Alfa Romeo Countermeasures for the PNW

Hey everyone from the Northwest Alfa Romeo Club. Thanks for joining me for our May 11th live chat.

This companion article goes with our conversation about using radar detectors, laser jammers, and dashcams in your Alfa Romeo and driving in the Pacific Northwest.

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V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1025: Reduced False Alerts

Valentine just released a small update to the Valentine 1 Gen2, firmware 4.1025.

This May 2021 update introduces one small fix:

“Enhanced suppression of false alerts when in close proximity to traffic radar.”

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Escort Redline 360c Firmware 1.8

Escort has now released firmware 1.8 for the Escort Redline 360c (purchase the RL360c here).

This is a relatively minor update and is available over WiFi or via Detector Tools. Escort has posted a changelog so let’s talk about the improvements with this latest update.

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Escort Redline 360c Firmware 1.7

Escort has just released firmware 1.7 for the Redline 360c (purchase here). This is a minor update with just a few small bug fixes.

Redline 360c fw 1.7

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Radenso RC M Adds Directional Voice Announcements

Radenso has released an update for the RC M (firmware Hub 28 Disp 23) that brings two new improvements to the radar detector including 1) directional voice announcements for radar alerts as well as 2) a bug fix for the removable display.

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Uniden R7 Autolockouts Are Finally Here!

Autolockouts are now here for the Uniden R7! Finally!

Uniden R7 Autolockout Kicking In

R7 Autolockout Kicking In

Firmware 1.35 is now available and it brings a bunch of new changes including automatic GPS lockouts, improved BSM filtering, faster K band reactivity, and more. (It’s available on RDF early and will be posted to Uniden’s website shortly.)

Here’s the direct link to download 1.35.

Purchase your Uniden R7 here.

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Escort Redline 360c Firmware 1.6

Escort Redline 360cEscort has released firmware 1.6 for the Redline 360c (purchase here). This update brings a number of fixes, including some changes to address certain weaknesses that could have led to you getting a ticket.

Here’s the changelog from Escort:

  • Improved radar detection response time. Response time improvements may vary on geographical and environmental conditions.
  • Improved accuracy and sensitivity for MRCD and MRCT.
  • Fixed an issue with missing text in Spanish Language, where preferences could hang up when using the K-Notch programming option.
  • Improved meter ramp-up linearity.
  • Improved arrow performance.
  • Improved strong signal handling capability.

Redline 360c firmware 1.6

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2020 Holiday Giveaway

Time for the 2020 Holiday Giveaway!

To help end the year on a high note, I’ve partnered with a bunch of manufacturers and distributors to bring you some of the very best radar detectors and dash cameras on the market.

Update: All 30 winners have been picked! Emails have been sent out to all the winners.

Learn more about each of the prizes by following the links below and then scroll down to enter the giveaway.

Vortex Radar’s 2020 Radar Detector & Dash Camera Holiday Giveaway

If the giveaway doesn’t automatically load on your device (above), click the link above or, alternatively, click here to head to the giveaway.

Winners will be randomly selected on Jan 4th, 2021 and announced here on this page, as well as on my social media channels.

A big thank you to Uniden, Radenso, Blendmount, Blackvue, Thinkware, Viofo, BlueSkySea, NextBase, Street Guardian, & BlackboxMyCar for helping sponsor this giveaway!

Happy Holidays!

Here’s to an awesome 2021. ?


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V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1023: BSM Fixes

Valentine One Gen2Valentine Research has just released firmware 4.1023 for the V1 Gen2. This update features a number of helpful changes, especially a BSM filtering update to fix the increased BSM falses introduced with the previous update, 4.1021.

Here’s the list of changes included with this latest mid-December 2020 upgrade:

  • Suppression of Blind-Spot (also called Lane-Change) radars restored to start-of-production effectiveness.
  • During initial power-on in Euro Mode, Band Identification now show bands enabled or disabled according to user setting.
  • When changing modes, previous Mute state will be preserved.
  • When in Advanced-Logic mode, a new laser warning will be displayed during a muted radar alert.
  • Only when programming feature G is enabled (mutes rear X and K alerts in Advanced Logic mode), X- and K-threat-assessment logic has been recalibrated.

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Nextbase 622GW Dashcam Review

Nextbase 622GWThe Nextbase 622GW ($399) is a feature-packed 4K dashcam full of creative features like Emergency SOS to automatically call an ambulance for you in case of an accident, Alexa integration, digital image stabilization, optional modular rear cameras, and more. This gives the 622GW helpful features not available in traditional dashcams, but it also has a number of noteworthy limitations and potential reliability issues that are worth considering too. Let’s take a hands-on look at Nextbase’s latest flagship dashcam.

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