ALP Setup Guide Part 8: Getting Your Jammers Tested

Once you’ve got your jammers installed on your vehicle and configured the way you want, you’ll want to get them tested. Testing will help verify that your jammers are working properly and that there aren’t any weaknesses in your setup. Better to find out during testing than from your friendly local police officer! 😉

Note: Don’t test with police officers… There’s testing groups all over the country comprised of enthusiasts who own police lidar guns and help one another out to make sure that everyone’s installs are working properly.

Here’s an example set of test results.

JTG (Jam to gun) and JFG (Jam from gun) are perfect results. That means the gun was never able to get a reading. If you see a number, that’s how far away the gun was able to get a reading. Those are what we call punchthroughs.

Test results from GA Lidar Test 8-30-15


As you can see, everyone there is running ALP’s, for good reason, and generally with various combinations of quads (4 heads) and quints (5 heads).

Even still, some cars had punchthroughs against certain guns which revealed the weaknesses in their install due to placement issues, not having enough heads, or misalignment of a head as you’ll see in the comments. This is what’s so valuable about testing and why I go into so much detail in this guide. Those issues can be resolved by following the recommendations I provide.

Get Tested

To find a testing event in your area, you can check out the different testing events scheduled here.

If you don’t see an event scheduled in your area in the near future, you can check out this list of lidar testers all across the country to find someone locally. You can also check out the regional section of RDF and ask if anyone in your area would be willing to help.

If you like, you can also purchase a used lidar gun on eBay and find out for yourself! You can test out your own vehicle and even offer to help out others. That’s what other people do and the more testers we have within the community, the better. You can buy any inexpensive gun online and it will do the job for testing purposes, or better yet, if you know what guns are used in your area (check the RDFGS to find out), you can purchase one of those guns specifically and that would be ideal.

Finally, let’s wrap up this series by going over using your laser jammers properly when out on the road.

Continue on to Part 9: Using Your Jammers

ALP Setup Guide Sections:

  1. Why go with the AntiLaser Priority?
  2. Deciding how many heads you need
  3. Proper head placement
  4. Proper head installation
  5. Register your system
  6. Update to the latest software
  7. Configure your settings
  8. Get your setup tested
  9. How to use your jammers
  10. Installation & setup checklist
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    • Michael on June 19, 2019 at 10:23 pm
    • Reply

    how reduce false alarms?
    how to teach my ALP where are the false alarms?
    i have NET radar with my ALP.

    1. Use the lockout / suppress button in the app.

    • Gregg Smith on August 19, 2020 at 10:50 am
    • Reply

    With installation costs running twice the price of the ALP jammers, is there any way to buy the hammer without installation?
    BTW, you are doing an amazing job for us. Thank you

    1. Oh 100%. You can order it online and have it shipped to you so you can do the install yourself and save on install costs.

    • Pat on August 25, 2021 at 3:27 pm
    • Reply

    If I want the ALP with the Radenso, what do I actually need from ALP? I know I’m going to get 2 reg and 1 tx head, I know I need the CPU, the gps, as well as the radenso bridge cord,. But is there any reason for the HiFi or bluetooth?

    Please also let me know if there’s anything i’m either leaving out that I should get or anyting else that I should make sure I don’t bother getting. Thanks!

    I tried to leave this comment in the setup page, but it never would post

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