Memorial Day Deals 2021

For Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got some nice discounts on different radar detectors & dashcams.

Discounts expire after Monday.

Radar Detector Discounts:

First up, here are your weekend savings on radar detectors.

Escort Max 360c + M1 dashcam: $80 off

Escort Max 360c M1 bundle

The Max 360c is a high end radar detector with arrows, GPS, MRCD, Bluetooth, WiFi. For Memorial Day, you can get it paired with the 1080p M1 dashcam for $80 off.

Save $80 on the Escort Max 360c & M1 combo

Cobra DualPro 360: $100 off

Cobra DualPro 360 radar detector

The Cobra DualPro 360 is essentially an Escort Max 360 with a different case and display. Because it’s fundamentally an Escort, it’s the only Cobra detector that performs well. It gives you arrows, GPS, MRCD, and Bluetooth. At $100 off, it’s arguably the best detector you’ll find in its price range.

Save $100 on the Cobra DualPro 360

Dashcam Discounts:

Thinkware U1000: $70 off

Thinkware U1000 dashcam

The Thinkware U1000 is my favorite premium dashcam. It records in 4K with the front camera and 2K with the optional rear camera, giving you some of the best video quality available. It also has great parking mode recording, good low light sensitivity, WiFi, and cloud functionality. Through Memorial Day you can save $70 off both the 1-channel front only version and the 2-channel front and rear version.

Save $70 on the Thinkware U1000

Add the optional rear dashcam

Thinkware Q800 Pro: $100 off

Thinkware Q800 Pro 2CH Dashcam

To save even more, pick up the Thinkware Q800 Pro. It records in 2K for the front and 1080p with the optional rear camera. Like the U1000, it offers great parking mode recording, good low light sensitivity, and WiFi. Plus it both costs less and has an even bigger discount.

Save $100 on the Thinkware Q800 Pro

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