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Why do I need a dashcam?

Dashcams continually record while you drive and, optionally, while you’re parked. They provide additional protection and peace of mind in case anything happens while you’re on the road. In case of an accident, you have the video footage to send to insurance to prove you weren’t at fault, saving you time and headache. Involved in …

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What’s a good dashcam memory card?

Dashcams put a lot of wear and tear on memory cards and so I generally recommend a proper high endurance card specifically designed for being written to constantly. The Samsung 128gb Pro Endurance cards and Sandisk 256gb High Endurance cards are two solid picks. Manufacturers often sell their own branded memory cards, but they tend to be …

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Which dashcam should I get?

At minimum, you’ll want a high quality front facing dashcam recording while you drive. Many dashcams also offer parking mode recording too. For additional protection, you can also get a 2-channel dashcam that records front and rear. There’s also dashcams that record inside the vehicle (popular for Uber and Lyft drivers), an LCD display, cloud …

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