How to Set Up & Configure Your Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector

Escort Redline 360cThe Escort Redline 360c (purchase here) comes with a bunch of settings and options to let you customize your experience. It does a great job out of the box as a plug-and-play detector, but you can tweak it even further. Let’s go over how to use your detector as well as how to optimize its performance and false alert filtering.

You can program your detector either 1) directly in the detector or 2) using the Escort Live app. Most settings are available in both places, but doing it through the phone is faster and easier.

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Escort Redline 360c Review

The new Escort Redline 360c ($749) is Escort’s new flagship radar detector. It is very well-rounded and offers excellent long range performance, the best false alert filtering available, arrows, undetectability, and it’s jam packed with tons of useful features. It has just about every feature you could want and is a strong performer across the board. If you’re looking for the best radar detector on the market, take a good look at the new Redline 360c.

Escort Redline 360c

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Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector Testing

Time to test out the brand new $749 Escort Redline 360c. Escort claims it offers “noticeably” better performance than the Uniden R7 and Valentine 1 Gen2, longer range than the Max 360c, and 2x the range of the Redline EX.

Redline 360c, O, EX, Max 360c, V1 Gen2, R7, Pro M

Escort Redline 360c vs. Redline, Redline EX, Max 360c, Max Ci 360 (not pictured), V1 Gen2, R7, & Pro M

How good is the new RL360c in practice? Time to run it head-to-head against the toughest competition and see how it compares.

Update: In response to the problems discussed in this test, Escort has released a new firmware update to fix these issues. You can see my updated retest here.

Redline 360c being tested

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Escort Redline 360c Announced

This morning Escort released the new Redline 360c. It is an extremely impressive looking radar detector, and it retails for $749. Here are some of the key features and things to know about Escort’s new top-of-the-line radar detector.

Update: You can now read my Redline 360c review.

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Escort Max 3 Leaked

This morning, Best Buy leaked the upcoming $399 Escort Max 3 radar detector. The product listing has since been pulled, but let’s take a look at what we now know about it.

Update: It’s now available here.

Escort Max3

Escort Max 3

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Escort Redline 360c Coming Soon…

Next week, Escort will be introducing the new Redline 360c.

Right now all we have is a quick video tease of the detector, but this Tuesday, June 9th at 10am Central, Escort will be officially launching the new detector.

Click Here to Register.

The possibility of a Redline 360c was leaked a few months ago, and now it has been confirmed. Check out my video below to go over some of the possibilities of what we can expect for this new detector.

Depending on how Escort designed it, the Redline 360c may become the best radar detector on the market, particularly if they’ve improved both the range and BSM filtering relative to the Redline EX.

Stay tuned for more info, test results, and my complete review. 🙂

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How to Set Up & Configure the Radenso RC M

Radenso RC M radar detectorThe Radenso RC M is an excellent custom installed radar detector with great performance, false alert filtering, low powered radar detection, and ALP integration.

The Radenso RC M manual does a great job going over the radar detector and so in this tutorial, we’ll go over things in a bit more detail and help you get the RC M set up for where you drive.

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How to Set Up & Configure the Escort Max Ci 360

Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detector & Laser Jammer
The Escort Max Ci 360 is a top notch custom installed radar detector. The Max Ci 360 owner’s manual covers a lot of the basics in how to use and configure your detector.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain things in a bit more detail, go over what the optimal settings are, and cover the new features that have since been added that aren’t in the manual.

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Valentine 1 Gen2: Under the Hood

The new Valentine 1 Gen2 is based on a completely new underlying platform than the Gen1 so let’s pop the hood, take the detector apart, and take a closer look at what’s inside. 🙂

V1 Gen2 Parts laid out

V1 Gen2 Teardown

Note: All the photos are available in high res so click on any image to zoom in and take a closer look around, check out part numbers, and see how everything has been laid out. This is a look at my repaired V1 Gen2 after it died.

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Valentine 1 Gen2 Review

The new Valentine 1 Gen2 ($499) has finally been released and it’s the biggest change we’ve seen to the V1 in 30 years. It features an all new design, longer range, better false alert filtering, RDD immunity, and integrated Bluetooth with support for fantastic cell phone apps.

Valentine 1 Gen2

I’ve been running the V1 Gen2 since its debut in March and while many early units have been plagued with poor reliability and a variety of hardware failures, and even repaired detectors continue to fail, my (now repaired) Gen2 has nevertheless become one of my favorite windshield mount radar detectors, particularly when paired with third party apps. Here’s my complete review of the new V1 Gen2.

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