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Are radar detectors legal?

Radar detectors are legal across most of the United States, except in Virginia and Washington D.C. If you’re caught in Virginia, it’s a small ticket and no points. They used to confiscate your detector, but the law has been relaxed and they no longer do that. They simply write down your RD’s serial number instead. You …

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Why is my radar detector going off when there’s no police around?

There are many sources of radar that can trigger a radar detector. A police radar gun is just one of them. Examples of other sources of radar include automatic door openers in drugstores and grocery stores, speed signs on the side of the road, as well as many cars and semis with blind spot monitoring …

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Why didn’t my radar detector alert when I passed a cop?

A radar detector is not a police car detector. It’s a radar detector. If a police officer doesn’t have a radar gun in their vehicle (and many don’t) or if they simply aren’t actually running radar and transmitting, there’s nothing for your radar detector to detect and thus it will stay silent. This is very …

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