Prime Day 2024 Deals on Radar Detectors & Dashcams

Prime Day 2024 is now here! This year it runs July 16-17 and we always get some really nice deals on radar detectors and dash cameras.

Amazon Prime Day 2024

Here are my picks for the best countermeasures available on sale during Prime Day.

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Radar Detectors


Uniden R7

Uniden R7 for $499 $452 (10% off)

This is my favorite bang-for-the-buck radar detector w/ arrows. This isn’t a Prime Day specific deal, but it’s on sale nonetheless. You can also get it refurb for $414.

I run it with the custom international firmware for more features, even in the US. Firmware 1.56 is in development.

Uniden R8 (refurb) for $624 $574  (8% off)

A brand new R8 is currently $10 which is fine, but if you’re open to a refurbished one (I have a refurb R7 that’s basically like new), it’s normally $75 off a new one, but now it’s an additional $50 off as well.

Uniden R4 for $379 $350 (8% off)

If you don’t need the arrows, the R4 is the best performing non-arrow detector around, plus it adds Bluetooth for app compatibility.

Bonus: If you’re a Sam’s Club member, check out the R4 here.


Escort MaxCam 360c

Escort MaxCam 360c for $849 $763 (10% off)

This is my go-to radar detector / dashcam combo unit, the best one out there. Easy to install plus great for rental cars.

Escort Max 360c Mk II for $699 $616 (12% off)

Don’t need the dashcam? This is the radar detector only version with arrows, autolockouts, bluetooth, and WiFi.

Escort Max 360 Mk II for $549 $459 (16% off)

Don’t need WiFi? Safe another $150 with the Bluetooth-only version.

Escort Max 3 for $299 $254 (15% off)

Don’t need arrows? One of Escort’s competitors to the Uniden R3 is on sale for Prime Day.



Blendmount (10% off w/ coupon “Vortex10”)

This is a solid aftermarket mounting solution to avoid dealing with suction cup failures. I run a Blendmount in each car.

Dash Cameras


Viofo’s are my go-to pick for excellent video quality and the core features you need in a dashcam.

Viofo A119 Mini 2

Viofo A119 v3 (2K) for $109 $79 (27% off)

For a simple and inexpensive dashcam with good video quality and buffered parking recording, this is still a solid pick.

Viofo A119 Mini 2 (2K) for $123 $85 (31% off)

For an inexpensive front-only dashcam, this is my goto recommendation. It builds on the A119 series dashcams, adding a Starvis 2 sensor, WiFi, and more useful features.

Viofo VS1 (2K) for $139 $85 (39% off)

Kinda like an A119 Mini 2, but without the screen.

Viofo A229 Plus 2CH (Front 2K, Rear 2K) for $206 $159 (23% off)

Viofo A229 Plus 3CH (Front 2K, Rear 2K, Interior 1080p) for $269 $179 (33% off)

This is one of the best options for a front/rear or front/rear/interior dashcam. It’s a more affordable 2K version of the A229 Pro which is one of my favorite dashcams.

Viofo A229 Pro 2CH

Viofo A229 Pro 2CH (Front 4K, Rear 2K) for $279 $239 (14% off)

Viofo A229 Pro 3CH (Front 4K, Rear 2K, Interior 1080p) for $349 $272 (22% off)

This is one of my favorite dashcams on the market and the one I run in both of our cars. The 4K video quality is among the very best I’ve seen, plus its night time HDR works better than the Plus’.

I run the A229 Pro 2CH in my wife’s car and the A229 Pro 3CH w/ the added cabin camera in mine.

Viofo 512 GB MicroSD Card for $109 $86 (21% off)

This is the best 512 GB card to run in Viofos, especially the A229 Pro.


Want a cloud connected dashcam that can give you remote notifications if something happens to your car and let you livestream the video from your phone? Blackvue’s have the best cloud features.

Their flagship DR970X Plus series dashcams all use the latest 4K Starvis 2 sensors up front and come in a variety of form factors.

Blackvue DR970X-1CH Plus (4K) for $359 $323 (10% off)

Blackvue DR970X-2CH Plus (Front 4K, Rear 1080p) for $469 422 (10% off)

This is the standard version that I run in my cars. Pair with the CM100G LTE and purchase a separate SIM card to give it an internet connection. 

Blackvue DR970X-2CH Plus

Blackvue DR970X-2CH LTE Plus (Front 4K, Rear 1080p) for $539 $485 (10% off)

The LTE version builds the LTE antennas into the dashcam for a more integrated setup, though the dashcam does become a bit larger as a result.

Blackvue DR970X Box Plus

Blackvue DR970X Box-2CH Plus (Front 4K, Rear 1080p) for $499 $449 (10% off)

Blackvue DR970X Box-2CH IR Plus (Front 4K, Interior 1080p) for $529 $476 (10% off)

For the most stealthy setup and added security, check out the “Box” versions that have a separate box for the brains and memory card that get tucked out sight and thus have a smaller front cam. The rear cam is a bit bigger than the regular versions with its tamper-proof case. To add an LTE connection, pick up the CM100G LTE.

