How to Set Up and Configure your Uniden R7 Radar Detector

Let’s take a look at how to use your new Uniden R7, what all the buttons and menu options do, and how to configure your R7 for optimal performance and minimal false alerts.

Purchase a Uniden R7 here.

This guide is current as of firmware 1.24. You can download the latest firmware here. Uniden continues to update and improve the R7 and as features are added or changed, this guide will be updated accordingly. The Uniden R7 manual is also an excellent resource. This guide will cover additional information, plus I will keep updating it as settings change.

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Escort Adds AutoJTK Support to their Laser Shifters

Escort is now finally adding AutoJTK support to their laser shifters. As of this week, the custom installed Max Ci and iX Ci have new firmware updates that add the ability for the connected laser shifters to automatically disarm after 4, 6, 8, or 10 sec of you being shot with police laser.

Similar updates are coming soon for the standalone ZR5, wireless ZW5, and windshield mount radar detectors that interface with the ZR5 and ZW5.

Max Ci 360 showing Shift4 AutoJTK option

Escort Max Ci 360 set to Shift for only 4 sec

Uniden R7 Long Range Testing vs. R3, Max360c, Pro M, V1, and more

It’s time to test out the new Uniden R7! The Uniden R3 has established itself as the best performing windshield mount radar detector on the market. The updated R7 not only adds arrows and several other new features, but its performance should be able to meet or exceed that of even the R3.

To test this out, this weekend @meismyname and I headed back out to the Red Barn course to go test the new R7 against a bunch of other radar detectors against all three Ka frequencies: 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5.

Radar detectors to test and radar guns

Windshield mount Radar Detectors and Radar Guns for Testing

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Uniden R7 Long Range Test Results

Uniden R7 long range test resultsThis weekend, the beta testers have been hard at work putting their new Uniden R7‘s through its paces and seeing if we can continue to expect the same top notch performance we saw with the R1 and the R3. Thanks to the group, we now have a bunch of hard data and test results to start looking through.

The R7 is based on the same platform as the R1 and the R3. However, Uniden has revised the plastic condenser lens in front of the horn, increasing the detector’s overall sensitivity by 1 dB. Will we see the R7 meet or exceed the performance of the R1 and the R3? Let’s find out…

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Uniden DFR9 Drops to $249

Update: The DFR9 is now available for $185. (Use the coupon code “VORTEX“) Deal expires at the end of 2019.

The Uniden DFR9 is dropping in price to $249. (Use the coupon code “SPEED“)

Uniden DFR9

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Uniden R7 Pre-orders Now Available

The Uniden R7 is now available for pre-order!

The Uniden R7 is based on the R3 with the same level of performance, filtering, and features, except it now adds arrows, auto-lockouts, and more. The R7 has the makings of being the ultimate high performance radar detector.

When the R3 launched, it was an instant hit. It immediately sold out and was on backorder for months. If you want an R7, I recommend you hop onto the pre-order list. Units are expected to begin shipping somewhere around early to mid April or so.

Pre-order the Uniden R7 now.

Uniden R7 available for pre-order

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My Audi Q5 Radar Detector Test Vehicle

Now that I’ve uninstalled everything from my Miata, I traded it in for my next radar detector, laser jammer, and dashcam test vehicle: a 2018 Audi Q5.

This SUV is wonderful. The grill is just about ideal for installing a variety of different CM’s. Plus it’s wonderful to drive and I love spending time behind the wheel. Like the Miata, it makes me happy to drive. 🙂

Here’s an introduction to the Q5 and what all I have in mind for it.

Uninstalling Everything From My Miata

I’m going to trade my Miata in for another vehicle, but before I do so, we need to uninstall everything out of the car! Everything from radar detectors, laser jammers, dashcams, batteries, power cables… everything. 🙂

Here’s the full video of the uninstall so you can see everything that I have been running and where it all went.

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Big Change for Uniden, Radenso, and the Radar Detector Industry

Something huge is happening… The man who worked for Uniden and was responsible for the Uniden R3 and R7 is moving to Radenso.

This is going to be a big change for Uniden, for Radenso, and for all of us who love radar detectors. Moving forward, I think Radenso is going to become an even stronger player in this industry.

Check out my video for the story.

Now Kuni isn’t an engineer himself. I didn’t make this part sufficiently clear in my original video so I’ve since put out a second video (shared below) that clarifies this further. He was the Director of Product Development and Marketing. He was the man in charge, basically guiding the radar detector program for Uniden while working with other third party companies like Attowave who actually did the engineering and manufacturing for Uniden. The engineers who all built the detectors are all still around, but the man from Uniden is now going to be replaced.

Uniden is bringing someone else on board to steer the ship for Uniden as development, updates, and customer service continues, but nevertheless there are some personnel changes happening behind the scenes.

You can also hear a word from Jon, the President and CEO of Radenso Radar, welcoming Kuni to the team at Radenso.

For full discussion about this latest change, read this thread on RDF.

Radenso and Uniden logos

Escort Updates the Max360 and Max360c to Help Address Lockups

Escort just released new firmware for both the Max360 and Max360c that is specifically designed to help fix the dreaded lockup bug.

To update your detector, download Escort Detector Tools Pro.

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