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What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is an electronic accessory that mounts in your car and alerts you whenever officers nearby are actively running radar, looking for speeders. Note: A radar detector is not a police car detector. It’s a radar detector. It alerts only when officers nearby are actively running radar. It will also alert to some …

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What are the differences between radar detectors?

There’s a bunch of radar detectors on the market, some good and some bad, expensive or cheap, simple or fancy. What’s the difference? The most basic ones will beep when they detect radar, but typically the range is poor and you’ll get a ton of false alerts so I recommend avoiding the super cheap ones …

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How do I set up my radar detector?

Check out my radar detector tutorials.

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How much range will my radar detector give?

Radar detector alert distance can vary due to many different factors. In ideal situations you can get over 10 miles of range. Here in Seattle, my maximum alert distance is no more than a mile due to the terrain and trees. In tougher situations you may get 1/4 of a mile or less. Lower end …

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Which radar detector should I buy?

The radar detector that’s best for you depends on your preferences, budget, and even personality. There’s no detector that’s best for everyone. Fortunately there’s a lot of great options and I’m happy to help you decide. Check out my radar detector recommendations here.

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Where’s the best place to mount my radar detector?

Generally the best place to mount a detector is up high by your rear view mirror. That gives it the best view of the road and thus the best performance, you can hide it behind your tint strip so it’s less visible from the outside, and it leads to a cleaner install when you hardwire …

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Can police shoot radar behind them?

Yes. Many police cars are equipped with one antenna that points out the front of the vehicle as well as a second antenna that aims backwards.

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Can police get my speed while they’re driving?

Yes. Radar guns typically have the ability to operate both in stationary mode or moving mode. Police officers can also pace you which means they drive at the same speed as you and measure your speed by looking at their speedometer. Unlike using radar, pacing doesn’t set off radar detectors. Laser, on the other hand, …

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What are X, K, and Ka band?

You know how your car stereo can tune to different radio stations because they broadcast on different frequencies? Police radar guns also transmit on different frequency ranges, or different bands. X band (around 10.5 GHz) is the oldest technology and least common. With its huge antennas, X band has been phased out of most of …

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What about radar jammers?

Radar detectors work by detecting radar that’s being shot up ahead of you and giving you time to adjust your speed accordingly before it’s your turn to be clocked. Radar jammers will actively jam the police radar gun, preventing it from getting a reading. The thing is that unlike radar detectors, radar jammers are massively …

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