ALP Setup Guide Part 1: Why AntiLaser Priority?

There’s several different laser jammers on the market. Currently the top pick is the AntiLaser Priority. In this article, we’re going to cover why the ALP is currently the best option as well has how it compares to the other options on the market. There’s a ton of things we could say and there’s lots of little differences, but I’m going to focus on the main stuff that really separates the different jammers.

One of the biggest differences is that some of the previous generation detectors are unable to jam some of the latest lidar guns with anti-jamming technology and some jammer companies are unable to keep up. So while those jammers will work against the older guns which are still widely in use around the country, they’re not exactly future-proof if updates have basically stopped.

If you buy an older product that’s no longer being updated, it may be less expensive in the short term, but once you consider the costs and time it takes to uninstall then reinstall, the fact that you may have to deal with the holes you’ve cut into your vehicle’s interior and exterior and that you can’t just put the new jammer in the same hole, not to mention knowing that you’re driving around with a product that doesn’t work against all the guns in use, you may decide that it’s better to spend a little more money up front and do it right, right out of the gate.

If you’re curious about the other options out there and want to understand the differences, feel free to read over them. If you just want to take my word for it that the ALP’s are the one to get, you can go ahead and skip to the next section. 🙂

Pros & Cons of Different Laser Jammers

Here’s the jammers we’ll be covering, along with the retail pricing for dual head coverage (front of a standard sized car only) as well as quad head coverage (front and rear for a standard sized vehicle).

AntiLaser Priority – Duals $750 – Quads $1,250

Stinger VIP – Triples (3 Tx, 3 Rx) $1,200 – Six Heads (6 Tx, 6 Rx) $2,400

Escort ZR5 / ShifterMax – Duals $849 – Quads $1,499

Blinder HP-905 Compact – Duals $599 – Quads $899

K40 Defuser Optix – Duals $899 – Quads $1,699

Rocky Mountain Radar – $399 or less

AntiLaser Priority

AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammers: Why AntiLaser Priority?

AntiLaser Priority (ALP) Pros

  • Most effective laser jammer on the market.
  • Features the ability to jam every known lidar gun currently on the market, including the newer and tougher guns with anti-jamming technology.
  • Constantly receives updates as new guns are coming out.
  • Excellent customer service available for installation support, fixing problems, and adding new features.
  • Tiny heads for easier and more stealthy installation in your vehicle.
  • More sensitive heads which provides for greater coverage and is more forgiving of imperfect installs or heads moving over time.
  • Optional accessories available like bluetooth, GPS, and radar detector integration for increased functionality.
  • Can differentiate between front and rear lidar shots.
  • Allows for 6 heads per CPU (3 front, 3 rear) which means you can get more protection for larger vehicles without having to buy multiple systems.
  • Can verbally identify which gun you’re shot with
  • Jammer can automatically disable after several seconds
  • Jammer can automatically disable when you drop below a pre-defined speed
  • Transmitter and receiver are integrated in one package so there’s fewer heads to install.
  • Standalone package that can run on its own or alongside any other radar detector.
  • Can integrate with several popular radar detectors to cut down on needing multiple controllers and displays in your cabin.
  • Can easily be switched to parking sensor only mode with laser jammer functionality disabled entirely for banned areas.
  • Easily updatable with a USB drive so you don’t have to bring a whole laptop out to your car.
  • Offers the ability for laser detection only mode so you can kill your jammers as soon as you see the officer, but the jammers can still tell you if you get targeted, how long you’re targeted for, and what gun you’re being shot with.
  • You can use the Bluetooth option to avoid having to run wires through your firewall and into your cabin.
  • You can keep different profiles for jamming mode, parking sensor only mode, etc. and you can switch on the fly.
  • Fantastic customer service.

AntiLaser Priority (ALP) Cons

  • More expensive than older systems.
  • Some options like an external speaker for voice alerts are included for the price with other jammers, but it’s an optional extra with the ALP.
  • While it can integrate with many different radar detectors, you don’t always retain full functionality of different features that you would get if you ran the radar detector standalone, ie. GPS lockouts.
  • GPS lockouts require a phone to work and are sort of manual to create.
  • Bluetooth module limits some functionality of the dedicated control pad.
  • Radar and laser alerts use the same color lights so it can be tougher to immediately tell the difference.

