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ALP Setup Guide Part 4: Proper Head Installation

In this section we’re going to cover how the heads should be physically installed in your vehicle. Here’s the overall idea: They should be installed horizontally, not vertically. They should not be installed behind any bodywork or grills. The receivers and transmitters both need a clear line of sight in all directions. Your heads should be …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 3: Proper Head Placement

Rear SUV placement with Tx head

In the last section we covered what areas of our vehicle a police officer will target with their lidar guns: Headlights/taillights, grill, and license plates. Knowing this, we need to make sure that our laser jammers fully protect these target areas. Front Installs Lidar jammer heads each cover an oval shaped area of the car with a …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 2: Deciding How Many Laser Heads You Need

In this section we’ll cover how many laser jammer heads you should get for your ALP. Choosing the correct number of heads is vital for solid performance. It also really matters both where you install them on your vehicle and how you position the heads. Mess up any of these things and your jammers will …

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ALP Setup Guide Part 1: Why AntiLaser Priority?

There’s several different laser jammers on the market. Currently the top pick is the AntiLaser Priority. In this article, we’re going to cover why the ALP is currently the best option as well has how it compares to the other options on the market. There’s a ton of things we could say and there’s lots …

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