed camera alerts
  • Limited responsiveness on K band
  • Not designed for photo radar detection
  • Setup is more complicated

Buy the Valentine One Gen2

The V1 Gen2 is very popular among radar detector enthusiasts given the level of control you can get by pairing it with third party apps. It offers long range detection, undetectability, good false alert filtering, and has  bluetooth built in. To get the most from this setup, you’ll want to tie it in with your phone to add some of the features built directly in to other detectors.

Long range detection is in the same ballpark as the Escort Redline 360c and the Uniden R8. It’s also very responsive against instant on radar on Ka like the R8, but it performs more like the Redline 360c on K band. It also struggles against some lower powered radar guns too like the Kustom Falcon HR and Raptor RP-1.

The detector itself is a little simpler than the competition and so it lacks important features like photo radar detection, GPS, and a dedicated frequency display. Fortunately you can add back in some of these features (and more) by using your phone.

Valentine has their own free app called V1Connection for Android and iOS that lets you change settings, view alerts, and update your radar detector over the air. However, with some third party apps you can add in some additional useful features such as automatic GPS lockouts to learn and filter out unwanted alerts from speed signs and door openers. Other detectors can do this with their built-in GPS, but the V1 needs a phone to do it. Once you add a phone though, the autolockouts work better and are more sophisticated than anything built in to a detector.

The best iOS apps are V1Driver ($12) and V1Companion ($10). On Android you’ll want to download JBV1 (free) or Highway Radar (free). By far the most popular choice is JBV1 because it turns your V1 into a rolling command center, adding not only GPS features like automatic GPS lockouts and low speed muting, but it also alert logging, realtime crowd sourced alerts like Waze, historical speed trap locations, realtime police aircraft notifications, and more. For this reason the V1 Gen2 and JBV1 is my preferred road trip setup. Personally find it a headache to always need a phone while driving, but others are okay with the extra requirements, especially if you’re a native Android user.

Not everyone wants to use their phone to add in some otherwise basic features to their radar detector and I totally get that. Regardless, the V1 Gen2 is a well-built detector with outstanding range, a sleek design, and a loyal following, plus support for some excellent third party apps. Among radar detector enthusiasts who love to tweak and control their detector, it’s a very popular choice.

Buy the Valentine One Gen2

Once you select the V1 Gen2, read this tutorial to learn how to program your V1.

If you’re an Android user, watch my JBV1 setup videos. If you’re an iPhone user, watch my V1Driver setup video.

Uniden R7: Best Bang-for-the-Buck Arrow Detector ($499)

Uniden R7: Best Radar Detector

If you’d like high performance, integrated GPS, and arrows while saving saving cash, the Uniden R7 is the best bang for the buck high performance radar detector. It also offers a ton of protection like the Uniden R8, but for $200 less. This is my go-to recommendation for most people.

  • What it’s great for: High performance at a relatively affordable price
  • Key features: Strong price to performance ratio, arrows, great range
  • Who should buy it: Drivers wanting strong performance without breaking the bank


  • Great range
  • Arrows
  • Good BSM filtering
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speed camera alerts
  • Photo radar detection
  • Multicolor OLED display
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Great options for third party firmware


  • Not completely RDD immune
  • Autolockouts need more work
  • No Bluetooth or app integration
  • Side mute button placement is annoying
  • Build quality feels a little plasticy

Buy the Uniden R7

I love the R7. At $499, it’s my go-to pick in this price range. It’s an incredibly popular detector that offers extreme long range, arrows, photo radar detection, and it has GPS built in for your false alert filtering around town and redlight / speed camera alerts. I think it hits the sweet spot for features and performance for the dollar, outperforming the comparably priced Escort Max 360 Mk II, plus it’s highly configurable to run it the way you want.

For most people I think it’s actually a better choice than the newer R8. The main reasons to pick the R8 would be for the added range, the front facing mute button, and that it can vary its sensitivity based on speed. The R8 can also identify laser guns you’re shot with and it adds support for phone apps. For most people though, honestly I say save your money and get the R7.

At $499, it’s the best bang for the buck among radar detectors with arrows and it offers excellent performance and key features that make it a solid pick for windshield.

