Radenso HD+ Remote Radar Detector: First Look

Alrighty… so let’s take a look at the Radenso HD+!

It’s Radenso’s upcoming remote mount radar detector.

First off here’s the video that goes over the basics.

and here’s a series of photos you can skim through instead with the different key points I found interesting. 🙂

Radenso HD+ antenna top

Radenso HD+ antenna top front

Radenso HD+ antenna top closeup

Radenso HD+ antenna closeup with RPSEThe remote is a smidge bigger than the windshield mount, but not much. It’s has the same board and LNA as the RPSE, but the horn is bigger. Apparently that gives them an extra 2-3 dBm. The RPSE is already running right up there with the Redline in testing, and this larger antenna would explain why people have been seeing this thing outperforming the remote M3’s in early testing.

Radenso HD+ antenna horns with RPSE

Radenso HD+ antenna bottom

The antenna uses these waterproof twist locks, just like the ALP does. The cable is 1.7m (5.6 ft.) from the antenna to the connector and then another 2.5m (8.2 ft.) back to the CPU.

Radenso HD+ antenna back

It’s a little tricky to get the connectors aligned just right, but they’re keyed to help with the alignment process.

Radenso HD+ antenna connectors

Here’s a look at the wiring setup from the antenna to the connection cable to the CPU.

Radenso HD+ wired up

Radenso is going to be releasing an all new CPU for the Radenso HD+. It’s not the same as what was used in the Genevo HD+ and what was shared in the OP. I don’t have one of those, but here’s what it looks like.

Radenso HD+ CPU

You’ll notice there’s a couple different ports. You’ve got front and rear (!!) radar antenna ports so you’ll get directional information like the V1, Max360, K40 RL360i, or Stinger VIP.

There’s a port on the far left for a GPS antenna.

On the far right is a port to plug in your jammers. I know it’s already been mentioned that this head can be plugged into the ALP via the R/G module, just like we can already do with the M3’s. If you want you can also go the other way around. You can use the Radenso’s CPU to control your ALP’s. Your jammer heads plug into the ALP’s control box and the in place of the wired controller you plug in the Radenso CPU so the Radenso takes over with its own controls and messages, but the ALP’s are still doing the work. I guess the main benefit is that you can choose to have the Radenso sounds and controls if you want just like you can choose to have the ALP sounds and controls. I don’t know which one will be better or anything.

Here’s a few more pics of it that I was sent showing it next to an iPhone 6 for size comparison.

Radenso HD+ CPU

Radenso HD+ CPU rearUSB port on the back! Presumably for updates.

There’s also a new display coming. Here’s a few pics that I was sent to show that too.

Radenso HD+ display with phone

Radenso HD+ display split apart

Radenso HD+ display closeup

LED display and different buttons to adjust the settings. The display also pops off the mounting bracket, just like the Stinger VIP. Apparently the mounting bracket can be set up with the cable going out the left or right, whatever better fits your install placement.

Now this new CPU and display is still in development. What I’ve got in the meantime is the Beltronics 975 which is a CPU that is compatible with a variety of different detectors.

Beltronics 975It’s a pretty ancient control box, but it does the job.

On a side note, I’ve always wondered what the heck the 975 was when seeing what RD’s are compatible with the ALP. I thought it was just a communications protocol, but apparently it’s this little box. 🙂

Since I’ve never had a chance to play with one, plus I need to get familiar with it so I can properly set up the HD+ for testing, here’s a video showing you a demo of different radar and laser alerts with the Bel 975, as well as the buttons and different menu options it has.

ALP will be releasing a firmware update to support this HD+ so you’ll be able to integrate it directly into your jammers using the R/G module the same way you can do with a Plus or 9500ci head. If you look on ALP’s configuration site, you’ll already see an option available for the HD+.

ALP 975HD+

As far as the price and release date, that I don’t know. It may have been decided and mentioned on the forum, but I don’t know. @Hügel66 could tell us more of course.

So yeah, this looks really interesting…

We’ve got a detector that’s very likely capable of out ranging the M3’s. Currently the only other detector that can do that is the Stinger VIP, but this should be considerably less expensive.

I don’t know how well its blind spot filtering works, but it has TSR High and Low just like the RPSE. It also offers individual Ka segments for 33.8, 34.3, 34.7, & 35.5.

Here’s a look at all the different components I got in the kit. Antenna, Bel 975 CPU, the box in the middle from a Genevo HD+, the extension cable back to the CPU, some screws, and two different brackets. I’m not sure why I’ve got two. Maybe for different mounting options or something?

Radenso HD+ kit

The fact that this can plug into an ALP or your ALP jammers can plug into it, that’s a new one. I have no idea how comparable it will be with the ALP’s. Can it jam the DET and all the newest guns? No idea, but I’m definitely curious to hear more about how all that will work.

So yeah, that’s the latest on my end. A big big thank you to @Hügel66 for the opportunity to test this guy out, get familiar with it, and share what I find with all you guys.

I do have a remote test planned. Stinger VIP, Radenso HD+, K40 RL360i or RL200i, and assorted M3’s. That test won’t be for a few weeks since I’ve got other plans next week and I gotta get everything ready for that test, but now that I’ve got the HD+ on hand and I’ve heard about what it can do, I’m definitely eager to run all these detectors back to back and see how they compare… 🙂

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