TMG’s Latest Updates and Coming Improvements

TMG, the budget friendly laser jammer, recently released both some hardware and software updates. Plus they’re working on updated VPR heads to improve close range DragonEye jamming as well as a motorcycle-specific laser jammer. Here’s all the latest news about this capable yet affordable laser jammer.

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TMG Duals

TMG Alpha-15

Gen 2 Heads

Starting with the hardware changes, TMG recently released their updated Gen 2 heads. There is a small change to the internal components to help improve overall reliability. Performance and functionality is otherwise identical. New orders now ship out with the second generation laser jammer heads.

Firmware 8.06

The latest firmware, 8.06, is now available as well. This latest update helps improve jamming against the popular Stalker XLR and RLR lidar guns. Several RDF members in Florida recently tested out their TMG installs running 8.06 and the jammer was excellent.

8.06 also removes jamming for the TraffiPatrol XR, a handheld lidar gun used overseas, but not in North America. Several people were reporting false alerts against the gun and so TMG has simply removed support for the gun altogether to help cut out those false alerts.

Free Upgrade from Duals to Triples

There is also a sale that just started. TMG is currently offering free upgrades from duals to triples, adding even more protection.

TMG Triple

TMG Triple

Duals are normally $699, but you can currently get a free third head and splitter cable. This means that you now can get a set of Triples for $699. (Use the coupon code “VortexUS” for free US shipping.)

Quads are available for $949 if you’d like front and rear protection. If you use the coupon “VortexRadar” then it’ll save you $70, bringing the price down to $879 plus shipping.

These prices are a good deal lower than competition like the ALP, especially when you consider things like the speaker and Bluetooth module are built right into the CPU, not optional extras. The lower price is a big appeal of the TMG.

VPR Heads in Development

One of the weaknesses of the TMG is its close range DragonEye jamming capabilities. It does a good job jamming the DragonEye farther away, but you will get punchthroughs once you get into the 200-500 ft. range or so. Depending on your area, this may or may not be an issue for you.

Because it is an issue for some people, especially those who see the DragonEye often, TMG is developing a new VPR head (similar to the ALP’s Tx head) designed specifically to improve close range DragonEye jamming capabilities. No ETA on when it’ll be available, but it’s good to see TMG working on it.

Motorcycle Jammer coming

Finally, TMG is developing a motorcycle-specific variant of the jammer.

TMG motorcycle head

TMG motorcycle head (photo by TMG)

For the motorcycle version, the jammer head cable length will be much shorter. It should jam well only with one head in the front. They are also working on adding accessories like a blinking alert LED. Instead of relying on a regular speaker, audio will be played via a bluetooth earpiece or headset using the TMG remote app or JBV1. They are also working on a solution for waterproofing the CPU.

That’s a quick overview of all the latest changes and upcoming improvements to expect with the TMG. It’s great to see continued development by this new jammer. 🙂

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    • Tareef Khorsheed on July 30, 2020 at 9:15 am
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    Do you know any other place that I could get the latest TMG set up I called the place you link to they are out of stock.

    1. I think that’s the only place to get them right now. It looks like Coronavirus has messed up shipping and availability for a lot of CM’s. TMG is expecting to get more jammers in stock Aug 5th.

    • Harry on June 12, 2023 at 9:42 am
    • Reply

    Hello Vortex,
    Had a question if you had any opinion on the new TMG alpha-17 I saw the review on the A-15 but was wondering if you had some insight. I just purchased one but saw your A-15 review and wondering if it’s worth it.

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