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When it comes to staying protected from speeding tickets, radar detectors are great for protecting you from radar, but they’re not helpful when officers use laser. Since you don’t get advanced warning against laser, practically speaking radar detectors are essentially speeding ticket notifiers, if they alert at all. Against laser, the proper tool is a laser jammer. Laser is actively used all over the country and so for full protection, you’ll need a laser jammer to complement your radar detector.

(Last updated January 2024)

Best Laser Jammer: Police shooting lidar gunLaser jammers not only detect when an officer is shooting you, but they also actively jam the laser gun, giving you enough time to slow down and disable the jammer. (Learn about laser jammer laws here.) They are the perfect complement to your radar detector.

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After running many different laser jammers myself for years for testing and comparison purposes, noting what fellow enthusiasts find in their own testing, and regularly talking with the laser jammer manufacturers, I’ve got a reasonable idea of how all the top options compare.

Laser jammer heads labeled in grill

Multiple Laser Jammers installed on my vehicle for testing

There are a number of different laser jammers available on the market. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. There’s several I would recommend, depending on your specific needs. There’s also several I would not recommend in any situation. Let’s take a look at an overview of the very best and worst laser jammers available on the market, the pros and cons of each, and which laser jammer you should choose for your vehicle.

Note: There is a big laser jammer test coming up. I’ll have much more detail to share after the test results are available.

Recommended Police Laser Jammers:

AntiLaser Priority: Best Laser Jammer of 2024

AntiLaser Priority

AntiLaser Priority

Cutting to the chase, for many years now, the best laser jammer has been the AntiLaser Priority. It is the most effective laser jammer on the market. It jams even the newest and toughest guns with anti-jamming capabilities, it is regularly updated as new laser guns come out, and it is the jammer that I personally depend on to keep me protected, just like most other countermeasure enthusiasts. The ALP is the gold standard for laser jammers. (Sometimes I wish saying which one is the “best” was this simple with radar detectors, haha.)

The jammer works extremely well, you can install up to 8 heads (4 front and 4 rear) for complete protection on both small and large vehicles, there are a ton of very useful advanced features, it has multiple ways to automatically disarm, there’s several optional accessories to help make your experience even better, and your ALP’s can be quickly turned into simple parking sensors for areas where laser jammers are illegal.

ALP Duals installed in my Miata grill

ALP’s installed in my Miata’s grill

Are there downsides? A few. While head placement is critical which is true for any jammer, the heads can be kind of finicky in terms of alignment to ensure that they can jam properly. Additionally, certain things that are included with other jammers out of the box are paid optional extras with the ALP. For example, it has a tiny speaker in the controller for audio alerts, but the external speaker for louder alerts and voice alerts are an optional accessory. Firmware updates and programming are done on your computer and you copy the files over to your ALP using a USB thumbdrive. If you’d like to do this using your phone which is more convenient, it requires an optional Bluetooth module which also costs extra. Also if you want to integrate it with a radar detector like the Net Radar DSP or Radenso RC M so both devices share the same controller and display, you can do that, but it doesn’t work perfectly cleanly and you will lose some functionality. Personally I prefer running the laser jammer standalone and running my radar detector independently. (Here’s my recommendations for the best radar detectors.)

Proper installation of any laser jammer is critical or else your install can prevent the jammer from working properly. Therefore, before you order, please be sure to read over my complete AntiLaser Priority setup guide to go over how many heads to order for your vehicle, where and how to properly install them, which accessories to get, how to set up and configure your jammers, how to test it out once you’re up and running, etc.

Click here to read my ALP setup guide.

Purchase the AntiLaser Priority (USA).

Purchase the AntiLaser Priority (Canada). Use the coupon code “VortexRadar50” to save $50 off your ALP. (Coupon valid in Canada only.)

Buy the AntiLaser Priority

ALP 3 heads with black CPU

Now that said, while the ALP’s are awesome, there are several other laser jammers that I would also recommend that, based on your specific use case, may be a better choice for your particular needs.

Stinger Fiber Jammers: Smallest Laser Jammer Heads

If you drive an exotic sports car and you’re looking for the least visible laser jammer possible, take a look at Stinger’s new fiber optic laser jammers.