Stinger VIP

Stinger VIP laser jammer heads

Stinger VIP Pros

  • Currently the second best jammers on the market.
  • Very capable jammers that integrate with the Stinger VIP radar system.
  • Very small square-shaped heads.
  • Optional fiber heads which are insanely tiny, offer a stealthier install, and are virtually impossible to see so they’re the best if you’re concerned about the look of your vehicle.
  • Smaller heads mean less of chance that you’ll have to drill into your car to install them.
  • Can jam the newest anti-jamming guns.
  • Can differentiate between front and rear lidar shots.
  • Very active engineering team aggressively working on updates and development.
  • Can install up to 4 Transmit and 4 Receive heads on both sides of the vehicle which means you won’t need to purchase additional CPU’s if you need more heads than a single system will allow.
  • Optional side-facing lasers for ENRADD system used in PA.
  • Only have to run one wire into your vehicle’s cabin, not one for each head like other jammers.
  • Independent transmitters and receivers means you have more control over placement and protection.
  • Offers a customizable and automatic jammer kill option.
  • Updatable via USB.

Stinger VIP Cons

  • More expensive than any other option.
  • Tiny fiber heads are an additional cost over the standard heads.
  • Not a standalone system: Must be integrated with the Stinger VIP radar detector.
  • Software is still under development and being fully refined.
  • Doesn’t offer quite the level of protection and jamming performance as the ALP.
  • Separate transmitters and receivers means you’ll have more individual heads in your grill.
  • Not quite as bulletproof as the ALP.

Escort ShifterMax / ZR5

Escort ShifterMax / ZR5 Pros

  • Jams most of the newer laser guns on the market.
  • Small heads.
  • Integrates with Escort’s radar detectors such as the Max Ci and Max Ci 360, called the ShifterMax.
  • Sold standalone as the ZR5’s and can integrate with windshield mount radar detectors including the Max 360c and Redline EX.
  • Customer service is generally pretty good.

Escort ShifterMax / ZR5 Cons

  • Not able to consistently achieve bulletproof jamming capabilities, you’ll still get punchthroughs while it’s trying to jam.
  • Only supports 4 heads per CPU so you’re limited to 2 front / 2 rear or 4 heads per side.
  • No laser gun identification.
  • Jammers must be killed manually, no automatic jammer disarming functionality.

Blinder HP-905 Compact

Blinder HP-905 Compact laser jammers

Blinder HP-905 Compact (HP-905) Pros

  • Relatively compact heads.
  • Can handle older guns in use all over the country quite well.
  • Can jam some of the early generation anti-jamming guns.
  • Control switch lets you not only kill jammers altogether, but also put them into receive mode.
  • Very easy to switch into parking mode.
  • Offers a customizable and automatic jammer kill option.

Blinder HP-905 Compact (HP-905) Cons

  • Updates have stopped.
  • Hasn’t been updated in years.
  • Doesn’t adequately handle the newest anti-jamming guns.
  • Doesn’t differentiate between front/rear shots.
  • Can’t jam some guns like the Poliscan that other guns can.

K40 Defuser Optix

K40 Defuser Optix

K40 Defuser Optix Pros

  • Can integrate with K40’s (low performing and relatively overpriced) radar detectors.
  • Effective against older laser guns.
  • Offers automatic jammer disarming after 5 seconds.
  • Better than their previous G5 jammers.
  • Great customer service.

K40 Defuser Optix Cons

  • Not effective against newer laser guns.
  • Relies on dated hardware.
  • Pricier than the competition.
  • Only supports up to 5 heads total.

Rocky Mountain Radar

RMR Judge

Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) Pros

  • Costs less than anything else.

Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) Cons

  • Complete and utter garbage product. I’m not kidding.
  • It doesn’t actually jam (aka “scramble”) lidar at all. Totally ineffective product that does nothing in practice.
  • They prey on unsuspecting users who don’t know any better and believe their inaccurate claims.

So as you can see, some jammers are really good, others are kind of in the middle, and some just suck. The standard recommendation these days is to go for the ALP. Some go for the Stinger VIP’s if they want the tiniest heads possible, something that’s especially popular among exotic cars, and some people run the Escort jammers if they’re using Escort’s remote mount Max Ci or Max Ci 360 radar detectors. However, if you’re going for a new system these days, the ALP is the way to go.

You can purchase your ALP’s at

There’s also a number of different helpful accessories available as I mentioned. You can learn about the ALP accessories here.

Continue on to Part 2: Deciding How Many Heads You Need 

ALP Setup Guide Sections:

  1. Why go with the AntiLaser Priority?
  2. Deciding how many heads you need
  3. Proper head placement
  4. Proper head installation
  5. Register your system
  6. Update to the latest software
  7. Configure your settings
  8. Get your setup tested
  9. How to use your jammers
  10. Installation & setup checklist
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