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Radenso DS1 Firmware 1.13

Radenso DS1 fw 1.13

Radenso has released firmware 1.13 for the DS1 which addresses an annoying K band muting issue, plus it adds a Bluetooth muting fix.

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Uniden R4 vs. Radenso DS1

Uniden R4 and Radenso DS1, 34.7 alert

The Uniden R4 and Radenso DS1 are both excellent high performance radar detectors, two of the best non-arrow detectors you can buy. Both are evolutions of the wildly popular Uniden R3, building upon the same platform and adding longer range, better false alert filtering, and more useful features. Uniden and Radenso have both done different …

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Radenso DS1 Firmware 1.11

Radenso DS1 fw 1.11

Radenso has released firmware version 1.11 for the Radenso DS1. This update brings some adjustments to the K band muting, plus several bug fixes.

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Radenso DS1 Firmware 1.09

Radenso DS1 Firmware 1.09

The Radenso DS1 (purchase here) has been updated to firmware 1.09. This improves the GPS lockouts and K notch filters, plus it adds some new features and bug fixes.

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Radenso DS1 Firmware 1.07

Radenso DS1 boot logo

Radenso has released firmware 1.07 for the DS1 and this update brings a bunch of new changes. You can also now download the Android app to connect to your DS1. Here’s a look at all the new features and improvements.

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Radenso DS1 Testing vs. 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

Radenso DS1 on the red barn course 35.5

So after posting my initial test results with the Radenso DS1 where it did great, people had a bunch of questions and I did too. Was its performance a fluke? Does it perform well on all bands? What if it only did well on that last course? Did traffic give the DS1 an unfair win? Are the …

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Radenso DS1 vs. Uniden R7

Radenso DS1 and Uniden R7

I recently posted a comparison of the Radenso DS1 and Uniden R3. A lot of people have been asking how the Radenso DS1 compares to the Uniden R7. However, I personally consider the non-arrow DS1 in a different class than arrow detectors like the R7. Arrows are a very useful feature and many people wouldn’t …

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Radenso DS1 vs. Uniden R3

Radenso DS1 and Uniden R3 on the windshield alerting to Ka

The new Radenso DS1 builds upon the same platform as the popular Uniden R3. The DS1 features some improved hardware and new features missing from the R3. While I’m playing with the DS1 (will be available starting Sept 1st), I’ve been mentally comparing it head-to-head with the R3 and taking note of the main differences. …

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How to Set Up & Configure Your Radenso DS1

The Radenso DS1 (purchase here) comes with a bunch of settings and options to let you customize the detector. Let’s go over how to use the detector including what the buttons on the detector do and how to tweak your settings to optimize its performance and false alert filtering. You can update the settings directly …

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Radenso DS1: Initial Test Results

Radenso DS1 Test Chart

So you know that big 34.7 shootout I posted recently? Well the real reason for that test was to do a little beta testing. 😉 I also brought along an unreleased Radenso DS1 and it turns out it’s looking like a beast. The Radenso DS1 is a single antenna detector (so no arrows) and it features …

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