Radenso Pro M Firmware Update: US 13

The Radenso Pro M, one of my favorite windshield mount radar detectors thanks to its excellent false alert filtering, compact size, and continual updates based on customer feedback, just received a new firmware update. Firmware US 13 is now available and it addresses some of my biggest annoyances with the detector, making it an even better radar detector to use day to day.

Download the latest firmware here.

Radenso Pro M boot logo with US 13

US 13 New Features

  • “Radenso Pro M” logo is now displayed at bootup
  • Ka band segmentation! Select “Ka Narrow” and you will have individual options to turn on/off 33.8, 34.3, 34.7 and 35.5. (Great way to cut out 34.3 falses, for example.)
  • 3 button mute. During an alert, if you do a single press of any button on top of the Pro M, it will mute the alert.
  • Ka band low speed muting. Ka band will alert with one single beep when under AutoCity speed.
  • GPS lockout window has been extended to 3 seconds after the alert ends. This way you can still lock out a brief false even if it just disappeared.
  • Ka band sound has been improved to have higher pitch.
  • K band sound had been improved to have lower pitch.
  • K and Ka band sounds are now balanced in volume and “attention grabbing.”

US 13 Improvements

  • “False alert area added” voice alert and “Ka radar alert” volume has been increased.
  • If brightness setting is anything but “Bright,” you will always start scrolling through the options with Bright.
  • Auto City mode and minimal speed for radar alert no longer mutes laser alert.

Click here to download US 13.

Radenso Pro M firmware update software

Purchase a Radenso Pro M here.

For more information about US 13 or if you have any questions about the update, visit the US 13 discussion thread on RDF.

Note: US 14 was released soon after and only changes some of the factory default settings. Otherwise US 13 and US 14 are identical.

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    • Jon Doh on November 28, 2018 at 10:18 am
    • Reply

    Would really like to see some tests with the new software and Ka band segmentation. Previous tests showed the Pro M to do quite a bit worse than the discontinued RPSE on Ka band and about as well as the outdated V1.
    Would like to know where the Pro M now stands vis a vis the R1/R3 and RPSE.

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