Spectre Elite Undetectability Testing vs. Remote Radar Detectors

If you need a stealthy and undetectable radar detector, a custom installed and hidden remote mount radar detector is often the way to go. There’s nothing on your windshield for police officers to spot and the top remotes feature special stealth technology to make them undetectable to radar detector detectors. How undetectable are they?

Spectre Elite vs. Remotes in grill: Stinger VIP, Radenso RC M, Escort Max Ci 360, Net Radar DSP

Let’s take a look at the 4 top remote mount radar detectors and test them against the Spectre Elite radar detector detector.

Remote Radar Detectors:

Remote Radar Detector Detectability:

Stinger VIP: Fully Stealth

Spectre vs Stinger VIP

As we’ve seen before, the Stinger is undetectable and RDD immune. No surprise there.

Escort Max Ci 360: Fully Stealth

Spectre vs Max Ci 360

The Escort Max Ci 360 uses an evolution of the undetectable M3-based design that we’ve seen is undetectable in the Redline EX, Redline, and Magnum.

The Max Ci 360’s M7-based antenna design up front is also stealth just like the M3’s are. Here’s the Max Ci’s stealthiness in practice from the perspective of an officer driving past you.

Its rear M3 antenna will be the same as we’ve seen as previous M3’s.

The Max Ci 360 is undetectable to radar detector detectors.

Net Radar DSP: Effectively Stealth

Spectre vs Net Radar DSP

The Net Radar DSP is an update over the Net Radar and in terms of detectability, it is less detectable than the original Net Radar.

The NR DSP can only be detected up to a max of 15-20 feet away if the RDD is directly in line with the RD. However, if the RDD is off to the side (like an officer driving past you in the opposite direction) or it’s higher or lower (remote down in grill, RDD up in windshield), the Spectre can’t pick up the NR DSP.

Here’s how things look from the perspective of a police officer driving past you. As you can see, they won’t be able to pick up your NR DSP.

The Net Radar DSP is effectively stealth against the Spectre Elite.

Radenso RC M: Nearly Stealth

Spectre vs Radenso RC M

The Radenso RC M is an update over the HD+ which was almost completely stealth.

The RC M offers similar levels of detectable range as the NR DSP and can only be picked up a maximum of 15-20 feet away. However, its zone of detectability is more of a bubble around the detector. If an officer is off to the side or their RDD is a few feet above the RC M, it is possible for the RDD to pick up the RC M. In practice, however, you’ll almost never have the cars close enough for the RDD to be in range to pick up the RC M.

I’m curious to see if an officer would be able to pick up the RC M’s rear antenna if they pulled behind one at a stop light, but other than that, the RC M should be effectively undetectable against the Spectre Elite.

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