Thinkware Unveils the QA100 Dashcam at SEMA 2018

Thinkware is unveiling their new QA100 dashcam. It’s going to be the successor to their top of the line F800 Pro.

In short, the QA100 is exactly the same as the F800 Pro with one exception: The resolution for the front camera is being bumped from 1080p to 1440p to help it better make out fine details.

Thinkware QA100 specs

QA100 Specs

Thinkware is also sticking with the same Sony Starvis sensor which is highly regarded for its low light capabilities. This is great because unlike other dashcams that switch sensors when going above 1080p and lose low light sensitivity in the process *cough*DR900S*cough*, the QA100 sticks with the Sony Starvis sensor while simply adding resolution.

Thinkware QA100 and Thinkware F800 Pro

QA100 and F800 Pro

The unit they had on hand at the show was a prototype in the F800 Pro case, except it said QHD-FHD to denote 1440p front and 1080p rear. The QA100 may ultimately be a different color, but the design otherwise should still be the same.

Thinkware QA100 prototype closeup

Thinkware QA100 in a prototype case

It’s still fairly early in the development process and we don’t know the expected release date or price point yet. However, we’ll have more information in a few months at CES 2019. 🙂

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  1. not possible the same as F800.
    F800 have IMX 291 in rear and front and max resolution for IMX291 is FullHD? not 1440p. So here is another sensor, i think its IMX335 like uses 70main in their new dashcam

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