Pro-tip: Pick up third party R7 firmware ($40) to significantly improve the detector including fixing its GPS lockouts, improving the BSM filtering, and adding some features the R8 offers like automatic sensitivity adjustments.

Buy the Uniden R7

Once you buy your R7, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

You can purchase third party firmware for the R7 to add in additional useful features and improve its false alert filtering.

Best Non-Arrow Radar Detectors

Are you looking for a less expensive option that doesn’t cost $500+? If you don’t need directional arrows to help you locate the threat, there are a few good affordable options. Here are your top picks:

Uniden R4: Best Non-Arrow Radar Detector ($379)

Uniden R4

If you want the best performance possible without paying top dollar, pick up the Uniden R4. It’s the longest range non-arrow radar detector available. You can think of it as a more affordable, more compact, and arrow-less version of the Uniden R8.

  • What it’s great for: High performance in difficult terrain
  • Key features: Extreme sensitivity and responsiveness, photo radar protection
  • Who should buy it: Drivers who need high sensitivity and don’t require directional arrows


  • Excellent long distance detection range
  • Automatic and manual GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Photo radar detection
  • Laser gun ID
  • Bluetooth


  • No arrows
  • Ineffective Gatso detection
  • Autolockouts still are hit or miss
  • Promised accessories still unavailable

Buy the Uniden R4

The Uniden R4 is a top performing windshield mount radar detector with better detection range than any other non-arrow radar detector. If you drive in difficult terrain with hills, curves, and trees, the R4 is an excellent pick to help sniff out radar at a distance and should be on your short list.

The R4 competes with and is a better all-around pick than the Escort Max 4, Radenso DS1, Radenso Pro M, K40 Platinum100, and Whistler Titan. (Those detectors may offer one or two things better than the R4, but it’s hard to find a compelling reason to pick one over the R4.)

It’s an upgrade to the popular R3, providing longer range, bluetooth, and automatic GPS lockouts to mute known stationary false alerts, though Uniden’s autolockouts still don’t reliably learn and filter out falses properly so you may need to fall back to manually locking signals out. It also adds a wider K band scanning range to catch lower frequency photo radar systems.

If you’re looking for something really sensitive and responsive like the Uniden R8 and you’re okay not having arrows in order to get the detector at nearly half price ($699 vs. $379), pick up the R4 instead.

Buy the Uniden R4

Once you select the R4, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Uniden R3: Best Performance under $300 ($299)

Uniden R3: Best Radar Detector

If you want high performance without breaking the bank, pick up the Uniden R3. It is the gold standard in its price range.

  • What it’s great for: Maximum range at an affordable price
  • Key features: Great sensitivity, manual GPS lockouts, low speed muting
  • Who should buy it: Drivers wanting high performance on a budget


  • Great long distance detection range
  • Fantastic bang for the buck
  • Manual GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Photo radar detection


  • BSM filtering good, not great
  • No arrows
  • Manual GPS lockouts, not automatic
  • No Bluetooth
  • Limited photo radar detection

Buy the Uniden R3

The Uniden R3 is a top performing windshield mount radar detector whose performance only slightly trails behind the R7.

It is a solid pick that offers GPS functionality for manual GPS lockouts and low speed muting (keeping it quiet around town), plus an updatable database for redlight camera and speed camera alerts.

The compact R3 doesn’t offer arrows, auto lockouts, or Bluetooth, and its MRCD detection is pretty poor compared to the top end options, but for a more affordable option to give you excellent range against most police radar guns, the R3 is a solid pick.

The Uniden R3 is easily one of the most popular radar detectors on the market thanks to the level of performance and the key features it offers for the money. It is now considered a trusty workhorse.

Buy the Uniden R3

Once you select the R3, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Honorable Mention: Cobra RAD 700i: Autolockouts and Bluetooth under $300 ($249)

Cobra RAD 700i

For the first time ever, a Cobra is making this list, but as an honorable mention for now. The Cobra RAD 700i is a new detector that still needs some initial bugs ironed out via future firmware updates, but it offers several key upgrades over the R3 and yet it costs $50 less.

