Radar Detector Coupon Codes and Laser Jammer Deals

Here’s all the best discount codes and deals on radar detectors, laser jammers, and dash cameras.

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Uniden Radar Detector Deals:

Uniden R7 (refurb) for $70 off

You can save $70 off a refurbished / renewed Uniden R7. It comes with a 90 day warranty.

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Save $70

Escort Radar Detector Deals:

Cobra Radar Detector Deals:

Radenso Radar Detector Deals:

Radenso RC M for $75 off (Canada)

Save $75 on a custom installed Radenso RC M radar detector, the best custom installed radar detector for Canadians. Discount is available in Canada only.

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Save $75

Blendmount Coupon:

Blendmount for 12.5% off

Stop worrying about suction cups failing. Save 12.5% on the Blendmount, the best aftermarket radar detector mount available.

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Save 12.5%

AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer Deals:

ALP for $50 off (Canada)

Save $50 on the AntiLaser Priority, the best laser jammer on the market. This discount is valid in Canada only.

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Save $50

Escort Laser Jammer Deals:

TMG Laser Jammer Deals:

TMG Laser Jammers for $70 Off

Save $70 off a set of TMG Laser Jammers if you get a set of Triples, Quads, or more.

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Save $70

Adaptiv TPX Laser Jammer Deals:

Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Laser Jammers for 10% off

Save 10% off a set of Adaptiv TPX motorcycle-specific laser jammers.

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Save 10%

Dash Camera Coupons:

Save 5% off any Dashcam over $125

Save 5% off any dashcam and accessories $125 or more at Blackboxmycar. Save now on top brands like Thinkware, Viofo, and Blackvue.

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Save 5%

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