Escort Releases Updates for Lockup Bug and False Alerts in 360-series Detectors

This week Escort is releasing firmware updates for their 360-series radar detectors including the Max 360c, Max 360, Beltronics GT-360, and Cobra DualPro 360. This latest update fixes several important issues.

Escort Max 360c firmware 1.10

Escort Max 360c running the latest update, fw 1.10

In this update, there are 3 primary fixes:

  • Improvements to product stability (hopefully finally fixing the lockup bug)
  • Resolved issue causing rear false Ka alerts under certain conditions
  • Reduced laser false alerts

This is the third update for the Max 360c to help resolve the lockup bug. Hopefully this latest update (firmware 1.10) fully resolves the issue.

The previous 360c update, 1.9, introduced some occasional rear Ka falses that could be addressed with Ka band segmentation as well as a bunch of laser falses (I got about 1-2 per hour). This latest update should help alleviate these radar and laser false alert issues.

AutoJTK support with the ZR5 and ZW5 laser shifters is not part of this update and will hopefully be added in a future update.

Here’s the latest firmware versions for each detector:

You can update your detectors using Escort Detector Tools Pro, Beltronics Detector Tools Pro, or Cobra Detector Tools Pro.

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    • Jeff Williams on September 17, 2019 at 3:58 pm
    • Reply

    I updated to 1.10 and now my 360C is not picking up any radar. In fact I got a radar based ticket today and never knew I got shot. Frustrating to say the least. I was really enjoying the lack of false alarms, too bad I didn’t realize I was not getting any alarms.

    1. What? That’s crazy…

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