ALP Setup Guide Part 10: Installation & Setup Checklist

So this whole guide is pretty long and comprehensive and we’ve covered a lot. Here’s the step-by-step checklist of everything you need to do to get your ALP’s up and running and ready for action.


  • Choose the number of heads you need
  • Choose the best locations where your heads should go
  • Install your heads straight and level, with a clear view of the road ahead
  • If you’re running 2 heads up front, use just the F1 and F2 ports
  • If you’re running 3 heads up front, ensure the middle head is plugged into the F2 port
  • If you’re running a Tx head up front, ensure it’s plugged into the F2 port
  • If you’re running a Tx head in the rear, ensure the normal rear heads are plugged into the R1 port (using a splitter if necessary) and the Tx head is plugged into the R2 port
  • Install the control pad in a location that’s easy to reach while driving
  • Do a factory reset once your heads are plugged in and your ALP is powered on
    • Long press MENU to enter Yellow menu (LED will change yellow)
    • Press NEXT (Menu Button) five times (5)
    • Press ENTER (Power Button)


  • Register your ALP’s online
  • Copy down and save the serial number to your white control box
  • Download the latest firmware (Filename will be like U1234567.bin)
  • If you’re using the standard control pad, download the basic control set (UCSET.bin)
  • If you’re using the HiFi control pad, download the HiFi control set (UCSTHIFI.BIN)
  • If you’re using the HiFi control pad, download a voice pack (VOICEPCK.ALP)
  • Configure your ALP online and download the configuration file (config.alp)
  • Copy all these different files to your USB drive
  • Power on the ALP, plug in your USB drive, and allow it to upload all the files to your ALP

Using your ALP

  • If you’re using the Bluetooth module, download the app to your phone and connect
  • Practice moving your hand from your steering wheel to the kill button so you can find it by feel
  • Get your setup tested to insure your install is working properly
  • When you get notified of updates via email, install the updates accordingly


Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this guide! I hope it helps you out and makes things easier and more enjoyable for you. 🙂

A big thank you to Tom at for helping answer specific questions for this guide, for those who’ve allowed me to use photos of their vehicles for sample installs, to all the testers who’ve helped confirm the effectiveness of the ALP, and to the forum members online who help create a fantastic community to learn all about countermeasures!

Enjoy your jammers and drive safely!


ALP Setup Guide Sections:

  1. Why go with the AntiLaser Priority?
  2. Deciding how many heads you need
  3. Proper head placement
  4. Proper head installation
  5. Register your system
  6. Update to the latest software
  7. Configure your settings
  8. Get your setup tested
  9. How to use your jammers
  10. Installation & setup checklist
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    • Ray Ballinger on August 18, 2018 at 10:11 am
    • Reply

    Do you know an installer in Colorado, better yet Colorado Springs, CO. I love think I could pull this off but thats just not happening. I want the whole deal. Please advise.

    1. I don’t. However, you can call up several stereo installer type places in the area such as Car Toys. They’ll be able to install something like this and wire it up. Chances are they won’t know the nuances about where the heads should go for optimal performance so you’ll want to make sure you do a little reading on your part and go over this install guide so that once you buy the system online and take it to them, you can talk things over with them and they can do the install in a way that works well.

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