Blackvue B-130X Dashcam Battery

Blackvue B-130X Battery for $359 $305 (15% off)

For parking recording, you can add the B-130X battery to power your Blackvues while parked. It integrates nicely with Blackvue dashcams and the app.


Thinkware specializes in their energy saving / low power / long term parking recording features.

Thinkware U3000 2CH

Thinkware U3000 1CH (Front 4K) for $429 $379 (12% off)

Thinkware U3000 2CH (Front 4K / Rear 2K) for $549 $479 (13% off)

Features a 4K Starvis 2 sensor up front and an optional 2K Starvis sensor back behind. Killer feature is the super low power / long term parking recording mode with radar front and rear to allow it to record motion before any impacts.

Thinkware iVolt Xtra Battery for $399 $369 (8% off)

This is the dedicated parking mode battery that best pairs with Thinkware’s dashcams, including the U3000.


Vantrue N4 Pro 3CH with phone

VanTrue N4 Pro (4K / 1080p / 1080p) for $379 $299 (21% off)

3 channel dashcam (front, rear, and cabin cams) with a 4K Starvis 2 sensor up front. Interior cabin cam is integrated in the front camera body.

VanTrue N5 (2K / 1080p / 1080p / 1080p) for $399 $299 (25% off w/ coupon L7NRIZY7)

4 channel dashcam (front, rear, front cabin, and rear cabin) with a Starvis 2 front sensor which gives you even more coverage with an added rear cabin camera.

VanTrue F1 (4K Front / 1080p Rear) for $399 $319 (20% off)

This is a motorcycle dashcam. There’s a couple of them out there, but this one records at 4K up front.


Nexigo D90 Gen3 Dashcam

Nexigo D90 Gen3 Rear View Mirror Dashcam / Backup Camera (4K Front, 1080p Rear) for $299 $239 (20% off)

I recently installed this in my mom’s car and it’s been great. It’s the only 4K Starvis 2 rear view mirror style dashcam / backup camera. Add the hardwire cable for parking recording and a cleaner install.


Escort M2

Escort M2 (1080p) for $199 $139 (30% off)

If you run a windshield mount Escort radar detector (or a Uniden on a single suction cup mount or Blendmount), you can connect this an add on a dashcam that shares the same mount and power cable as your RD. It’s a simple dashcam without a ton of bells and whistles, but it makes for a very convenient install.

Dashcam Accessories

BlackboxMyCar Powercell 8 Battery for $379 $341 (10% off) to power your dashcam while parked

512GB SanDisk Extreme MicroSD Card for $43 $37 (15% off)

Vortex’s Favorite Prime Day Deals

There’s a bunch of stuff on sale. Here’s a list of my favorite options in this list:

Radar Detectors: Uniden R7, Uniden R8 refurb, Hardwire Cable

Front only 1CH dashcam: Viofo A119 Mini 2, Hardwire Cable, Memory Card

Front/Rear 2CH dashcam: Viofo A229 Pro 2CH, Hardwire Cable, Memory Card

Front/Rear/Interior 3CH dashcam: Viofo A229 Pro 3CH, Hardwire Cable, Memory Card

Cloud Dashcam: Blackvue DR970X-2CH LTE Plus, Battery, Memory Card

Bonus Prime Day Deals

Here’s some stuff that I enjoy and find useful. They’re not necessarily countermeasures, but I think they’re worth checking out regardless. 🙂

Eufy Wallet iOS SmartTrack Card for $29 $16 (43% off)

Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum for $279 $179 (36% off)

Ring Wired Doorbell Plus for $149 $99 (33% off)

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen for $249 $168 (32% off)

Apple Watch Series 9 for $399 $279 (30% off)

Apple AirTags 4-Pack for $99 $88 (10% off)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 for $299 $159 (47% off)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for $1419 $1049 (26% off)

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Headphones for $229 $109 (52% off)

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones for $348 $198 (43% off)

Microsoft Xbox Series X for $499 $449 (10% off)

Check out ALL the Early Prime Day deals here.

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    • James on July 16, 2024 at 1:28 pm
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    I have eufy smart track card. Good deal

    • Michael on July 16, 2024 at 3:34 pm
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    VIOFO A229 Pro 4K HDR is linked to the plus… and your list price and discount are incorrect. List is 279.99 and the prime day discount is only 14%

    1. Whoops! You’re right. Copy and paste error that I forgot to fix. Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know! Fixed.

      The “list” price is usually a bit of a misnomer. Amazon says the typical price for the A229 Pro 2CH is $279. List price is often $299. It’s currently $359 on Viofo’s website. So it’s hard to know what to say the “full” price is, and that’s not even considering all the usual sales haha.

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