Big Change for Uniden, Radenso, and the Radar Detector Industry

Something huge is happening… The man who worked for Uniden and was responsible for the Uniden R3 and R7 is moving to Radenso.

This is going to be a big change for Uniden, for Radenso, and for all of us who love radar detectors. Moving forward, I think Radenso is going to become an even stronger player in this industry.

Check out my video for the story.

Now Kuni isn’t an engineer himself. I didn’t make this part sufficiently clear in my original video so I’ve since put out a second video (shared below) that clarifies this further. He was the Director of Product Development and Marketing. He was the man in charge, basically guiding the radar detector program for Uniden while working with other third party companies like Attowave who actually did the engineering and manufacturing for Uniden. The engineers who all built the detectors are all still around, but the man from Uniden is now going to be replaced.

Uniden is bringing someone else on board to steer the ship for Uniden as development, updates, and customer service continues, but nevertheless there are some personnel changes happening behind the scenes.

You can also hear a word from Jon, the President and CEO of Radenso Radar, welcoming Kuni to the team at Radenso.

For full discussion about this latest change, read this thread on RDF.

Radenso and Uniden logos

Escort Updates the Max360 and Max360c to Help Address Lockups

Escort just released new firmware for both the Max360 and Max360c that is specifically designed to help fix the dreaded lockup bug.

To update your detector, download Escort Detector Tools Pro.

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Uniden R1 & R3 Firmware 1.48 Released

Uniden just released firmware 1.48 for the Uniden R1 and the Uniden R3.

Download firmware 1.48 here.

1.48 brings several changes to help with K band reactivity, laser falses, and detecting multiple signals.

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Uniden R7 Announced: An R3 With Arrows!

Uniden will soon be releasing a brand new radar detector that is slated to instantly become the best radar detector on the market. It’s the answer to the question that thousands of you guys have been asking:

“When will Uniden make an R3 with arrows?”

Meet the Uniden R7.

Uniden R7 Arrows

The Uniden R7 is a brand new radar detector, built upon the same platform as the R3, but it now adds a second rear-facing antenna to give it arrows.

The arrows point front, side, and rear to indicate the location of the threat. The arrows show up on the new larger OLED display that sits next to the rear antenna.

Uniden R3 and Uniden R7 side K band signal

The detector is able to show up to 4 signals simultaneously and can also show the direction, band, and signal strength for the additional signals too.

The arrows change color according to the signal strength. Weak signals are green, medium signals are yellow, and strong signals are red.

Uniden R7 arrow colors

Uniden R7’s color coded arrows

As a bonus, in the first firmware update that will be released after the detector is released, we’ll also have the option to have the arrow colors vary by band.

The signal strength right now is shown with 8 bars across the bottom of the display (up from 5 bars with the R3) like you can see above. The next firmware update will also include an additional display style with rounded strength bars that look like this:

Uniden R7 new alert display style

So there’s a lot going into the new arrows and display of the R7. 🙂

Uniden R7 Performance and Features

Because the R7 is built on the same platform as the R3, it shares the same level of performance and features.

Uniden R7 Performance

The R7 should have the same long range performance as the R3.

Uniden has redesigned and improved the plastic condenser lens in front of the primary horn which should give the R7 an extra 1 dB of sensitivity over the R3 so the R7 should offer slightly better sensitivity and thus range. It’s still early in the process and the detector is still in development so none of the beta testers have had a chance to test it yet. (This unit is a prototype and is the only R7 currently around.)

Uniden R7 condenser lens

Uniden R7’s redesigned condenser lens

Uniden R7 Features

The BSM filtering, MRCD detection, and GPS features all carry over from the R3.

The R7 should also be RDD immune as well like the R3. I’ll test this out to verify, but assuming it’s true, it means the R7 will be the only stealth windshield mount detector with arrows.

There is no Bluetooth built in to the R7 like the Escort detectors.

The R7 will also add an ambient light sensor, like the DFR8 and DFR9, so its autodimming display will work based on the actual light levels around you and we won’t have to rely on GPS the way we do with the R3.

Another change is that the R7 is now able to sweep on K band down to 23.950, so for those of you who need lower end K band or MRCD detection, the R7 will be able to sweep a wider range of K band frequencies than the R1 and R3 which could go down as far as 24.050.

Uniden R7 Autolockouts

Another big new change is that the GPS lockouts will now also feature autolearn meaning that automatic GPS lockouts will be available on the R7! It will be similar to the Escort Max360 and Max360c in this regard. The R7 will ship with manual lockouts like the R3 at launch, and autolockouts will be added in the first firmware update.

