Escort iX Ci Remote Radar Detector Introduced at CES

This week at CES, Escort is introducing a new affordable remote radar detector that they’re calling the Escort iX Ci. It’s like a remote version of the Escort iX, but with better performance and filtering, plus the ability to give it arrows with the optional rear antenna. Think of it as the more affordable baby brother to Escort’s top of the line Max Ci.

Escort iX Ci Radar Antenna

The horn is an M4+, an updated version of the M4 used in the iX. The M4+ has some hardware and software improvements over the M4 that give it better range than the iX as well as improved BSM filtering with Escort’s newer IVT filtering technology.

Escort iX Ci horn

Escort iX Ci radar antenna

The horn is smaller and more compact than the M3 (9500ci, STi-R Plus) or the M7 (Max Ci, Max Ci 360). The iX Ci comes with a single front facing antenna. You can also purchase an optional second M4+ antenna for the rear and get arrows as well.

Escort iX Ci Display and Controller

The controller is shared with the Max Ci. The display will be very similar to the 9500ci. (In fact at the show they were using a 9500ci display since the iX Ci is still in development and isn’t quite ready yet.)

The iX Ci will feature an LED display instead of the multicolor OLED display of the Max Ci. It will be like the 9500ci’s display with some improvements. For example, where the GPS icon is on the right, you’ll have arrows. When you are running Escort Live (the iX Ci has Bluetooth built-in), your relevant Escort Live info such as your current speed and speed limit info will show up on the display too.

Escort iX Ci display and controller

Escort iX Ci display mockup and actual controller

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but the iX Ci should be available April.

Bonus: Escort ZW5 Wireless Laser Jammers

Escort also had their new ZW5’s on display as well. They are Escort’s upcoming wireless laser jammers that we first learned about at SEMA.

Escort ZW5 Wireless Laser Jammers

Escort ZW5 Wireless Laser Jammers

The ZW5’s will be able to wirelessly communicate with many of Escort’s windshield mount radar detectors. Since they’re wireless, installation will be much easier, cheaper, and quicker. You also won’t need another controller installed somewhere in your vehicle. Everything can be handled directly from your windshield mount radar detector.

One cool new thing I learned about is how it handles turning on and off. If you wire it to your vehicle’s battery, it will always have power even if your car is turned off. In order to avoid draining your vehicle’s battery, it goes into a low powered sleep mode when you park. Once you start driving again, the laser jammer wakes up and resumes normal operation.

The ZW5’s will be available in February and will retail for $849.

Update 2/1/18: The Escort ZW5’s are now available here.

Update 6/5/18: The iX Ci is now available here.

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  1. Has Stinger USA closed down

    1. Cliff, the US distributor, is out. From what I understand, Stinger does plan on continuing to sell here in the US though and is looking for a new distributor.

    • David Lewis on October 15, 2019 at 11:29 am
    • Reply

    Not so sure about that; Cliff just kindly updated the firmware on my Laser Interceptor jammers (would be interested in your opinion as to how they stack up, as updated, against the newer stuff, BTW) and I sent the payment to him at

    1. LI’s are no longer being updated. Cliff switched over to Stinger, but he eventually had a falling out with them and is no longer with Stinger. Maybe he’s continuing to work on LI with the elusive of the LI-X, but there’s nothing to show. LI is basically an outdated product. Works great against legacy guns, but not the newer anti-jamming guns.

    • David Lewis on October 15, 2019 at 6:47 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks for the update. If he includes any information as to what he’s done to the unit (which I haven’t received back yet), I’ll let you know. It’s essentially an orphaned product (ditto my Beltronics StiR Plus detector), which I guess is par for the industry. As I live in California, I think that these two devices will still work well enough for a while.

    1. Yeah they should be fine there still. The Plus is awesome for CA if you disable X and K band. The Ka performance is still sensational on the detector. 🙂

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