Stinger fiber laser jammers

Stinger fiber laser jammer transmitter and receiver

It uses pairs of extremely tiny transmitters and receivers roughly 2-3mm in diameter which means they can be inserted into panel gaps, stealthily cut into body panels, or placed into honeycomb grills without cutting in areas where traditional laser jammers wouldn’t fit. They are significantly less visible once installed.

Stinger Fibers laser jammers installed in a Ferrari grill

Stinger fibers installed in a Ferrari grill

Unlike Stinger’s previous gen laser jammers, these ones actually work well and they are able to consistently jam newer guns like the Stalker XLR or DragonEye.

While Stinger’s radar detectors have had many issues over the years, their laser jammer looks pretty solid. It costs roughly 2x the price of an ALP so it’s typically something people go for when looks and aesthetics are the top priority.

Stinger fiber laser size comparison

Stinger fiber head size comparison

You can integrate it with the Stinger VIP radar detector or run it standalone with either their smaller new strip display or just with an alert LED. Since the fibers are different than a traditional jammer, to best determine how many many fibers you need and where they should be installed on your vehicle, I’d recommend that you contact a Stinger distributor in your area.

Buy the Stinger fiber laser jammers

Purchase the Stinger fiber jammers online.

Uniden Laser Jammers: Integrates with the R9

Uniden has released their first laser jammers with the launch of the Uniden R9. In our testing these jammers are proving to be surprisingly impressive.

Uniden R9 laser jammers

The system supports up to 6 heads (configurable in any combination of front/rear coverage), the head sizes are comparable to the competition (though a little bit wider thanks to the screws on either side of the face), and impressively are some of the best performing jammers we’ve tested.

These jammers seem to do a great job of jamming both the easier and tougher laser guns on the market. Additionally they seem to offer more flexibility in terms of placement and alignment. They’re less picky than the ALP, for example, in terms of getting everything installed just right. That said, some early adopters have reported some QC issues including heads cracking from the screws being overtightened from the factory, plus we’re waiting for an upcoming firmware update to add some important features and fix the way some of the settings have been implemented.

Originally Uniden said they would release these jammers standalone as well so you could plug them into your Uniden R4 or Uniden R8 windshield mount radar detector, but they’ve since changed their mind and so for the time being, they’re only available as a package with the Uniden R9 custom installed radar detector.

Buy the Uniden R9 with laser jammers

Escort VX Laser Shifters: Integrates with the Redline Ci 360c

Next let’s take a look at Escort’s latest and greatest laser jammer, or what Escort refers to as “laser shifters.” Their custom installed Redline Ci 360c comes with the next gen VX shifters.

Escort Redline Ci 360c Components

Compared to their previous ShifterMax (used in the Max Ci 360, ZR5, and ZW5), the heads are now 50% smaller to both be more hidden and provide more placement options, the system can support up to 6 heads instead of 4 (or 5 with modifications) for added coverage on larger vehicles, and there’s a new transmit-only head like the ALP’s TX head to help combat some tougher guns.

Laser jamming-wise, Escort says that the algorithms are comparable to what they used before and that performance is maybe a little better, but that the biggest change is the new head’s physical design. I was hoping for further jamming improvements with these heads, and so far the early test results seem to be in line with expectations: It does a great job against your common Kustom, LTI, and Stalker guns, but it can struggle to fully jam the DragonEye guns. Results may vary though and more test data is coming soon. Once we test the system on more vehicles, I should be able to provide a more conclusive summary.

Escort still doesn’t yet offer some advanced features like ID’ing the gun you’re shot, but that should be coming soon. Over the years they’ve shown pretty poor history of updates and improvements for their jammers, but if you’re going with the Escort Redline Ci (which is a great custom installed radar detector) and you want heads that are physically smaller than the ALP offers (to have a more stealthy install and/or to give you more options for head placement), I expect that these new jammers should be a viable option for all but the most demanding drivers.

The Escort VX jammers are available with the Redline Ci 360c from your local installer.

Buy the Escort Redline Ci 360c

TMG Alpha-17: Affordable Laser Jammer

TMG A-17

The TMG’s are a popular option as a more affordable laser jammer. A fully equipped A-17 costs around half the price of a comparable ALP, in part because things like Bluetooth and a speaker are already built-in and included. The jamming capability does well against most guns on the market, but can struggle against some of the toughest DragonEye guns.