Note: Unfortunately the R3 will not be getting autolockouts as well. It doesn’t have enough memory to support this feature so it won’t be able to get them just with a simple firmware update.

Autolearn will be an R7-exclusive feature. Once the feature is added, we’ll have the ability to turn autolearn on and off which is helpful for those who’d prefer to stick to manual lockouts only.

(The R7 will support a total of 2,000 lockouts and manually marked locations in total. You’ll be able to store a max of 1,750 of either lockouts or manual marks, giving you 250 of the other.)

Uniden R7 Design and Buttons

Taking a closer look at the R7’s design, a number of things have changed with the new detector.

For example, like the V1 and Max360-series detectors, the rear antenna is on the right side of the display. The display itself is tilted towards the driver just like the V1. I like that design choice as it really focuses on the driver.

Uniden R3 and Uniden R7

Uniden R3 and Uniden R7

Note: The R7 shown here is a prototype. This is the design of the production version though so it’s pretty representative of what our final R7’s will look like. The only difference is that the plastic on the front is a little more translucent here. The final version will have darker plastic up front.

Now compared to the R3, the button placement has been modified as well.

The menu, volume, and power buttons all remain on top of the detector. The mark and mute buttons have been moved though. Instead of being on the face of the detector, they’ve been moved over to the left side of the unit, in front of the headphone jack. I don’t think I’ve seen a detector with buttons on the side like this, so we’ll have to see how well that works in practice.

Uniden R7 side buttons

Uniden R7 Mark and Mute buttons

The RJ11 power cable port has been moved over to the right side of the detector which I’m very glad to see. That’s the standard side used for radar detectors and so now it matches most other detectors on the market.

The USB port has been changed from MiniUSB to the more common MicroUSB port. Plus, Uniden is now including a USB cable in the packaging so now you’ll have one for updating the detector if you don’t have an extra cable laying around already.

Uniden R7 power and USB port

Uniden R7 Power and USB port

Uniden R7 Accessories

There are a few changes to the accessories that ship with the R7.

Because the mount for the detector is a little farther away from the windshield, the mount itself will be a little longer than the R3’s to ensure the detector doesn’t hit the windshield. The mount is the same one used with the DFR7. When I get an R7 in, I’ll also check Blendmount compatibility with both the DFR7 and R3 clips.

The single suction cup is being redesigned as well. With the R1/R3’s version, its adjustability was limited so you couldn’t mount the detector straight and level if you have a very steeply raked windshield. The R7’s new mount will allow you to do this.

The R7 will also include a neoprene sleeve.

Finally, the cig. lighter smart power cord is being slightly updated too. It will have improved build quality, plus the face of the power cord (where you’ll find the alert LED, remote mute button, and USB port) will be slightly angled towards the driver.

Non-GPS version of the Uniden R7

I asked Uniden if they plan on releasing a non-GPS version of the R7, similar to how we have the R1 and R3. They said that they don’t have any plans to release a non-GPS model. So for those of you who want Uniden’s new radar detector with arrows, the fully loaded version is going to be the way to go.

Uniden R7 Price and Release Date

The R7 is expected to ship around March or April and will retail for $599.

Given that this is quite likely to instantly be considered the very best radar detector on the market, I’m sure Uniden will sell TONS of them. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them quickly sell out at launch the same way the R3 did.

This is gonna be a good one…

How to Set Up and Program Your Uniden DFR8

The Uniden DFR8 is a solid basic radar detector with good performance, false alert filtering, and features. If you’re just getting started with the DFR8, here’s what all the buttons do and how to program your detector.

Purchase the Uniden DFR8 here.

Note: You can download the Uniden DFR8 owner’s manual. This guide will provide additional information and detail.

Uniden DFR8

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How to Set Up and Program Your Uniden DFR9

The Uniden DFR9 is a solid mid-tier radar detector with good performance, false alert filtering, and features. If you’re just getting started with the DFR9, here’s what all the buttons do and how to program your detector.

Purchase the Uniden DFR9 here.

Note: You can download the Uniden DFR9 owner’s manual. This tutorial will provide additional information and detail.

Uniden DFR9 buttons

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Uniden R1 BBY vs. Uniden R1 DSP

Best Buy sells two different versions of the Uniden R1 radar detector. You’ve got the normal Uniden R1 (which they call the R1 DSP) that you can buy anywhere, as well as the much less expensive Uniden R1 BBY. The regular R1 is $299 and the R1 BBY is only $179.

