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AntiLaser Priority Review: The Best Laser Jammers on the Market

Updated: November 2017 It’s time for the AntiLaser Priority review. 🙂 While radar detectors are great against helping you avoid speeding tickets from police radar, they’re virtually useless against police laser. Radar detectors also have laser detectors built in, but against laser they’re little more than ticket notifiers. As soon as they go off, your speed has …

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Everything You Need to Know to Set Up and Use your AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer System

Best Laser Jammer: AntiLaser Priority

The AntiLaser Priority is arguably the very best laser jammer system currently available on the market. It’s offers the highest level of protection against all known lidar guns. Lots of jammers advertise that, but this one of the few that can actually jam not only the standard older lidar guns in use, but also the newest …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 10: Installation & Setup Checklist

So this whole guide is pretty long and comprehensive and we’ve covered a lot. Here’s the step-by-step checklist of everything you need to do to get your ALP’s up and running and ready for action. Installation Choose the number of heads you need Choose the best locations where your heads should go Install your heads straight and …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 9: Using Your Laser Jammers

Once you’ve got your ALP’s installed and set up the way you like, let’s talk about how to use them. For the most part they’ll sit in the background out of sight until you need them. The parking sensors will beep at you sometimes if you have that feature turned on, but let’s focus on the …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 8: Getting Your Jammers Tested

Once you’ve got your jammers installed on your vehicle and configured the way you want, you’ll want to get them tested. Testing will help verify that your jammers are working properly and that there aren’t any weaknesses in your setup. Better to find out during testing than from your friendly local police officer! 😉 Note: Don’t test …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 7: Configuring Your AntiLaser Priority

Next we’ll set up and configure the ALP. Out of the box it ships as a parking sensor only so we’ll need to enable the laser jamming functionality and then customize the rest of the features we want. Here’s a video that will walk you through the update process and explain what the different options mean. …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 6: Updating the Firmware of your AntiLaser Priority

Firmware updates are vital for your jammers. You get important bug fixes, helpful new features, and most importantly, updates to support new laser guns as they come out. Let’s go over how to update the different aspects of your ALP’s. Firmware Update Go to alpupdate.com, then click on “Firmware upgrade.” Under “Control Box update,” there will …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 5: Registering your AntiLaser Priority


Once you get your ALP, you’re going to want to register it. The main reason is that once you register, you’ll get notified of updates to your jammer as they’re released. Jammers are not something that you just install and they’re good as-is forever. You’ll want to keep your jammers updated as new features are released, …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 4: Proper Head Installation

In this section we’re going to cover how the heads should be physically installed in your vehicle. Here’s the overall idea: They should be installed horizontally, not vertically. They should not be installed behind any bodywork or grills. The receivers and transmitters both need a clear line of sight in all directions. Your heads should be …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 3: Proper Head Placement

Rear SUV placement with Tx head

In the last section we covered what areas of our vehicle a police officer will target with their lidar guns: Headlights/taillights, grill, and license plates. Knowing this, we need to make sure that our laser jammers fully protect these target areas. Front Installs Lidar jammer heads each cover an oval shaped area of the car with a …

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