Where can I find a good installer?

While you can install your own laser jammer if you’re comfortable working on cars, many prefer hiring a professional, especially for luxury cars that tend to be harder to work on and/or when the install requires some custom fabrication or drilling.

An important point to note is that there’s a lot of installers that are awesome at doing the actual installation and running wires, but they may not necessarily know the best practices on how to install radar detectors or laser jammers to make sure they perform optimally. Some even install them in a way that may look great, but completely destroys performance.

As the saying goes, “stealth the car, not the install.”

Here’s a few rules of thumb to know:

Custom Installed Radar Detector placement:

  • Ideally install the heads with clear line of sight to the road ahead
  • If needed, you can install behind flat plastic body panels with non-metallic paint
  • Avoid installing behind mesh grills, metal, or metallic paint as they all reduce performance

Laser Jammer placement:

  • Installs the heads straight and level, pointed straight ahead
  • Don’t aim heads sideways to follow the curvature of a body panel
  • Heads should be fairly flush with the grill, not tucked back inside
  • Two regular heads need to be somewhere near’ish the headlights, the third head generally goes in the center

Now to find an installer in your area, you can use various dealer/installer locators. Here they are for AntiLaser, Escort, and Radenso.

I personally use Musicar Northwest in Portland, OR and am very happy with their work. You can also ship cars to them if you’re out of the area.

Here’s a few other installers I’ve heard good things about, but have never used personally:

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