  • What it’s great for: All-around good featureset at an affordable price
  • Key features: Great sensitivity, automatic GPS lockouts, bluetooth
  • Who should buy it: Drivers wanting more features at a low pricepoint


  • Surprisingly good detection range
  • Effective false alert filtering
  • Manual and automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Photo radar detection
  • Bluetooth
  • Cloud alerts


  • Bugs at launch
  • No arrows
  • False alerts on Ka band
  • Dim display
  • Photo radar detection (and falses) can’t be disabled yet

Buy the Cobra RAD 700i

The RAD 700i is the first detector engineered by Cobra (not counting the DualPro 360 which is a repacked Escort detector) that is actually good in terms of both performance and false alert filtering.

In testing it’s able to hold its own compared to the R3 while also adding some welcome improvements including automatic GPS lockouts (not just manual), improved BSM filtering, and Bluetooth functionality so you can use your phone to change settings, display the current speed limit, and share realtime alerts with other Cobra/Escort users using the Drive Smarter app for Android or iOS.

As an all-around package, it shows a lot of promise against the R3, plus it’s $50 less. The reason I can’t give it a full recommendation yet is that there are some initial bugs that need to be ironed out in future firmware updates such as addressing the false alerts on Ka band, making the display brighter so you can see it in sunny weather, and adding the option to disable MultaRadar detection for those of us who don’t have MRCD in our area and don’t want the added false alerts that feature brings.

Despite Cobra’s reputation of putting out low end junky detectors, it looks like they’re finally managing to put out a detector that warrants serious consideration.

Buy the Cobra RAD 700i

Uniden DFR7 & Radenso XP: Best Options under $200 ($199)

Uniden DFR7 Radenso XP

When looking at lower end radar detectors, they almost all offer poor performance and excessive false alerts, including the $150 Cobra RAD 480i. Under $200 there’s really only two detectors I’d be comfortable running or recommending: the Uniden DFR7 and the Radenso XP.

To be right up front, both of these detectors are kinda ‘meh’ and I think it’s well worth the money to step up to something like the Cobra RAD 700i or the Uniden R3 discussed above. If you have a hard limit of $200 though, these are the two detectors to consider.

  • What they’re great for: Affordable entry-level radar detection
  • Key features: Reasonable performance and pricing without advanced features
  • Who should buy them: Newcomers to radar detection seeking a budget-friendly option

These are fairly simplistic detectors originally released about 8 years ago. At this point both are pretty mature, yet both Uniden and Radenso continue to release free updates to their red light / speed camera databases.

Both detectors offer a reasonable level of range and false alert filtering, plus some useful GPS-based features like low speed muting and manual lockouts to keep them quiet around town.

The DFR7 offers longer range, particularly on 34.7 which is the most common Ka frequency used by police in the US. (The DFR7 has been superseded by the DFR9 which is based on the same platform and adds some extra features, but the DFR9 costs $299 just like the R3 which is a significantly better detector so there’s no good reason to get the DFR9.)

The XP offers a few extra features over the DFR7 like variable speed-based sensitivity with auto city mode, a 3 digit frequency display instead of just 2 (though its freq. display is wildly inaccurate), Ka band segmentation, and separate BSM/TSR filters, though none of those features offer a huge leap.

Choosing between these detectors is a bit of a toss-up. If I had to choose, I’d probably pick the DFR7 since I think its longer range offers more of an edge over the XP’s other features, but I’d still reach for the R3 over either of these two without a second thought.

Buy the Uniden DFR7

Buy the Radenso XP

Once you select either one of these detectors, here’s your DFR7 setup tutorial and here’s your XP setup tutorial.

Best Custom Installed Radar Detectors

Custom Installed Radar Detectors on my Audi Q5 Dash

Now if you don’t want a radar detector hanging off your windshield so there’s nothing visible to police officers, other drivers, and potential thieves, or you simply prefer a cleaner and more factory look in your cabin, a custom installed radar detector is the way to go. These are also necessary if you drive certain higher end luxury cars like a Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, or Tesla that has a heated, acoustic, or metallic windshield that interferes with various electronics like GPS receivers, toll passes, or radar detectors. If that applies to your vehicle, you’ll definitely want to opt for a custom installed detector down in the grill area instead.