Because the speaker, bluetooth module, and control pad are all built into the CPU, that simplifies the setup and the installation. It also mean that you’ll want to ensure that the CPU is somewhat accessible so you can hear the alerts and interact with the system which can limit your placement locations. (Installing next to a driver’s seat is common, for example.)

I’ve seen some reliability issues with the previous gen A-15, but the new A-17 has some improvements to both the CPU and the heads themselves. To change settings and update the jammer, you can use the TMG apps for Android or iOS. As a bonus, if you’re an Android user, you can integrate your TMG with the awesome JBV1 app.

Ultimately the TMG is a good pick for something that’s relatively feature rich yet more affordable.

Buy the TMG Alpha-17

Use the coupon code “VORTEX” to save 10% off your purchase.

Adaptiv TPX Automotive Laser Jammer: Most Inexpensive

The most inexpensive system that I’d recommend is the Adaptiv TPX laser jammer. It’s a very simple system without a ton of bells and whistles, but it does a good job at jamming laser.

Adaptiv TPX Auto Jammer

The system includes a waterproof CPU box, up to 5 heads total (including a more powerful head which they call the CM head), a power cable, and a wired remote that includes an alert LED, speaker, and two control buttons.

When you get hit with laser, the alert LED blinks and the system beeps. There’s no spoken gun announcements to ID the gun, there’s no Bluetooth to remotely control the system, and the only option for the automatic disarm is a 3 second timer. There’s also no option for a manual JTK so to manually disable the system, you’d need to install a separate power switch on your own to cut power to the system altogether.

In testing the jamming performance is pretty good. It’s mostly the UI that’s super simple where you install the system and it’s designed to give you 3 sec of jamming time to slow down before it disarms. Simple, to the point, and no frills, all for a low pricepoint.

Buy the Adaptiv TPX Automotive Jammer

Use the coupon code “VORTEX” to save 10% off your purchase.

Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Laser Jammer

Finally if you drive a motorcycle, Adaptiv also makes a motorcycle-specific version of their jammer too.

Adaptiv TPX motorcycle jammers installed on a bike

Adaptiv TPX jammers installed on a motorcycle

This is the same idea as the automotive jammer, but with just 3 heads max (2 front + 1 rear) since bikes have less surface area to cover, shorter cables since bikes are smaller, plus it adds a headphone jack so you can wire it in to your helmet as well as an external alert LED to attach to your handlebars so you can easily see the alerts.

Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Mount jammers

Adaptiv TPX motorcycle laser jammer

Some people may prefer doing a full ALP install on a bike because it offers better jamming performance, a configurable disarm timer, Bluetooth for controlling from your phone and automatic updates, plus the option to do 4 heads (the second rear head helps with protecting against the DragonEye from behind). The cables are much longer on the ALP though since it’s intended for a car so it means a lot more cable length to bundle and stuff in your bike, unless you’re comfortable shortening the cables yourself. The ALP CPU is also not waterproof like the Adaptiv one so you’ll need to take extra precautions to protect it from the rain.

That said, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and simple laser jammer specifically designed for your motorcycle, Adaptiv is currently the only company who makes jammers intended for motorcycle installation.

Buy the Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Jammer

Use the coupon code “VORTEX” to save 10% off your purchase.

Purchase an Adaptiv TPX motorcycle jammer.

Purchase an optional rear laser jammer head.

Purchase a rear head license plate holder.

Not Recommended Police Laser Jammers:

Now there’s a number of different laser jammers that are outdated, no longer being supported, incapable of jamming newer guns, have critical reliability issues, or in the worst cases, can’t actually jam any laser guns at all. You may read about these jammers, new or used, when doing your research online, so let’s go over some other laser jammers out there and quickly go over how they compare.

K40 Defuser Optix

K40 Defuser Optix laser defuser

K40 Defuser Optix laser defuser

K40’s does a great job with marketing and with customer service, but unfortunately their products perform quite poorly. Their latest and greatest K40 Platinum360 is a bottom of the barrel radar detector and their Defuser Optix laser jammer is one of the worst laser jammers I’ve ever tested.

