Radenso DS1 Testing vs. 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

So after posting my initial test results with the Radenso DS1 where it did great, people had a bunch of questions and I did too. Was its performance a fluke? Does it perform well on all bands? What if it only did well on that last course? Did traffic give the DS1 an unfair win? Are the results repeatable?

Either way, I really wanted to get some more test results in, especially before launch so that we can all have a better understanding of how it performs. For that reason I headed back to the red barn course and spent the day running the DS1 against some of the competition, a reduced number of detectors this time so I could 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5. Traffic was light, weather was sunny, and temps were 69-75F throughout the day.

Radenso DS1 on the red barn course 35.5

The full discussion is available here on RDF.

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Radenso DS1 vs. Uniden R7

I recently posted a comparison of the Radenso DS1 and Uniden R3. A lot of people have been asking how the Radenso DS1 compares to the Uniden R7. However, I personally consider the non-arrow DS1 in a different class than arrow detectors like the R7. Arrows are a very useful feature and many people wouldn’t even consider a detector without them.

However, given that the DS1 and R7 are both long range detectors that improve upon the R3’s platform and share similar features like autolockouts and a large display, let’s run through how they compare in case you’re curious too.

Radenso DS1 and Uniden R7

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Radenso DS1 vs. Uniden R3

The new Radenso DS1 builds upon the same platform as the popular Uniden R3. The DS1 features some improved hardware and new features missing from the R3.

Radenso DS1 and Uniden R3 on the windshield alerting to Ka

While I’m playing with the DS1 (will be available starting Sept 1st), I’ve been mentally comparing it head-to-head with the R3 and taking note of the main differences. Here’s the main advantages I’ve found with each detector so far:

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How to Set Up & Configure Your Radenso DS1

Radenso DS1 angleThe Radenso DS1 (purchase here) comes with a bunch of settings and options to let you customize the detector.

Let’s go over how to use the detector including what the buttons on the detector do and how to tweak your settings to optimize its performance and false alert filtering.

You can update the settings directly in the detector, or via the new Radenso Nexus Android app. (iOS app is still in development.)

Note 1: This guide is current as of firmware 1.09 and will be regularly updated as new updates are released. (This guide last updated April 2021.)

Note 2: You can also reference the DS1 manual which is an excellent resource and has a bunch of great info too.

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Radenso DS1: Initial Test Results

So you know that big 34.7 shootout I posted recently? Well the real reason for that test was to do a little beta testing. 😉 I also brought along an unreleased Radenso DS1 and it turns out it’s looking like a beast.

The Radenso DS1 is a single antenna detector (so no arrows) and it features a very impressive level of sensitivity.

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Radar Detection Testing Around a Bend

This weekend I set out to test a bunch of radar detectors in a very difficult situation we encounter up here in Washington: officers hiding behind a bend shoot radar with trees blocking long range detection. The test course we set up was very challenging and helped separate higher end detectors from the weaker detectors.

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Cobra SC 200D Dashcam Review

Cobra and Escort radar detectors have the ability to share police spotted alerts with one another in realtime. Cobra now offers a lineup of cloud-based dashcams like the Cobra SC 200D ($199) that can also tap into that network, providing realtime police spotted alerts and help drivers stay protected.

Cobra SC 200D iRadar alert

Cobra SC 200D alerting to police radar spotted ahead via iRadar

I’ve spent the past few weeks testing the Cobra SC 200D. In some ways it’s a surprisingly good dashcam, despite it being a Cobra. In other ways though, there’s some pretty unfortunate limitations.

The two main questions I have that I want to focus on in this review are:

  1. How effective is the SC 200D as a countermeasure?
  2. How good is the dashcam itself overall?

Full Disclosure: I’m testing a dashcam that Cobra provided me for free for review purposes. I’m not being paid for this review and am free to share my exact thoughts, good and bad, without Cobra having any control on what I say. If you purchase one using the affiliate links in this review, I earn a percentage. This is a pretty in-depth review, as usual, and you’re reading my thoughts at the same time as Cobra.

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ALP Releases Upgraded TX Black Sensors

The AntiLaser Priority now has upgraded new TX sensors called the TX Black sensors. They feature improved hardware for better overall protection and are the successors to the previous gen blue/green TX sensors.

ALP Tx Black head

New ALP TX Black Sensor

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Memorial Day Deals 2021

For Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got some nice discounts on different radar detectors & dashcams.

Discounts expire after Monday.

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Uniden R7 Firmware 1.37: Improved Arrows, Autolockouts, & More

Uniden had released firmware 1.37 for the Uniden R7. (Purchase your R7 here.)

This update includes improvements to the autolockouts, arrows, and MRCD detection, plus it adds some new features and menu options.

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