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Welcome to Vortex Radar, where you’ll learn all about the best radar detectors, laser jammers, and dashcams to keep you protected.

Choose the Best Police Radar Detector: Do you want the best radar detector? Check out my complete guide to The Best Radar Detectors.

Program Your Radar Detector: Once you’ve purchased a radar detector and you’re ready to configure it for optimal performance, set it up using my Radar Detector Tutorials.

Choose the Best Laser Jammer: Police regularly use laser as well and so you will need a good laser jammer to complement your radar detector. Read my comparison review of The Best Laser Jammers.

My Personal Countermeasure Setup: Here’s what equipment I depend on to keep me protected:

Uniden R3: Best windshield mount radar detectorRadenso RC M: Custom Installed Radar DetectorAntiLaser Priority: Best Laser JammerBlackvue DR900S-2CH: Best Dashcam Waze: Best Phone App

Best Radar Detectors of 2018

Best Radar Detector: Uniden R3#1: Uniden R3: Best Performing Radar Detector ($399) 5 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detectors: Escort Max360#2: Escort Max360: Plug-and-Play, Lots of Bells & Whistles ($499) 5 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Radenso Pro M#3 Radenso Pro M: Best False Alert Filtering & MRCD Detection ($449) 5 Stars

Purchase (USA), Purchase (USA, direct), Purchase (Canada)

Best Radar Detector: Uniden DFR7#4 Uniden DFR7: Best Bang for the Buck ($199) 5 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detectors: Valentine One#5 Valentine One: For Tech Savvy Tinkerers ($449) 4 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Uniden R1#6 Uniden R1: Best Highway/Rural Detector ($299) 4 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detectors: Custom Installed Remotes

Best Radar Detector: Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detector and Laser Jammer

Feature-packed and Refined Remote Radar Detector: Escort Max Ci 360 ($2,399)

Review, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Radenso RC-MBest Quiet & Future-Proof Radar Detector: Radenso RC M ($1,849)

Review, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Net Radar DSPAffordable Remote Radar Detector: Net Radar DSP for the ALP ($649)

Review, How to ConfigurePurchase

Best Laser Jammers of 2018

Best Laser Jammer: AntiLaser PriorityBest Laser Jammer Available: AntiLaser Priority (Starting at $749 Dual, $1,249 Quad)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Escort ZW5 Wireless Laser ShiftersEasiest to Install: Escort ZW5 ($849 Dual)

Review, Purchase

Recommended Apps:

WazeReal-time police spotted alerts: Waze (Free)


Recommended Radar Detector Accessories:

BlendmountRear View Mirror Mount: BlendMount ($99 before discounts)

Review, Purchase

Hardwire CableHardwire Cable ($10-30)

How to Install, Purchase

Best Dashcams:

Best Dashcam: Viofo A119 ProBest Basic Budget Dashcam: Viofo A119 Pro ($89)


Viofo A129Best Basic Two Channel (Front & Rear) Dashcam: Viofo A129 Duo ($169)


Best Dashcam: Blackvue DR750S-2CH Dash camFront & Rear Dashcams for both Driving & Parking: Blackvue DR750S-2CH ($379)

Review, Purchase

Best Dashcam: Blackvue DR750S-2CH Dash camBest High End Dashcam for Driving and Parking: Blackvue DR900S-2CH ($479)

Review, Purchase

Vortex Radar's 2018 Holiday Giveaway

Vortex Radar’s 2018 Holiday Giveaway

This year’s giveaway is the biggest one I’ve ever done. I’m really excited because you guys have a chance to win a bunch of stuff including the very best radar detectors, dashcams, and laser jammers on the market. The video above tells you about all the different prizes. (There’s a lot more than what you’ll see …

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Deals on Radar Detectors and Dash Cameras

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here which means that there’s lots of great deals on radar detectors and dash cameras. As new deals show up / expire, I’ll keep this article updated to keep you guys in the loop on the best deals on new countermeasures and dashcams for your vehicle. Be sure to …

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Escort M1 on the Max360c

Escort M1 Dashcam Initial Impressions

Last night I grabbed my new Escort M1 dashcam (SEMA announcement info here) and mounted it onto a Max360c and took it for a spin. Here are my initial impressions of the new dashcam. The full review will be coming soon.

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M1 on side of iXc

Escort M1 Dashcam Announced

This week at SEMA, Escort has announced their new M1 dashcam. It’s a 1080p dashcam that’s designed to attach right on to the side of most windshield mount Escort radar detectors, giving you an integrated radar detector / dashcam package. The dashcam retails for $199 and is available now.

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Blackvue DR750X with LTE

Blackvue DR750X LTE Dashcam and Power Magic EZ Announced

This week at SEMA, Blackvue has announced a couple new products including the Blackvue DR750X and the Power Magic EZ.

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DFR7 stock photo top front

25% Off the Uniden DFR6 and Uniden DFR7

BuyDig emailed me this week and said that they need help clearing out their remaining inventory of DFR6’s and DFR7’s since they’re being discontinued and replaced by the DFR8 and DFR9. So if you want one, you can now get a DFR6 for $144.99. The DFR7 is available for just $188.99. To get the deal, …

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Interview with Escort’s new management to discuss Escort’s future

I had a chance to meet up with the new management at Escort / Cedar at SEMA this week and hear about the future of the company and what the new team envisions for Escort’s future. Here’s the complete interview.

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Thinkware QA100 prototype closeup

Thinkware Unveils the QA100 Dashcam at SEMA 2018

Thinkware is unveiling their new QA100 dashcam. It’s going to be the successor to their top of the line F800 Pro. In short, the QA100 is exactly the same as the F800 Pro with one exception: The resolution for the front camera is being bumped from 1080p to 1440p to help it better make out …

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