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Why doesn’t my detector alert to certain speed signs

Speed signs on the side of the road aren’t built to the same tolerances and specifications as police radar guns so over time they may start to drift out of normal specifications. Radar guns need to be regularly calibrated and certified, especially because people often challenge their accuracy in court. Speed signs on the side …

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Are radar detectors helpful against laser?

Radar detectors do have laser detectors, but unfortunately they don’t offer any true protection against speeding tickets. Due to the way laser is designed, you generally won’t get any advanced warning from your radar detector. By the time it goes off, the officer already has your speed. In essence against laser, a radar detector is …

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Could you sell me a detector you don’t use often?

lol, well even the detectors I don’t use often, I still like to keep on hand for future updates, tests, and comparisons. If you’d like an affordable detector, I typically recommend the mid-tier Unidens. Check out my favorite picks at different price points.

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Do you know any discount codes or deals?

Yep! You can check out all the discount codes and deals here.

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What’s a good detector for motorcycles?

I don’t ride motorcycles so I’m not the best person to ask, sorry. However, since first-hand perspective is so helpful and I really want you to get the answers you’re looking for, check out this great discussion talking about motorcycle-specific radar detector usage from fellow enthusiasts who also ride.

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Can you review international radar detectors?

Living in the US, it’s not feasible for me to do so. Things vary widely all over the world so what I know about using radar detectors in the US and Canada often doesn’t apply in other countries. Additionally, testing international radar detectors here in the US doesn’t tell us much. Around the world there’s …

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Does window tint affect a radar detector?

Metallic-based tints will block radar signals and significantly reduce detection range. Non-metallic tints like ceramic tints are just fine. Those little dots on your windshield (frits) are generally fine too. The same rules apply. They may make it tougher to attach your radar detector to your windshield if they’re stuck on the glass instead of …

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Where can I get help with my radar detector?

If you have questions, you can often find the answers on my YouTube channel or here on my website. For example, if you need help programming your radar detector, check out my radar detector tutorials. Want to discuss things in even more detail? By far the best place to ask any questions and get tech …

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Can a radar detector prevent speed tickets?

Radar detectors can not give you 100% protection. It’s important to understand their capabilities and limitations. When police officers are using radar up ahead, radar detectors can provide plenty of advanced warning to let you know before the officer is able to acquire your speed. However, if the officer is using instant on (turning his …

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What about battery-powered cordless radar detectors?

Unfortunately there aren’t any good cordless radar detectors. All of the options available feature very outdated technology. Additionally, in order to conserve battery power, the detectors are constantly going to sleep briefly while you drive which hurts detection. The best one used to be the Escort Solo S4, but its underlying platform hasn’t been updated …

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