Best Custom Installed Detectors: 

Honorable Mentions:

Custom installed detectors will require professional installation since the radar detector antenna itself is installed in your grill. You’ll install a controller and display somewhere in your cabin and you’ll have it permanently installed and wired in your car. If you’re handy with electronics and wiring, you can do the install yourself.

I have multiple installed on my car for comparison and testing purposes and upgrade them every few years. I’m finding there’s a lot of great options, each with their own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the very best options.

Radenso RC M, Escort Max Ci 360, Net Radar DSP, and Stinger VIP in my Audi Q5 grill

Uniden R9: Highest Performance Radar Detection & Laser Jamming ($3999)

Uniden R9

The Uniden R9 is Uniden’s first custom installed radar detector and laser jammer. In all our initial testing, both the radar detector and the laser jammer are proving to be among the best performers available at any price. There are some UI issues that need to be addressed via an upcoming firmware update, but the new R9 is proving to be an extremely strong contender for both radar and laser protection.

  • What it’s great for: Performance and control
  • Key features: Multicolor display, automatic GPS lockouts, outstanding radar detection & laser jamming, forgiving with laser jammer alignment
  • Who should buy it: People who prioritize performance over quietness


  • Excellent detection range
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Multicolor OLED display
  • Arrows
  • Photo radar detection
  • Ships with 6 laser jammer heads


  • Not available as a radar only option
  • UI needs improvement
  • Manual laser jamming disarming works, but is weird
  • Bluetooth not yet activated
  • Photo radar detection range needs improvement
  • Autolockout algorithm needs improvement
  • Early adopters reporting laser jammer covers cracking due to screws being overtightened

The radar detector is based off of the popular Uniden R8, but it adds a few extra useful features like some additional K Blocks to further improve the false alert filtering. It has excellent range and responsiveness. The photo radar detection range isn’t as good as the R8, but based on beta testing I expect that issue to be addressed in time.

The laser jammer is also surprisingly capable. It’s proving to be an extremely strong performer, preventing the laser gun from punching through. The AntiLaser Priority is the gold standard jammer, but it’s more finicky with exact placement and orientation. The Uniden jammers seem to be much more forgiving in terms of alignment, ensuring that the jammers can continue keeping you protected.

There are a number of issues at launch including needed UI improvements, a change to how users can manually disable the jammers when shot, and for Bluetooth to be activated so you can pair it with an app. These updates aren’t available as of Dec ’23, but should be coming in the next update. I’ve also seen some reports from early adopters reporting cracked laser jammer head covers, presumably from the screws being overtightened from the factory. Sure they can be replaced under warranty and it’s something I anticipate Uniden addressing moving forward, but something to be aware of.

So while there’s some early issues that need to be knocked out, the foundation looks very strong on both the radar and laser side and it’s a very worthy contender for best custom installed radar detector & laser jammer.

Buy the Uniden R9

Escort Redline Ci 360c: Set-It-and-Forget-It Radar Detector, Smaller Laser Jammers ($4299)

Escort Redline Ci 360c controller and display

Disclaimer: I have not had a chance yet to personally test and review the Redline Ci 360c so I can’t give it my full recommendation yet. However, for many years I’ve owned the now discontinued Max Ci 360c that this improves up. According to Escort, the radar portion is essentially a repackaged windshield mount Redline 360c which we already know a lot about, and the updated smaller laser jammers perform comparably to the Max Ci’s jammers, plus initial customer feedback sounds good, and so we have a reasonable expectation of how this unit should perform. Once I get the system installed and tested, I’ll update this review.

