V1 Gen2 Firmware 4.1023: BSM Fixes

Valentine One Gen2Valentine Research has just released firmware 4.1023 for the V1 Gen2. This update features a number of helpful changes, especially a BSM filtering update to fix the increased BSM falses introduced with the previous update, 4.1021.

Here’s the list of changes included with this latest mid-December 2020 upgrade:

  • Suppression of Blind-Spot (also called Lane-Change) radars restored to start-of-production effectiveness.
  • During initial power-on in Euro Mode, Band Identification now show bands enabled or disabled according to user setting.
  • When changing modes, previous Mute state will be preserved.
  • When in Advanced-Logic mode, a new laser warning will be displayed during a muted radar alert.
  • Only when programming feature G is enabled (mutes rear X and K alerts in Advanced Logic mode), X- and K-threat-assessment logic has been recalibrated.

If you’re running 4.1021, I’d recommend updating just for the improved BSM filtering alone. 🙂

You can install this free update using the V1connection app for Android or iOS.

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    • Darien Allen on December 16, 2020 at 3:30 pm
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    Thank god the BSM falsing was starting to drive me crazy!

    • Troy Urban on January 10, 2021 at 5:44 pm
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    I am considering buying a new detector to replace my valentine V1 gen 1. I am considering either a V1 gen 2 or the Escort Redline 360 C. One of my vehicles is a 2020 Honda CR-V and I am worried about my own vehicle causing BSM false alerts . Your suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.

    • R too on April 4, 2021 at 5:06 pm
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    Just got busted using v1g2 on the hwy. WTH?!!! Was giving me all these alerts and so I muted it as the signal strength was one bar. Before you know it I pass a trooper and I look at my detector and it was still muting at full bars. Bluetooth with b1 driver as well. This detector is so frustrating. I’m going back to my gen 1 and selling this piece of shit!

    1. Oh man, sorry to hear that! I wonder what was causing your detector to mute. I’m guessing you didn’t manually mute it at some point? If it was V1Driver, the same would apply with your Gen 1. Would you mind posting on RDF to help troubleshoot the issue and so no one else experiences this?

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