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Best Radar Detectors:

Best Entry Level Detector: Uniden DFR6 ($199)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Uniden DFR7 teeny thumbBest Bang for the Buck: Uniden DFR7 ($299) [Top Pick]

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Highway Detector: Uniden R1 ($299)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Quiet Urban Detector: Radenso XP ($399)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Ultimate High End Performance: Uniden R3 ($399) [Top Pick]

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Plug & Play, Automatic Detector: Escort Passport Max ($349)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

V1 teeny thumbTech Savvy Tinkerers: V1 / YaV1 ($449)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Max360 teeny thumbPlug-and-Play, All the Bells & Whistles: Escort Max360 ($649) [Top Pick]

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Custom Installed Remote Radar Detectors:

Net Radar teeny thumbAll-around Remote Radar Detector: Net Radar for the ALP ($499) [Top Pick]

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Stinger VIP teeny thumbHigh End Remote Radar Detector: Stinger VIP ($2500)

Review, Purchase


Best Laser Jammer:

ALP 5 heads availableVery Best Available: AntiLaser Priority (Starting at $749)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Recommended Apps:

Waze iconReal-time police spotted alerts: Waze (Free)


Recommended Radar Detector Accessories:

Blendmount teeny thumbRear View Mirror Mount: BlendMount ($99 before discounts)

Review, Purchase

Hardwire Cable teeny thumbHardwire Cable

How to Install, Different Cables for Purchase

Best Dashcams:

G1W-CB teeny thumbMost Inexpensive, Good Quality Video: Black Box G1W-CB ($49)

Review, Purchase

Best Bang for the Buck: Viofo A119 V2 ($89)


Front & Rear Dashcams for Driving and Parking: Blackvue DR750S-2CH ($379)


20 Differences Between the Blackvue DR650S-2CH and DR750S-2CH

Blackvue has just released their new DR750S-2CH dashcam which is a pretty big update over their previous top of the line, the DR650S-2CH. I’ve been running the 650S for the better part of a year now and have been running the 750S for the past two weeks or so. After spending time comparing the cameras …

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Differences Between the Escort 9500ix, S75G, iX, and Max2

GPS-based plug and play detectors with autolockouts are one of Escort’s bread and butter style detectors. They’re easy to use and very popular, especially with the general consumer, because you can mount them on your windshield and they’ll begin learning the false alerts around town automatically. Other detectors may offer lockouts as well, but due …

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How to Set Up & Configure your Escort iX

In this article, we’ll go over the different settings and options for the Escort iX to explain what they mean and help you set up and configure your iX to give you the best possible experience. ūüôā Purchase the Escort iX in the USA. Purchase the Escort iX in Canada.

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ALP TX Sensors: New Tool to Defeat the DragonEye Lidar Guns

AntiLaser has just introduced a brand new laser jammer head for the ALP called the TX sensor specifically designed to offer two new capabilities: Improved DragonEye jamming performance. Ability to run 3 heads in the rear, for 6 heads total. Bonus: If you drive a car like a BMW with vertical grill slats, you can …

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Uniden R1 / R3 Teardown: Under the Hood

Let’s take a look under the hood of the Uniden R1. I popped mine open recently (as you guys know, it’s the same thing as the R3, just without the GPS chip) and we’ve been having a discussion on RDF about the internals¬†here. Anyway, let’s take a look at a few photos of what you’ll …

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Uniden R3 vs. Escort Redline EX: Comparison and Review

If you’re looking for a high end, high performance radar detector with good filtering and GPS functionality, two of your top picks are the Uniden R3¬†($399) and Escort Redline EX ($599). Both detectors are great choices and each one offers features and benefits the other does not. The R3 even offers better performance than the …

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How to Set Up & Configure the Escort Redline EX

Would you like to program your Redline EX for maximum performance while also cutting down on the false alerts? Let’s take a look at the different settings and options available with the new Escort Redline EX. You can take a look at everything in the Redline EX Quick Reference Guide.¬†Here let’s go ahead the different …

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Radar Detector Testing: Uniden R3 1.30, Redline EX, Radenso RC, Stinger VIP, Max360, and more…

This weekend I met up with @meismyname¬†to test out some of the newest RD’s and firmware updates, specifically including the Uniden R3 fw 1.30, Redline EX, and Radenso RC. I ran them against most all of the other top contenders as well, both windshield mounts and remotes. Let’s see how they did.

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