Radenso Updates the RC-M and Pro M Radar Detectors at SEMA 2017

Here at SEMA in Las Vegas, Radenso has brought their high end radar detectors out including the RC-M, Pro M (RPME), and XP. There are new updates available for the detectors so let’s go over the latest info regarding Radenso’s radar detectors.

There’s nothing new to report with the XP, but there’s new stuff regarding both the RC-M and Pro M, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

Radenso booth at SEMA

Radenso booth at SEMA

RC-M with ALP Integration

Radenso RC-M and ALP setup on display

Radenso RC-M and ALP setup

The RC-M remote mount radar detector is here with firmware that supports ALP integration. They have a DragonEye Compact here (good choice, haha) to demo the laser integration with the ALP. It works great. As soon as you get shot, it goes off and says “Laser,” plus you get directional arrows to let you know if you’re getting hit from the front or rear. You can check that out in action by watching the video above.

You can also control your ALP by adjusting how long it waits before automatically killing the jammers, choosing unlimited jamming, or even adjusting your parking sensor functionality. It’s a very convenient way to interface with the ALP.

I’m most excited by the fact that we now have another great integrated solution for a high performance radar detector (see my test results here) with excellent filtering, lockouts without requiring a phone, plus integration with the ALP which is the best laser jammer on the market. You’ll have one controller and display for both the radar and laser side. I can see this system appealing to both the enthusiast, because you’re getting amazing radar and laser capabilities, as well as the general consumer who wants an easy to use and well-integrated remote radar / laser setup installed.

The RC-M is expected to be released this month.

Radenso Pro M Updates

Radenso Pro M on display

Radenso Pro M

So the Radenso Pro M (what we used to call the RPME) is like an RPSE with an extra RF board to allow for detection of frequency modulated radar guns such as the MRCD, a radar gun that’s actively in use in Canada.

Beta testing has been going great with improvements to range, BSM filtering, MRCD detection, MRCD false alert filtering, and so on. The public firmware update is expected to be available in around two weeks.

Now the new information regarding the Pro M is the addition of an additional RF board inside the detector, in addition to the RF board used for FMCW detection for the MRCD. In order to improve BSM filtering, there’s been both a software change and a hardware change to allow the Pro M to do more sophisticated signal analysis and improve its BSM filtering that much more.

Radenso is finding that the BSM filtering of the new Pro M is now equal to or better than the already excellent XP which is a stellar achievement. Before we used to have to choose high performance (RPSE) or really good BSM filtering (XP), but now we’ll have the best of both worlds with great performance AND great filtering with the Pro M.

The software update coming to the Pro M will also be coming to the Radenso Pro and Radenso Pro SE so those detectors will see improvements too, but they won’t be quite as effective at filtering as the Pro M due to the lack of that additional RF board. However, those detectors should show big improvements to BSM filtering as well and Radenso is continuing to support and update their earlier and now discontinued RP and RPSE.

In the USA, the Radenso Pro M will be available soon.

In Canada, you can purchase the Radenso Pro M at KMPH.ca. (Use the coupon code “VortexRadar” to save $25.)

Radenso XP on display

Radenso XP

noPhoto and rear ALP's on M3

noPhoto and rear ALP sensors

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    • Doug on November 3, 2017 at 3:27 am
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    I am in Ontario Canada and have been following all your insights as I am in the market for a radar detector. Having Stealth or I guess near stealth feature is priority one. I had originally wanted the new redline but with all its false alarms I have been waiting. Now with this new Radenso Pro M available soon I am wondering if this is the better choice. If it were you, with all your experience, which detector do you recommend for Ontario Canada, given all the latest developments.

    • nathan laduke on November 5, 2017 at 6:17 am
    • Reply

    hi any price on remote mounted with alp?

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