Uniden R7 vs. Escort Max 360c: Comparison Review

Two of the best radar detectors of 2019 are the Uniden R7 ($599) and Escort Max 360c ($649). You guys ask all the time which one is better. Both are feature-packed high end windshield mount radar detectors. Both have directional arrows, good false alert filtering, and useful GPS features.

However, each detector offers some unique features that the other one doesn’t, so one detector may be a better fit for you than the other. Let’s take a closer look at both detectors in this comparison review to find out if the R7 or Max 360c is better for you.

Uniden R7 and Escort Max 360c alerting to Ka 34.7 ahead

Uniden R7 and Escort Max 360c

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Radenso RC M Radar Detector Review

Radenso RC M Overview

The Radenso RC M ($1,849) is a high end custom installed radar detector. It offers long range performance, best in class BSM filtering, the best MRCD/CT detection capabilities, arrows, GPS lockouts, plus AntiLaser Priority integration. It’s one of the very best custom installed radar detectors available on the market. It’s also quite possibly the best option available for a fully integrated custom installed radar detector and laser jammer package.

Radenso RC M radar detector

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals on Radar Detectors and Dash Cameras

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is here. It lasts for just two days and there’s a bunch of great deals on countermeasures.

Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019

Here I am continually tracking all the best deals on radar detectors and dash cameras during Prime Day.

You do need to be a Prime member so sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime to take advantage of these discounts.

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50K YouTube Subscriber Giveaway: Thinkware Q800 Pro Dashcam

I’m about to hit 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and so to celebrate, I’m giving away another copy of Thinkware’s flagship dashcam, the Q800 Pro, to one of my YouTube subscribers.

Vortex’s 50K YouTube Subscribers, Thinkware Q800 Pro Dash Camera Giveaway

(If the you’re on a mobile device and the giveaway isn’t loading for you above, click the link above or click here to enter.)

Thank you to Thinkware and BlackboxMyCar for helping make this giveaway happen and thank you to all of my subscribers for helping make this experience fun and enjoyable! 🙂

K40 Defuser Optix Laser Jammer Review

K40 Defuser Optix Overview

The K40 Defuser Optix ($899 for duals) is K40’s top of the line laser jammer. It’s smaller and more effective than their previous bulky K40 G5’s. The Defuser Optix is designed to integrate with the RL200di and RL360di radar detectors. (Read my RL360di review.)

K40 also claims that the Defuser Optix is able to jam the DragonEye. (K40 refers to their laser jammers as “laser defusers,” similar to how Escort refers to them as “laser shifters,” but they’re all really the exact same thing.)

Let’s take a closer look at the K40 Defuser Optix and how effective it truly is in this review.

K40 Defuser Optix laser defusers

K40 Defuser Optix

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K40 RL360di Radar Detector Review

K40’s latest and greatest radar detector setup is the RL360di radar detector ($1,999 for front and rear antennas) and the RL200di ($1,499 for front antenna only). Traditionally radar detector enthusiasts stay away from K40 products since the performance tends to be subpar, despite the higher end price tag and K40’s performance and speeding ticket guarantees. Performance is the main reason why I don’t run K40 products on my vehicle or recommend them to others. Nevertheless, their products are popular and they sell well so let’s take a closer look at the K40 RL360di in this review.

K40 RL360di radar detector

K40 RL360di radar detector

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Uniden R7 Radar Detector Review

After Uniden released the Uniden R3, an excellent new detector that took the crown as being the best performing radar detector and blew away everything else on the market, they followed it up by giving the R3 arrows, adding a few more useful features, and the Uniden R7 was born. It’s time for a full Uniden R7 review.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Uniden R7.

Uniden R7 detecting 35.5

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Cobra Road Scout Radar Detector & Dashcam Giveaway

Enter to win a brand new Cobra Road Scout, a radar detector & dash camera combo in one integrated package.

Cobra Road Scout: Radar Detector & Dashcam Giveaway

If the you’re on a mobile device and the entry form isn’t loading for you above, click the link above or click here to enter.

Cobra Road Scout giveaway

Thank you to Cobra for providing the prize!

Uniden R7 Updated to Firmware 1.24

Uniden just released firmware 1.24 for the Uniden R7.  This is a minor update to fix some bugs and make a few small improvements. Performance, filtering, and features are otherwise unchanged.

Uniden R7 firmware 1.24

Uniden R7 running firmware 1.24

You can download the latest firmware directly from Uniden’s website.

Here’s a quick run-through of the 5 changes and improvements that 1.24 brings:

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Cobra Announces the Road Scout, Radar Detector & Dashcam Combo

Cobra is releasing a brand new radar detector that also has an integrated dashcam built-in. It’s called the Cobra Road Scout. ($449)

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