At $179, the Uniden R1 BBY will blow away every other radar detector at this price point.

Update Jan 2019: When I was at Uniden’s meeting area at CES to take a closer look at the upcoming Uniden R7, I happened to meet the guy in charge of the Best Buy deals for the Uniden products and we got to talking about the R1 BBY. I asked about what’s up with this detector and why it’s such an insanely good deal (it blows away anything else in that price range). In short, it was intended to be a special deal just for the holidays. They didn’t sell all their inventory so the deal is (sometimes) still available until their inventory runs out. I don’t remember if once they sell out they’re going to pull the R1 BBY as a product altogether or if they’re going to go back up to $279 or so permanently, but either way, the $179/$189 price point is not going to be a permanent thing. Just a heads up.

So what are the differences between the R1 DSP And R1 BBY and which one should you get?

Uniden R1 BBY and R1 DSP at Best Buy

Uniden R1 BBY ($179) and Uniden R1 DSP ($299)

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How to Set Up & Configure your Radenso Pro M

Let’s take a look at all the buttons and menu options of the Radenso Pro M.

Radenso did a great job of setting up the detector to be quiet out of the box with settings that are optimal for most drivers around North America. However, you may want to change things depending on where you drive or your own personal preferences.

The Radenso Pro M user manual does a great job explaining things. Let’s go into more detail here.

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Vortex Radar’s 2018 Holiday Giveaway

Update: The winners have all been selected and emailed on Jan 1st. Take a look through the list of winners and if you see your name, be sure to check your email inbox. Thank you to everyone who participated, congratulations to all the winners, and welcome everyone to 2019!

  • Uniden R3’s: Rocky S., Brandon J., Jeremy W.
  • Radenso Pro M: Vicki G.
  • Radenso XP: Amy N.
  • Radenso SP: John M.
  • Escort iXC & M1: Dennis O.
  • ALP: Bill S.
  • Blackvue DR900S & PMEZ: Debora H.
  • Thinkware F800 Pro: Kathy P.
  • Papago GoSafe S780: Sergey Y.
  • Geko Starlit: Manon B.
  • Taotronics TT-CD06: Dan W.
  • Blendmount: Luis F.
  • RDF Tumblers: Joe M., Chad K., Kim M.
  • Private Session: Steve H.

This year’s giveaway is the biggest one I’ve ever done. I’m really excited because you guys have a chance to win a bunch of stuff including the very best radar detectors, dashcams, and laser jammers on the market.

The video above tells you about all the different prizes. (There’s a lot more than what you’ll see in the image. 😉 ) Then you can enter the giveaway below. There are multiple ways of entering to improve your odds of winning.

Vortex Radar’s 2018 Holiday Giveaway

Good luck to everyone!

and a special thank you to all the companies and people providing the different prizes:

Note: Winners will be randomly selected by Gleam on 1/1/19. I don’t select the winners myself, but I’ll have Gleam select them in the afternoon and then contact all the winners via email. This giveaway is open internationally as well and you can win any prize, so long as it is legal in your country. For complete information, please see the terms and conditions of the giveaway.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Deals on Radar Detectors and Dash Cameras

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here which means that there’s lots of great deals on radar detectors and dash cameras. As new deals show up / expire, I’ll keep this article updated to keep you guys in the loop on the best deals on new countermeasures and dashcams for your vehicle. Be sure to keep checking back here periodically.

Pro-tip: Amazon has a bunch of Black Friday deals and new stuff pops up and goes away every few hours. Check out their current BF discounts on radar detectors on dashcams.

Radar Detectors for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Expired: Escort Max360: $399 (20% off)

Max360 for $399 Black FridayFor Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Escort is dropping the price of their Max360 down from $499 to $399. This is my top pick for most people just starting out with radar detectors. While the Uniden R3 gets a lot of attention for its long range capabilities, the Max360 has very good range too, plus it adds arrows, it has even better blind spot filtering (one of the biggest complaints about the R3), the GPS lockouts are automatic so the detector gets quieter on its own as you drive around, it has Bluetooth for realtime alerts shared with other drivers, it can display the speed limit on screen, and more. In short, it’s an excellent well-rounded pick for people and is a great feature-packed plug-and-play detector. $399 is the cheapest I’ve ever seen this detector go for.