  • What it’s great for: Long range radar detection, being quiet, easy to use
  • Key features: Multicolor display, automatic GPS lockouts, Bluetooth, WiFi, smaller laser heads
  • Who should buy it: Drivers looking for a solid system with minimal false alerts


  • Excellent detection range
  • Very good BSM filtering
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Multicolor OLED display
  • Arrows
  • Cloud alerts shared w/ other drivers
  • Speed limit can be displayed on screen
  • Available as a radar only option
  • RDD immune


  • Radar detection responsiveness can be sluggish on K and Ka band
  • Doesn’t identify laser guns (yet?) when you get shot
  • Historically limited laser jammer algorithm updates
  • Only ships with 5 laser jammer heads (supports up to 6)

The Escort Redline Ci 360c is Escort’s latest gen custom installed radar detector and laser jammer. It effectively addresses all of my key complaints with their previous Max Ci 360, plus it adds some welcome new features.

The radar detector is a custom installed version of the Redline 360c, offering the same performance, false alert filtering, and feature set, just in a hidden form factor. This means that you’re looking at a long range radar detector with minimal false alerts. That said, the quietness can come at the cost of being slower to alert against faster forms of police radar like instant on.

On the laser side, Escort has shrunken down the heads. They’re now 50% smaller than before allowing for more placement options and a stealthier looking install. There’s also now dedicated transmitter heads to help address some of the tougher laser guns. Escort said the performance with this new system is comparable to the previous system though, maybe a little better. The previous system officially supported a max of 4 heads total. The new system ships with 5 and supports up to 6 which allows for better coverage of your vehicle, especially on larger vehicles.

If you’d prefer a different (better) performing laser jammer to run alongside the Redline, Escort sells the radar only Redline Cic ($2299) and then lets you add options a la carte like a rear radar detector antenna for arrows.

As a bonus, if you’re upgrading from the Max Ci 360, Escort has made it modular so you could reuse much of your existing wiring, controller, and display, and swap in a new radar detector and laser jammer as desired. You can also reuse your existing CPU or replace it with the new Redline CPU to add WiFi functionality. Given the challenges with upgrading custom installed equipment, I like that Escort is making the upgrade process easier for us.

Ultimately though, this looks to be a capable radar detector and laser jammer package, it brings some welcome improvements over its predecessor, initial reports are good, I expect this one to be a good fit for people looking for an easy to use set-it-and-forget-it type of system that stays quiet in general and only alerts when it’s important.

Find a local Escort dealer near you.

Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition 2.0: Dated Radar Detector, Integrates with AntiLaser Priority ($4699)

Radenso RC M: Best Radar Detector

The Radenso RC M is Radenso’s custom installed radar detector and it integrates with the AntiLaser Priority, but it’s getting bumped down from recommended to an honorable mention.

  • What it’s great for: Integrating with the ALP
  • Key features: Single controller and display for both radar and laser
  • Who should buy it: Drivers who prioritize having fewer components in the cabin


  • Good detection range
  • Manual GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Photo radar detection
  • Arrows
  • Integrates with ALP laser jammer
  • Single controller and display


  • BSM filtering effectiveness lagging behind
  • Manual lockouts, not automatic
  • Black & white display
  • No Bluetooth
  • Lacks accurate frequency display

Buy the Radenso RC M

The Radenso RC M was originally released 5 years ago at the start of 2018. At this point it’s a bit dated. When it came out it was the first custom installed detector that could filter Honda/Acura BSM falses and it offered photo radar detection which was helpful for those who needed it and made it more futureproof for those who needed to one day activate the feature.

However, the more modern Uniden R9 and Escort Redline Ci 360c can do those things too, plus they offer better false alert filtering (like the ability to filter out Mazda CX-5’s), automatic GPS lockouts, multicolor displays, an accurate freq. display, and Bluetooth and so the radar detection portion is now better.

On the laser side, the RC M can integrate with the AntiLaser Priority which is the gold standard of laser jamming. You can of course run the ALP standalone alongside any radar detector and given the choice I’d prefer doing something like the Escort Redline Cic with an ALP, but if you want the radar and laser portions integrated, as well as having the controller and display in single package instead of split apart, the RC M gives you that option. As a bonus if your vehicle has a black and white dash, the RC M’s display will match nicely.

You can buy the RC M standalone or the ALP standalone, but if you’re going to pair the two, you can pick up the RC M Ultimate Edition 2.0 which includes both, plus some nice added perks like a lifetime warranty and lifetime ticket-free guarantee.

