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Uniden R8 vs. Escort Redline 360c vs. Valentine 1 Gen2: Best High End Radar Detector of 2022?

Uniden R8, Escort Redline 360c, V1 Gen2 alerting to 34.7 ahead

What’s the best radar detector for 2022? The best three are the Uniden R8, Escort Redline 360c, & the Valentine 1 Gen2. They are the best performing radar detectors with good false alert filtering plus directional arrows to help locate the threats around you. I’m a fan of all three. These detectors also have some …

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Uniden R8 Long Range Testing

The Uniden R8 (purchase here) improves upon the performance of the already strong Uniden R7 by adding a new dual LNA design as well as an upgraded condenser lens in front of the horn. I’ve been really curious to see how much better the R8 performs and so I headed back to my usual red …

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V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1028: Improved Ka Bogey Alerts

Valentine One Gen2

Valentine just released firmware 4.1028 for the V1 Gen2. (Purchase a V1 Gen2 here.) This March 2022 update brings a few small improvements to the V1. Let’s go over the details of each change and learn more about the detector’s new behavior. You can download and install this new update using the V1connection app for …

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V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1027: Increased Ka Range

Valentine One Gen2

Valentine has released a Mid-October 2021 update for the Valentine 1 Gen2 (purchase the V1 Gen2 here) that updates the detector to firmware 4.1027. This update brings a number of nice improvements to the V1, but it also introduced an annoying issue too. Here’s what you need to know about this latest update.

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Escort MaxCam 360c Long Range Testing

Yesterday I went out to do some testing with the new MaxCam 360c. Escort says it performs better than the Max 360c, but not quite as good as the Redline 360c, so I was curious to test and verify. Additionally I was curious if we finally have a radar detector / dashcam combo unit that, …

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Radenso DS1 Testing vs. 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

Radenso DS1 on the red barn course 35.5

So after posting my initial test results with the Radenso DS1 where it did great, people had a bunch of questions and I did too. Was its performance a fluke? Does it perform well on all bands? What if it only did well on that last course? Did traffic give the DS1 an unfair win? Are the …

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Radar Detection Testing Around a Bend

Around the Bend Test Course Map

This weekend I set out to test a bunch of radar detectors in a very difficult situation we encounter up here in Washington: officers hiding behind a bend shoot radar with trees blocking long range detection. The test course we set up was very challenging and helped separate higher end detectors from the weaker detectors.

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V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1025: Reduced False Alerts

Valentine One Gen2

Valentine just released a small update to the Valentine 1 Gen2, firmware 4.1025. This May 2021 update introduces one small fix: “Enhanced suppression of false alerts when in close proximity to traffic radar.”

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V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1023: BSM Fixes

Valentine One Gen2

Valentine Research has just released firmware 4.1023 for the V1 Gen2. This update features a number of helpful changes, especially a BSM filtering update to fix the increased BSM falses introduced with the previous update, 4.1021. Here’s the list of changes included with this latest mid-December 2020 upgrade: Suppression of Blind-Spot (also called Lane-Change) radars …

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Valentine 1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1021

V1 Gen2 4.1021 Update Info

Valentine Research just released firmware 4.1021 for the Valentine 1 Gen2, bringing several important improvements to the V1. Warning: Be careful with this latest update. BSM falsing has gotten quite a bit worse with 4.1021 so I’d recommend holding off on this update for the time being. Update Dec. 16: Firmware 4.1023 has been released …

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