Amazon is also selling the Max360 for $399 now so that’s a good option too. If you buy it directly from Escort, you’ll also get a speeding ticket guarantee. If you get a ticket from radar or laser within 1 year of buying the 360, Escort will pay for it. So if you’d like that, you should buy the Max360 direct from Escort.

Update: This deal is now expired. It’s now back up to $499.

Buy the Escort Max360 here.

Expired: Escort Max360c: $599 ($50 off)

Escort Max360c top, stock photoFor those of you who want the newer Max360c with WiFi, that’s on sale too for $50 off. It’s down from $649 to $599. Personally I prefer it over the original version.

The 360c offers the same performance and filtering as the original 360, and it’s also physically refreshed and slightly smaller than the 360, but it adds WiFi so you’re no longer tied to your phone for realtime cloud alerts. Plus it can automatically update its firmware and redlight camera / speedcamera database without you having to take the detector home and plug it into your computer whenever there’s an update.

If you’re looking for the most feature-packed and set-it-and-forget-it detector, the 360c is the way to go.

Update: This deal has now expired.

Buy the Escort Max360c here.

Bonus: If you want the Escort M1 dashcam that attaches to the side of your radar detector, use the coupon code “BLACKBUNDLE” to save 25% off the M1 when buying a Max360 or Max360c.

Buy the Escort M1 dashcam here.

Uniden R1: $189 (32% off)

Uniden R1 BBY Best Buy for Black FridayBest Buy has an exclusive version of the Uniden R1 (the R1BBY) for Black Friday for $90 off. This R1 will be the same as a normal R1, but they cut back on the accessories.

This exclusive Best Buy edition will ship without the padded carrying case, it will have a basic power-only power cable instead of the smartcord with a remote mute button and alert LED, and it will ship with just the standard dual suction cup mount and will not include the larger single suction cup mount. To the left you’ll see everything it comes with.

Most people won’t need those accessories and you’ll be getting the same long range performance the R1 offers for $90 off the retail price. It retails for $279 normally and $189 for Cyber Monday.

This deal is live now and runs through 11/26.

Click here to buy the Uniden R1.

Uniden R3 Refurbished: $299 (25% off new)

Uniden R3 radar detectorIf you’d like the Uniden R3, Uniden is super strict about discounts on their detectors (which is why the R1 deal is “modified” to make it “different,”) you can save $100 by going for a refurbished Uniden R3.

These are manufacturer refurbished and advertised in like new condition. Amazon’s refurbished warranties are always at least 90 days minimum. Less than 1 year like new, but plenty to drive around and ensure everything is working properly.

If you’d like to save some money, this is a good way to go.

Purchase a refurbished Uniden R3 here.

Expired: Uniden R3: $339 (15% off)

I’m usually pretty hesitant to post new R3 discounts because of how strict Uniden is with sticking to MAP and if sellers sell it below $399, they’ll lose the ability to sell Uniden detectors in the future. That said, Rakuten has the silver R3 for $60 off if you use the coupon code CYBER20.

Update: This deal has now expired.

Purchase a new silver Uniden R3 here.

Expired: Uniden DFR7: $129.99 ($70 off)

Uniden DFR7The Uniden DFR7 has long been my top pick for an affordable city / highway detector. It used to retail for $299 then $249. Now it’s $199 on Amazon. However, for Cyber Monday, you can get it for $129 at Rakuten with the 20% off coupon code CYBER20.

This detector offers good performance and filtering, redlight camera / speed camera alerts, low speed muting, and GPS lockouts. This is the most affordable way to get GPS lockouts, a feature that I consider to be a must for anyone driving around town. (It’s the best way to filter out speed signs and automatic door openers from shopping centers and drugstores.)

Update: This deal has now expired.

Purchase the Uniden DFR7. Use the coupon code CYBER20.

Escort iX: $299 ($100 off)

If you’d like automatic GPS lockouts instead of manual so the detector can learn those stationary false alerts for you, you can get the Escort iX for Cyber Monday.

The iX is an updated version of the 9500ix, Escort’s best selling detector ever. Performance has been improved, filtering is improved, the design is improved, Bluetooth has been added, etc. It’s been updated in almost every area. Here’s my complete Escort iX review if you’d like to learn more.

For Cyber Monday, the iX is on sale for $100 off.

Update: This deal has expired, but Escort is still selling it for $50 off.

Purchase the Escort iX here.

Expired: Redline EX: $499 ($100 off)

Escort Redline EX radar detector

If you like the idea of the iX, but you want better performance and/or a stealth detector that’s undetectable by radar detector detectors, the Redline EX is on sale for $100 off as well.