Buy the Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition 2.0

Net Radar Antenna DSP: Affordable Radar Detector to Integrate with your AntiLaser Priority ($689, $1189 w/ arrows)

Net Radar DSP: Best Radar Detector

My favorite affordable-ish custom installed radar detector is the Net Radar DSP. If you’re running the AntiLaser Priority laser jamming system (the best laser jammer on the market), you can plug in a Net Radar DSP to add in radar protection. It is quite a bit more affordable than your other options since it utilizes the ALP CPU you already own for its brains, but there are a number of annoying interface limitations to be aware of too. (For this reason I almost never run it except for testing purposes.)

  • What it’s great for: An inexpensive custom installed radar detector for ALP laser jammer users
  • Key features: Great performance, decent filtering, manual GPS lockouts with phone add-on
  • Who should buy it: Users of AntiLaser Priority laser jammers looking for an affordable radar detector


  • Great detection range
  • Good BSM filtering
  • GPS lockouts with phone
  • Low speed muting
  • Integrates with ALP laser jammer
  • MRCD detection
  • Arrows
  • Inexpensive for ALP owners


  • GPS lockouts require phone
  • Using phone breaks other features
  • No dedicated display
  • No redlight / speedcam alerts
  • MRCD detection is poor
  • Requires ALP to function

The Net Radar DSP is a high performance radar detector giving you ton of performance for the money (it’s based on the same platform as the Uniden R3), along with reasonable false alert filtering (including K band segmentation that can be used to filter out Honda/Acura falses), the ability to do GPS lockouts when paired with a phone, MRCD detection, you can add a second rear-facing antenna ($499) to get directional information (aka arrows), while also giving you a relatively inexpensive option for a custom installed radar detector.

It’s cheaper than the competition because it uses the ALP as the “brains” for the detector so if you’re getting the ALP already, you don’t have to pay for a second “brain” for your radar detector. The $689 price is for the NR DSP add-on package on top of the price of the ALP, plus you need a Bluetooth ($129) or HiFi module ($129) as well if you don’t have that already.

Using the system day to day though I find to be pretty annoying. For example, if you want good false alert filtering around town, it requires your phone and an app for GPS lockouts, but then your dedicated speaker will no longer function and your control pad buttons won’t work completely to mute or lock out signals. There can also sometimes be some bluetooth latency delays to play audio over your car stereo and so you can be staring at the alert LED waiting for the audio to kick in, not knowing if you need to be hard on the brakes because you’re getting nailed with laser or if it’s just yet another automatic door opener you’re driving by. It has a trick assisted radar filter to help learn and filter out some BSM falses, but because the ALP uses the same port for the control pad, external speaker, and bluetooth module, you run into some UI issues that can make the system a pain to run.

The optimal situation for the NR DSP? If you’re in an area like California where you can disable K band, you could run this with Ka and Laser only, rely on the HiFi module for instant alerts, and then get a good radar and laser system that’s more affordable than the picks above. So while I wouldn’t recommend this system in general, there are certain situations where it can be a good pick and so it is an honorable mention.

Buy the Net Radar DSP

Once you select the Net Radar DSP, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Best Radar Detectors of 2024

So which one is best? Boy I wish there was a simple answer to that because it really depends. They each have their pros and cons, as you can see, so let me give you my top picks from this list to simplify things a bit.

  • Escort Redline 360c

Escort Redline 360cIf you’re looking for a premium detector with long range, few false alerts, arrows, and a ton of useful features, and particularly if you want the detector to do most everything for you and provide an easy to use plug-and-play experience, click here to purchase the Escort Redline 360c.

  • Escort MaxCam 360c

Escort MaxCam 360cIf you like the idea of the Redline 360c and also like to have a dash camera for added protection, click here to purchase the Escort MaxCam 360c.

  • Uniden R8

Uniden R8If you’re looking for a long range radar detector that excels against all types of police radar, plus offers good false alert filtering, arrows, and photo radar detection, click here to purchase the Uniden R8.

