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Welcome to Vortex Radar, where you’ll learn all about the best radar detectors, laser jammers, and dashcams to keep you protected.

Choose the Best Police Radar Detector: Do you want to the best radar detector? Check out my complete guide to  The Best Radar Detectors.

Set Up Your Radar Detector: Once you’ve purchased a radar detector and you’re ready to configure it for optimal performance, set it up using my Radar Detector Tutorials.

Choose the Best Laser Jammer: Police regularly use laser as well and so you will need a good laser jammer to complement your radar detector. Read my review of The Best Laser Jammers.

Vortex Radar’s Ultimate Countermeasure Setup: If you’d like to go straight for the ultimate speeding ticket countermeasure setup, here’s what I recommend: Buy either the Uniden R3 for spirited driving or the Escort Max360 for daily driving, buy the AntiLaser Priority laser jammer, and run Waze on your phone. You’ll have one monster of a setup.

Best Radar Detectors of 2017

Best Radar Detector: Uniden R3#1: Uniden R3: Best Performing Radar Detector ($399) 5 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detectors: Escort Max360#2: Escort Max360: Plug-and-Play, All the Bells & Whistles ($649) 5 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Uniden DFR7#3 Uniden DFR7: Best Bang for the Buck ($299) 5 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Uniden DFR6#4 Uniden DFR6: Best Inexpensive Detector ($199)  4 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detectors: Valentine One#5 Valentine One: For Tech Savvy Tinkerers ($449) 4 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Uniden R1#6 Uniden R1: Best Highway Detector ($299) 4 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detector: Radenso XP#7 Radenso XP: Quiet Urban Detector ($399) 4 Stars

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Best Radar Detectors: Custom Installed Remotes

Best Radar Detector: Net RadarAll-around Remote Radar Detector: Net Radar for the ALP ($499)

Review, How to ConfigurePurchase

Best Radar Detector: Stinger VIPHigh End Remote Radar Detector: Stinger VIP ($2500)

Review, How to ConfigurePurchase


Best Laser Jammer of 2017

Best Laser Jammer Available: AntiLaser Priority (Starting at $749)

Review, How to Configure, Purchase

Recommended Apps:

Real-time police spotted alerts: Waze (Free)


Recommended Radar Detector Accessories:

Blendmount teeny thumbRear View Mirror Mount: BlendMount ($99 before discounts)

Review, Purchase

Hardwire Cable teeny thumbHardwire Cable

How to Install, Purchase

Best Dashcams:

Best Dashcam: G1W-CBMost Inexpensive, Good Quality Video: Black Box G1W-CB ($49)

Review, Purchase

Best Dashcam: Viofo A119Best Bang for the Buck: Viofo A119 V2 ($89)


Best Dashcam: Blackvue DR750S-2CHFront & Rear Dashcams for Driving and Parking: Blackvue DR750S-2CH ($379)

Review, Purchase

Brand new Blackvue DR750S-2CH in the box

Blackvue DR750S-2CH Review

Blackvue’s latest top of the line dashcam is the DR750S-2CH. It’s a significant upgrade over their previous top of the line, the DR650S-2CH. (If you’re already familiar with the DR650S, check out my DR650S vs. DR750S comparison.) I ran the DR650S as my primary dashcam for about a year and upgraded to the the DR750S …

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How do dashcams work? Dashcam installed by rear view mirror

How Do Dashcams Work?

Dashcams, or dash cameras, are an incredibly valuable tool to have in your vehicle. They keep you protected in case of accidents, they’re helpful for insurance purposes, plus you can record all sorts of crazy events you see on the road which are great for YouTube. 🙂 How do dashcams work? Let’s take a look.

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Radenso SP

Best Black Friday Deals on Radar Detectors and Dashcams

Black Friday is coming! It’s time for some awesome deals on Black Friday radar detectors and dashcams. We’re still a couple days away, so let’s get ready. Amazon has their Black Friday Deals Week going on with pre-Black Friday discounts already available and different manufacturers are offering their own special discounts. I’ll keep you updated …

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Escort Max 360c radar detector

How to Set Up & Configure Your Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

The Escort Max 360c radar detector (buy a Max 360c here) comes with a whole bunch of different features and settings that let you customize it the way you want. Let’s go over all the different settings, explain what everything means, and help you pick the best settings so you can best program your Escort Max …

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Blue Raider radar jammer

Radar Jammers: Is A Radar Jammer Able to Jam Police Radar?

How well does a police radar jammer work against police radar? Is running a radar jammer better than running a radar detector when it comes to avoiding a speeding ticket?

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Cobra Radar Detector Reviews

Cobra makes many affordable radar detectors. You can easily find them in the $50 range or so on Amazon. However, are they any good? Are they worth the money? and perhaps most importantly, will a Cobra radar detector help protect you from speeding tickets?

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Escort Radar logo

Escort Radar Detector Reviews

Escort Radar makes very popular radar detectors designed for the everyday driver. Escort’s radar detectors are convenient and easy to use and Escort has a line of different radar detectors, each tailored to a specific type of driver or set of needs. If you’re not a radar detector expert and have no interest in becoming …

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Laser jammer laws: Police shooting lidar gun

Police Laser: How It Works & How to Beat It

Police laser guns are a common tool that police officers use to issue speeding tickets. They offer many advantages to a police officer over a radar gun and radar detectors don’t actually help against police laser. Laser jammers are required to combat laser guns. How does police laser work and what do you need to …

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