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Where & How to Mount your Radar Detector for the Best Performance

V1, Max2, Redline in different mounting locations

Where should you mount your radar detector on your windshield and how does that impact your radar detector’s performance? Should you mount it high or low? Should you skip over using suction cups altogether and hang it under your rear view mirror? Does a tint strip or do those black dots at the top of …

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Updated Blendmount R Series Review

BlendMount recently released an updated version of their rearview mirror radar detector mount which they’re calling their BlendMount R Series. (Read my review of the original Blendmount here.) The updated R Series has a number of improvements over the original design that bring some nice refinements to just about every area of the mount. Let’s …

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How To Hardwire a Radar Detector

Why should you hardwire a radar detector? Radar detectors need to be plugged in for power and generally ship with a cigarette lighter plug to make it easy to power your detector. However, it looks kinda ugly to have a long cable dangling down your windshield and dash and it can get in the way of …

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Radar Detector Hardwire Cable Options

If you’d like to hardwire your radar detector for a professional and clean looking install, you’ve got a number of radar detector hardwire cable options. Generally they’re special cables that replace your cig. lighter cable and instead use your fuse box or some other hidden power wire for power. When it comes to selecting a …

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Blendmount Coupon Code

So I just got off the phone with Blendmount today after having a chance to review their Blendmount. They liked my review and we had a chance to bounce some ideas off one another. One comment that people brought up about the Blendmount was the price so they gave me a Blendmount coupon code to help …

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Blendmount Review

Max360 on Blendmount with Mirrortap

So I’ve been having some issues with different radar detector mounts lately. My sticky cups have been falling off the windshield, exploding, or have been really bouncy. My V1 mount has been great, but over the years the suction cups have been aging and so it’s not sticking on my windshield as well anymore. I’ve heard …

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