Uniden R8 Firmware 1.25

Uniden posted firmware 1.25 for the Uniden R8 this morning on their website. This is the latest firmware that’s already been shipping on brand new detectors and now we can all update to it. The new firmware that adds Bluetooth is still not yet released.

Uniden R8


Purchase the Uniden R8 here.

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Uniden R4 Firmware 1.26

Uniden has released firmware 1.26 for the Uniden R4. Let’s go over the new changes, what’s gotten better, what’s gotten worse, as how to fix issues that may happen during the update process.

Uniden R4


Purchase the Uniden R4 here.

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Valentine 1 Gen2: November 2022 Upgrade, FW 4.1029

Valentine Research released firmware 4.1029 for the V1 Gen2 earlier this month. This free update brings a number of improvements to the V1 Gen2, particularly a reduction in Ka falses. Let’s take a closer look at this November 2022 upgrade.

Valentine One Gen2

Download the latest update using the V1connection app for Android or iOS.

Purchase a V1 Gen2 here.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Radar Detectors & Dashcams 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have arrived! Here are all the best deals on countermeasures to keep you protected on the road.

As new deals pop up or expire, I’ll continue updating this page so be sure to check back periodically.

Note: Beware of the ongoing fake listing scam on Amazon for radar detectors that are 70-80% off and send out fake tracking numbers after you order. Those aren’t real Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts. 😉 All the links below are designed to take you to legitimate sellers with real deals.

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Prime Early Access Sale Deals

The Amazon Prime Early Access Sale runs Oct 11-12. As usual we’ve got some discounts on both radar detectors & dash cameras.

There’s a few discounts on radar detectors, but most are for dash cameras.

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Escort Max 360c MkII Announced

Escort has just announced the second generation Escort Max 360c MkII radar detector ($699).

Escort Max 360c Mk II

This is essentially an upgraded Max 360c featuring some welcome improvements including longer range, fewer false alerts, and 5 GHz WiFi.

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Adaptiv TPX Automotive Laser Jammer Review

Adaptiv has released their new automotive TPX laser jamming system. It takes their motorcycle-specific laser jammer and makes some changes specifically for larger cars and trucks. It is a fairly simple jammer, feature-wise, but it seems to work pretty well and should be a contender for those looking to purchase a relatively affordable laser jamming system.

It is available for preorder now and will begin shipping in mid-October. (Save $100 off preorders and an additional 10% off using the coupon code “Vortex”)

I’ve had a chance to beta test a unit and so let’s go ahead and take a closer look at it.

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Whistler Titan Review

Whistler has just released the new Titan ($349). This is the first Whistler radar detector that can truly compete with the big dogs. Thanks to its all new DSP platform, it offers improved signal analysis giving us both longer range and fewer false alerts. The Titan is a long range detector like the Uniden R3, plus it introduces several brand new features which are a first for Whistler including GPS lockouts, a 3 digit frequency display, customizable preset modes, and MRCD/CT detection.

Whistler Titan

This is a big step up from the CR97 in terms of both performance and false alert filtering, plus it fixes some of the annoyances like the K/Ka confusion. The Titan finally puts Whistler in the big leagues if you’re looking for a high performance and nicely featured radar detector.

You can order the Whistler Titan here.

Full disclosure: I’ve been beta testing the Titan off and on for a year, since August 2021. It was sent to me for free by Whistler for test and review purposes. I’ve tested both beta and production firmware. My pre-production test detector is running production hardware.

In addition to this full written review, you can also check out my complete video review here:

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Prime Day 2022 Deals

Amazon Prime Day runs July 12-13 this year. We’ve got some nice deals on radar detectors and a bunch on dash cameras.

Prime Day 2022

During Prime Day, I’ll be continually updating this page as new deals pop up and old ones expire so be sure to continue checking back in then.

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Radenso DS1 Firmware 1.13

Radenso has released firmware 1.13 for the DS1 which addresses an annoying K band muting issue, plus it adds a Bluetooth muting fix.Radenso DS1 fw 1.13

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