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Where can I find a good installer?

While you can install your own laser jammer if you’re comfortable working on cars, many prefer hiring a professional, especially for luxury cars that tend to be harder to work on and/or when the install requires some custom fabrication or drilling. An important point to note is that there’s a lot of installers that are …

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What’s the story with VPR lidar guns like the DragonEye?

Variable pulse rate laser guns, or VPR guns, vary the timing of when they transmit each individual pulse so that laser jammers can’t easily predict when the next pulse will arrive and thus when they should send back their jamming pulses. VPR technology is being used by some laser gun manufacturers in an effort to …

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Where do police aim their lidar guns when shooting cars?

Since laser uses light, when officers are using laser guns, they’re going to want to target the most reflective spots on your vehicle including the headlights, front grill, and front plate (if applicable). Modern laser guns can get a reading off of most any part of the car and any color car, but those are …

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Will I get false laser alerts?

False alerts on laser jammers are very rare. Unlike radar detectors, laser jammers need to carefully analyze the incoming laser signal and so they do a much better job of recognizing and filtering out false alerts compared to radar detectors.

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What’s the best laser jammer?

The best laser jammer is the AntiLaser Priority. Depending on your preferences and setup though, another jammer may be a better choice. Take a look at my recommended laser jammers to decide which one is best for you.

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Why should I slow down and disable my laser jammers?

To keep officers from getting suspicious, you’ll want to slow down and let them get a reading off of your vehicle within a few seconds. (3-4 seconds max is recommended) Even in areas where laser jammers are legal, in order to ensure they stay legal, it’s best not to poke the bear. In the past, …

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How do laser jammers work?

When a laser jammer detects a police officer’s gun, it fires back a return signal that confuses the gun and temporarily prevents it from being able to get a speed reading. This gives you enough time to slow down and disable your laser jammer so the officer can get a reading off your vehicle. Early …

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What’s the difference between laser detectors and laser jammers?

Laser is a very thin beam of light which makes it very hard to detect. Generally speaking, your radar detector’s built-in laser detector will only alert when you’re being targeted. Except for very rare instances, it won’t go off if the officer is targeting someone else. (Additionally, given that laser is aimed at your grill …

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Are laser jammers legal?

They are legal in 40 out of the 50 states and are illegal in 10 including California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Penalties if caught are generally pretty minor, akin to a fix-it ticket, like having tint that’s too dark or not running a front plate if you’re supposed …

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