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Uniden R4 vs. Radenso DS1

Uniden R4 and Radenso DS1, 34.7 alert

The Uniden R4 and Radenso DS1 are both excellent high performance radar detectors, two of the best non-arrow detectors you can buy. Both are evolutions of the wildly popular Uniden R3, building upon the same platform and adding longer range, better false alert filtering, and more useful features. Uniden and Radenso have both done different …

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Uniden R8 Long Range Testing

The Uniden R8 (purchase here) improves upon the performance of the already strong Uniden R7 by adding a new dual LNA design as well as an upgraded condenser lens in front of the horn. I’ve been really curious to see how much better the R8 performs and so I headed back to my usual red …

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How To Setup & Configure the Uniden R4

Uniden R4 Auto Mute Mem On

If you have a Uniden R4 (purchase the R4 here), you can customize its settings to get better performance, filter out more false alerts, change the display color to match your vehicle’s interior, and further tweak it based on what’s best for you. There’s no universal “best” settings for everyone since what’s best for you …

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Uniden R4 Review: An R3 on Steroids

Uniden R4

The brand new Uniden R4 ($449) is now available for pre-order. It builds upon the R4 offering even longer range, improved false alert filtering, a refreshed design, and a bunch of useful new features. You can think of it as an R3 on steroids. I’m a fan of this new R4. Let’s take a look …

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