Big Change for Uniden, Radenso, and the Radar Detector Industry

Something huge is happening… The man who worked for Uniden and was responsible for the Uniden R3 and R7 is moving to Radenso.

This is going to be a big change for Uniden, for Radenso, and for all of us who love radar detectors. Moving forward, I think Radenso is going to become an even stronger player in this industry.

Check out my video for the story.

Now Kuni isn’t an engineer himself. I didn’t make this part sufficiently clear in my original video so I’ve since put out a second video (shared below) that clarifies this further. He was the Director of Product Development and Marketing. He was the man in charge, basically guiding the radar detector program for Uniden while working with other third party companies like Attowave who actually did the engineering and manufacturing for Uniden. The engineers who all built the detectors are all still around, but the man from Uniden is now going to be replaced.

Uniden is bringing someone else on board to steer the ship for Uniden as development, updates, and customer service continues, but nevertheless there are some personnel changes happening behind the scenes.

You can also hear a word from Jon, the President and CEO of Radenso Radar, welcoming Kuni to the team at Radenso.

For full discussion about this latest change, read this thread on RDF.

Radenso and Uniden logos

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    • tzah on January 23, 2020 at 10:58 pm
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    Hi Vortex
    This is going to be very interesting, A New Radenso (with uniden’s EX worker) Vs Uniden R7 Vs possible? New V1 & a New Redline 360C?. WOW what a test/review is waiting for us by you.

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