  • Valentine 1 Gen2

Valentine 1 Gen2If you want an excellent all around package with arrows and to have a solid understanding of the threats around you, if you’re cool with pairing your phone with your detector and a bit of an initial learning curve, get the V1 Gen2. It’s very popular among enthusiasts. You’ll get an incredible amount of features once you’re up and running. If you’re an iPhone user, run V1Driver or V1 Companion with your V1. If you’re an Android user, download JBV1Click here to purchase the V1 Gen2.

  • Uniden R7

Uniden R7The best bang for the buck among high end radar detectors is the Uniden R7. This detector hits the sweet spot with price, features, and performance which means it’s often more popular than detectors that cost hundreds of dollars more. Click here to purchase the R7.

  • Uniden R4

Uniden R4The Uniden R4 is the best performing non-arrow radar detector available. It adds automatic GPS lockouts, good BSM filtering, and photo radar detection. If you drive in difficult terrain and need all the sensitivity you can get, the R4 is an excellent pick. Click here to purchase the R4.

  • Uniden R3

The popular Uniden R3 is also a top notch choice. It’s your best radar detector under $300. If you’re looking for maximum range at a more affordable price point, get the R3. With its manual GPS lockouts, low speed muting, and RLC alerts, it make for a good detector to run around town too. Click here to purchase the R3.

  • Uniden DFR7 & Radenso XP

Best Radar Detector: Uniden DFR7Best Radar Detector: Radenso XPIf you’re looking for an affordable entry-level radar detector that gives you a reasonable level of performance and filtering, click here to purchase the DFR7 or click here to purchase the Radenso XP.

  • Uniden R9

Uniden R9If you’d like a high performance custom installed radar detector and laser jammer, order the Uniden R9.

  • Escort Redline Ci 360c

Redline Ci 360cIf you’d like a custom installed radar detector that’s more quiet and stealthy, pick up the Redline Ci 360c. They’re only available from local Escort distributors/installers. Click here to locate an Escort dealer.

  • Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition 2.0

Radenso RC MIf you’d like a custom installed radar detector that directly integrates with the AntiLaser Priority, get the Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition 2.0.

  • Net Radar DSP

Net Radar teeny thumbIf you’re running an AntiLaser Priority laser jammer and you prioritize having an inexpensive custom installed radar detector, click here to purchase the Net Radar DSP.

Recommended Accessories

Hardwire cables: Radar detectors come with a cigarette lighter power cable. You can optionally upgrade to a hardwire cable for a permanent and clean installation with no unsightly cables hanging down your dash and taking up your cig. lighter port. Click here to see your hardwire cable options and click here to read the installation guide.

Blendmount closeupBlendmount: Radar detectors come with a suction cup mount to attach to your windshield. In some areas it’s illegal to mount things to your windshield and it’s also nice to not have suction cups on your windshield or even suction cup rings when you remove them, not to mention suction cups sometimes fail which means your radar detector would fall down on your dash, so a nice upgrade is the Blendmount which hangs your detector under your rearview mirror. Click here to get a Blendmount. (Use the coupon “Vortex10” to save 10%.)

Waze: Waze is a free navigation app for your phone like Google Maps that allows drivers to report traffic, accidents, and where police officers are positioned in realtime. When you see an officer on the side of the road looking to give tickets, you can mark him in the app and alert other drivers. You can also see alerts from other drivers in realtime so it’s a great complement to your radar detector to add an additional layer of protection. You can download it for iOS and Android.

Laser Jammers: Radar detectors are great against radar but they don’t help against police officers running laser. To combat laser you’ll want a set of laser jammers for your car. Fortunately the choice for jammers is much easier and the best on the market in this case is the AntiLaser Priority. Proper setup and configuration is critical with jammers so you’ll also want to check out my complete ALP setup guide as well.

No matter which detector you choose listed here, you’re going to wind up with an excellent tool. It will do a great job of picking up police radar, it can help you filter out those pesky false alerts, and it can easily pay for itself many times over by helping you avoid speeding tickets from police shooting radar.

I’d also recommend watching my Radar Detectors 101 video to better understand how radar detectors work and how to use them.

Thank you! Happy driving and enjoy! 🙂


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