How to Set Up your Escort Redline

Here’s a video tutorial on how to set up and configure your Redline for maximum performance.

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This tutorial is designed for people new to the Redline. Think Redline 101. 😉

The video’s just over half an hour long since it covers a lot of material and many of you may not need to watch the whole thing, so below you’ll find a guide as to what’s covered where so you can skip to the parts you’d like to watch, as well as the recommended settings.

Overview of What is Covered & When:

1:11 Detector Physical Overview
3:39 Sensitivity Modes (Highway, Auto, AutoNoX)
5:24 Display Options (when no alert is present)
6:26 Display Brightness Options
8:04 Alert Lamp
8:27 Power-on Sequency
8:47 Meter Options (Standard, Expert, Spec Modes)
12:27 Auto-mute
13:33 Voice on/off
14:16 X/K band
15:02 Ka band, band segmentation
22:20 POP Mode
23:56 SWS Mode
24:42 Laser
26:21 TSR (plus Quick-trigger and blind spot monitor falsing)
30:40 RDR
33:33 Recommended Redline Settings (also listed below video)

Standard Recommended Escort Redline Settings:

Auto mode (Highway mode for highway driving)
X off (Click here to learn if you need X or K band on or off.)
K on
KaSW off
Ka Segments on: 2, 5, 8
POP off
SWS off
Laser on
TSR on (off for maximum performance in rural areas)
RDR off

Escort Redline and box, Escort Redline settings

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    • Phil Matthews on January 21, 2017 at 7:33 am
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    Is KA Band detection affected if running in auto or city mode on this RD?

    Phil Matthews

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