In a nutshell, K40’s jammers (they call them “defusers”) struggle against even older easier laser guns. They also aren’t able to jam the DragonEye as advertised. They are able to somewhat jam some of the older easier variants, but against the newer versions, they don’t even detect the laser gun, much less jam it. K40 is using older technology and it shows.

I like that K40 products have just a remote alert LED which allows for a pretty stealthy looking install in the cabin, but unfortunately the performance just isn’t there and it isn’t one that I would recommend.

Rocky Mountain Radar Odin

Rocky Mountain Radar Odin

Rocky Mountain Radar Odin

The last laser jammer isn’t really a laser jammer at all. It’s a so-called “scrambler” that’s built into Rocky Mountain Radar’s windshield mount radar detector, the Odin.

Rocky Mountain Radar likes to advertise their radar and laser “scrambling” capabilities that supposedly scramble police guns and prevent them from being able to get a speed reading on your vehicle. I’ve tested their previous gen top of the line RMR C-495, Judge, and Judge 2.0, as well as their current flagship, the RMR Odin, and none of them have any effect against any police radar or laser gun when it comes to preventing a speed reading from a moving vehicle.

RMR is largely considered to be one of the biggest scammers in the countermeasure industry and really the only reason I’m including them here in this list is just to let you know in case you happen to stumble across their products when doing your research that they’re not a serious company and they don’t make effective products. Their radar and laser scramblers are not worth consideration.


Finally, let’s quickly mention Veil, a special laser-absorbing paint designed to coat your headlights and license plate area to reduce reflections back to the laser gun and make it harder for the gun to get a reading. Laser guns can get readings on parts of the car that aren’t treated with Veil, but unfortunately we haven’t found it to be effective even if the officer does target the parts of your car with Veil applied.

The previous generation seemed to work better, but Veil’s formula cracked headlights on multiple vehicles. Veil G5 was then released with an all new formula that was designed to be safer on cars, but the paint came out to be comically dark.

Veil G4 & G5 plates painted

Besides the obvious visual issues, independent testing has repeatedly shown that Veil isn’t effective in the first place.

Since then, Veil has updated their formula, essentially diluting it to make it less opaque, but given that it wasn’t effective in its stronger form, well… Now there’s Veil G6 and we’ve all stopped wasting time with it. At the end of the day, I recommend that you simply save your money and don’t purchase Veil.

Best Police Laser Jammer?

So what’s the best laser jammer to protect you from all the different laser guns being used across the country?

Let’s summarize everything, going over all the best laser jammers on the market and what each jammer is best suited for.

Audi Q5 Test Vehicle with Jammers and Lidar Guns

AntiLaser Priority: Best laser jammer for 95% of people. Most effective jammer, continual updates and improvements, the gold standard. This is what I depend on, trust, and recommend. Purchase the ALP here. (Be sure to read over my ALP setup guide first.)

Stinger Fiber Jammers: Super teeny tiny heads, hidden option for exotic cars, twice the price as the competition. Purchase the Stinger fiber jammers here.

Uniden Jammers: Integrates with the Uniden R9. Effective, forgiving in terms of placement and installation, needs some updates via firmware, but only available packaged with the R9. Purchase the Uniden R9 here.

Escort VX Shifters: Integrates with the Escort Redline Ci 360c. Heads are smaller than the competition, not as feature-rich or effective as the ALP, questionable update frequency, and lacks advanced functionality, but shares controller and display with radar and laser. Only available packaged with the Redline Ci 360c. Purchase the Escort Redline Ci 360c here.

TMG Alpha-17: Affordable option that still retains some helpful features like a spoken gun IDs, an adjustable disarm timer, and Bluetooth. Purchase the TMG Alpha-17 here. (Save 10% with coupon code “VORTEX”)

Adaptiv TPX Auto: Simplest and most inexpensive laser jammer. Jams well, but no bells and whistles. Purchase the TPX automotive jammer here. (Save 10% with coupon code “VORTEX”)

Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle: Motorcycle-specific laser jammer with all of the basic features, plus the ability to wire into your helmet for audio and a waterproof external alert LED for your handlebars. Purchase the TPX motorcycle jammer here. (Save 10% with coupon code “VORTEX”)

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