Interview with Escort Radar

Last week I flew out to West Chester, Ohio to meet up with Escort. Lots of you guys have had questions about their products, updates, and customer service, just like I did, so I met up with them to talk about their different products, how things are going, and how things are going to improve.

Here’s the full interview. (Just below the video you’ll find the outline of topics discussed and when they are discussed in the video if you’d like to jump to any topic.)

Outline of Topics Discussed

1:20 Lockups on the Max360, Max360c, GT-360
2:45 Max/Max2 firmware update delays
4:25 Changes from Max2 to Max360 platforms
6:58 Adding AutoJTK support to the laser shifters
12:02 Escort’s commitment to R&D
19:54 Windshield mount version of the Max Ci?
20:11 Escort Live updates and future developments
29:05 Reporting alerts and information saved
30:09 Predicting speed traps with Escort Live
32:48 Beltronics
34:37 Beltronics GT-1
35:49 How Beltronics fits in with Escort and Cobra
35:56 International radar detector markets
37:44 MRCD detection, more products with MRCD support
39:48 Escort Forum
46:12 DragonEye jamming claims
51:18 Laser jammer placement for jamming the DragonEye
53:47 Product testing, development, and working with testers
57:09 What can we do to help Escort?

A big thank you to Escort for being open to discussing these topics publicly and for flying me out to West Chester to talk about these issues with them so I can share the conversation with you.

Bonus: Factory Tour

I also got a tour of Escort’s facility to see where some of their products are designed, built, tested, and serviced. Check it out!

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    • edson on August 15, 2018 at 7:07 am
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    bom dia, preciso de um anti radar , mas de uso no brasil ja configurado vcs teriam pra me indicar e vender em voz

    1. Hello, I’m sorry but I’m not a good person to help you with what you need in Brazil. There are others who are much more familiar with what threats you face and radar detectors available in your market who would be better suited to helping you figure out what’s best in your area. Good luck! 🙂

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