Cobra Announces the Road Scout, Radar Detector & Dashcam Combo

Cobra is releasing a brand new radar detector that also has an integrated dashcam built-in. It’s called the Cobra Road Scout. ($449)

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Cobra Releases the DualPro 360

Cobra has just released a new radar detector called the Cobra DualPro 360 ($449).

Cobra DualPro 360 radar detector

Cobra DualPro 360

If it looks familiar, you’re right. It’s essentially a Beltronics GT-360 (which is itself a repackaged Max360) with directional arrows to help it locate the threat.

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Testing the Best Laser Jammers of 2019

Time to test all of the best laser jammers from AntiLaser, Escort, Stinger, TMG, Adaptiv, and K40 to find out which one performs the best!

In this test we’re going to focus purely on performance. For more information, check out my complete comparison review of all the best laser jammers.

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Testing the Best Custom Installed Radar Detectors of 2019

Time for some more radar detector testing! This time let’s test out all the best custom installed radar detectors. Which ones offer the best performance? Let’s find out!

To test this out, we headed back to the red barn course to run the gauntlet with 7 different radar detectors against 33.8, 34.7, 35.5, & K Band.

Radar detectors mounted in my grill

We tested both easy and hard scenarios for the radar detectors. We tested different frequencies and saw a variety of results between upper tier and lower tier detectors. Of course no one test can tell us everything, but we learned a ton by trying lots of different things with so many detectors. 🙂

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Thinkware Q800 Pro Dashcam Giveaway

Enter to win a brand new Thinkware Q800 Pro!

This is Thinkware’s brand new flagship dash camera.

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Escort Radar Detector Comparison Overview 2019

Escort’s radar detectors are designed to be very user friendly and easy to use. Their detectors do a good job at catering to the everyday driver who wants a plug-and-play radar detector, without necessarily needing to be a radar detector expert. It’s for that reason that even though there’s many different brands of detectors, I’ve recommended Escort radar detectors to my own family.

Now Escort makes several different radar detectors at different price points, each one with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through their lineup and look at the main pros and cons of each radar detector.

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Where to Buy the Uniden R7

Now that the Uniden R7 has started shipping (and since some places are already sold out and on backorder), let’s take a look at the best places to buy it.

These places are authorized resellers to make sure you get a warranty, have great customer service, offer quick shipping, and are good stores to purchase from.

Purchase a Uniden R7 with accessories

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How to Set Up and Configure your Uniden R7 Radar Detector

Let’s take a look at how to use your new Uniden R7, what all the buttons and menu options do, and how to configure your R7 for optimal performance and minimal false alerts.

Purchase a Uniden R7 here.

This guide is current as of firmware 1.24. You can download the latest firmware here. Uniden continues to update and improve the R7 and as features are added or changed, this guide will be updated accordingly. The Uniden R7 manual is also an excellent resource. This guide will cover additional information, plus I will keep updating it as settings change.

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Escort Adds AutoJTK Support to their Laser Shifters

Escort is now finally adding AutoJTK support to their laser shifters. As of this week, the custom installed Max Ci and iX Ci have new firmware updates that add the ability for the connected laser shifters to automatically disarm after 4, 6, 8, or 10 sec of you being shot with police laser.

Similar updates are coming soon for the standalone ZR5, wireless ZW5, and windshield mount radar detectors that interface with the ZR5 and ZW5.

Max Ci 360 showing Shift4 AutoJTK option

Escort Max Ci 360 set to Shift for only 4 sec

Uniden R7 Long Range Testing vs. R3, Max360c, Pro M, V1, and more

It’s time to test out the new Uniden R7! The Uniden R3 has established itself as the best performing windshield mount radar detector on the market. The updated R7 not only adds arrows and several other new features, but its performance should be able to meet or exceed that of even the R3.

To test this out, this weekend @meismyname and I headed back out to the Red Barn course to go test the new R7 against a bunch of other radar detectors against all three Ka frequencies: 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5.

Radar detectors to test and radar guns

Windshield mount Radar Detectors and Radar Guns for Testing

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