How to Minimize False Alerts on an Escort Max & Max2

If you’d like to learn how to setup and configure your Escort Passport Max or Max2 to customize it to the way you want, maximize its performance, and minimize the false alerts, this programming tutorial video will guide you through the different Max2 settings and options, what everything means, and how everything works. 🙂

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  1. I have an Escort Passport MAX date of manufacture 2014, What is the latest software, I had 1.11 I think then I did an update just a few days ago and firmware is now 1.12
    I got behind updating my MAX and my Expensive no longer supported Beltronics STI-R Plus, also trying to find out what the latest firmware is for the STI -R and how do I update it, I had it remanufactured in 2014 or 2015, I had to have 2back surgeries in a row, I was laid up for 2 years plus, was driving 200 to 400 miles a day and stayed on top of it until now and escort rep I talked to said ESCORT NO LONGER SUPPORTS BELTRONICS software/firmware and the PROMISED software/firmware upgrade for K-band update and other fixes never came, so all of us who paid 1000.00 plus bucks for a radar detector that Beltronics kept lying to us saying update is coming dates came and went year after year. Then they just shut down Beltronics and leave all of us with very expressive remote mount radar with no support except you can buy the escort subscription for data base.
    Any help on my 2014 DOB Escort Passport MAX and my

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