Escort Updates the Max360 and Max360c to Help Address Lockups

Escort just released new firmware for both the Max360 and Max360c that is specifically designed to help fix the dreaded lockup bug.

To update your detector, download Escort Detector Tools Pro.

Lockup Bug Background

So a quick background as to what this latest update helps us resolve…

There have been situations where the Max360, Max360c, and Beltronics GT-360 lock up when detecting a radar signal. The detector would essentially freeze without alerting the user and would no longer continue to alert to new radar signals. The only solution was to notice the detector had locked up and then physically unplug it and plug it back in to power cycle it.

This issue has been difficult for Escort to reproduce and resolve. They’ve released several firmware updates up to this point to help alleviate the issue. Each one has progressively helped reduce the lockups. Hopefully this latest one takes care of this issue for good!

New Firmware Update

Here are the latest firmware versions now available:

  • Max360c, 1.8
  • Max360 (serial starts with 79), 1.10
  • Max360 (serial starts with 85), 1.7

To update your detector, you can do so via your computer.

Download Escort’s update software here.

Alternatively, if you have a Max360c, you can also update your detector over WiFi.

Tip: To check which firmware is currently loaded onto your detector, hold down the “Mark” and “Mute” buttons while powering on the detector. (Think “M&M” to remember this button combo.)

Escort Max360c firmware 1.8

Escort Max360c running firmware 1.8

Does the new update fix the lockup bug?

I’ve been driving around with the Max360 and Max360c for the past few days and so far it hasn’t locked up on me once. I’ve hit it with my Pocket Radar and it’s alerted properly every time. No reports of lockups from anyone on the forums yet either. So while it’s tough to say whether or not the issue has truly been resolved, so far so good!

Speaking of which, I’ve been really liking running the Max360 series detectors lately. The BSM filtering is great (better than the Uniden R3), it’s got arrows, reasonable performance, autolockouts, bluetooth, can display the speed limit on screen, I like the alert tones, etc.

Assuming this update has fully resolved the lockup issue for us and makes the detector more reliable and trustworthy, I think these detectors now make an even stronger case for themselves as being two of the best radar detectors on the market…

Purchase the Escort Max360

Purchase the Escort Max360c

Download Escort’s update software

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