It’s normally $599 and now it’s $499.

Update: This deal has now expired.

Purchase the Redline EX here.

Blendmount: 15% off

Blendmount discount for Black Friday 2018

Blendmount makes an awesome third party mount that lets you hang your radar detector or dashcam under your rear view mirror. This way you don’t have to worry about anything falling off your windshield when the suction cups fail, it looks cleaner, and in many states it’s illegal to have something on your windshield in the first place, so this is a great solution.

Blendmounts are will built and they’re priced accordingly. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can use the coupon code “CB15” to save 15% off the Blendmount.

This deal has been extended and is available through Dec 2nd.

Purchase a Blendmount here.

Laser Jammers for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Expired: TMG Duals: $579 ($50 off)

Expired: TMG Quads: $829 ($70 off)

TMG Black Friday 2018 Sale

TMG’s Black Friday sale knocks a nice chunk of cash off the price of a set of duals, quads, and single heads.

Duals drop from $629 to $579 ($50 off). Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY50.

Quads drop from $899 to $829 ($70 off). Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY70.

Individual heads also drop from $169 to $119 each ($50 off) when you use those coupon codes.

Update: This deal has expired.

Click here to buy your TMG Alpha-15’s.

Dash Cameras for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Blackvue DR900S-2CH: $363.99 (24% off)

Blackvue DR900S-2CHThe Blackvue DR900S-2CH is the best dashcam on the market, IMHO. It normally retails for $479 and now for Black Friday, you can get it for $363 on Amazon.

Plus you get a Power Magic Pro (normally ~$25) for free so you also get parked recording capabilities.

This is the dashcam that I personally run in my car and I love it. It shoots in 4K for the front camera for great detail and ability to capture license plates. The rear camera shoots at 1080p. It records both in driving mode and parking mode, has some of the best parked recording capabilities around, has GPS and WiFi, can connect to the cloud for remote notifications and automatic uploading of events while you’re parked, it’s well-designed, and can basically do it all.

If you’re looking for the ultimate dashcam, this is way better than the retail price of a feature-packed and relatively expensive dashcam.

Click here to buy the Blackvue DR900S-2CH.

Recommended upgrades:

The included 16gb card is really small. I’d recommend this 128gb MicroSD card. It’s inexpensive, plus it’s a high endurance card designed specifically for continuous usage like you’ll see in a dashcam.

The Blackvue B-124 dedicated battery pack is $50 off for Cyber Monday. I use this with my DR900S-2CH for longer record times and not putting the strain on my car battery. I never see them discounted so this is a nice deal.

Expired: Street Guardian SG9663DC Dual Channel $229 (23% off)

Street Guardian SG9663DC for Black FridayStreet Guardian is known for making reliable dashcams with top notch customer service. The dual channel version of the SG9663DC has dropped from $299 to $229 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It records at 1080p for both front and rear cameras, has GPS, plus it has some advanced features like selectable bitrates to balance video quality and file size.

It doesn’t have a bunch of extra features like WiFi or Cloud support (which most people don’t need), but if you want a trusty set-it-and-forget-it dashcam to record while you drive, this is a great option.

If you’d like parked mode recording too, pick it up with the Street Guardian parking hardwire cable (recommended).

Update: This deal has expired, but the normal price is still lower now than it used to be.

Purchase the SG9663DC Dual here.

Expired: BlackboxMyCar’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

BlackboxMyCar is having a pretty awesome Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale as well.

BlackboxMyCar Dash Cam Black Friday Sale 2018

They’ve got really good deals on dashcams, plus an extra 60 days of warranty on each one.

Blackvue DR900S-2CH: $383.99 (Save $156)

Blackvue DR750S-2CH: $303.99 (Save $106)

Thinkware F800 Pro Single Channel: $229.99 (Save $130)

Thinkware F800 Pro Dual Channel: $329.99 (Save $130)

Thinkware F800 Pro D+: $364.99 (Save $120)

Use the coupon code “VORTEX20” to save an additional $20 off any purchase as well. 😉

See all of BlackboxMyCar’s Dashcam Deals

Assorted Cheap Dashcams on Amazon

Every hour or two, Amazon lists some new dashcams online for their Black Friday sale. Most of them are cheapy no-name cameras, but every now and then you’ll see something good pop up so it’s worth a look.

See all the Black Friday dashcam deals on Amazon.

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