Escort Max 360c Size Comparison with other Radar Detectors

I currently have a number of Escort’s top radar detectors on hand at the moment. Let’s take a look at the size of the new Max 360c and specifically how its size and design compares to Escort’s other top radar detectors.

First up, let’s take a look at how it compares to the original Max360.

Escort Max360 vs. Max 360c

Max 360c size comparison: Escort Max360 and Max 360c radar detectors

The Max 360c is indeed smaller than the original Max360, but not significantly smaller.

Escort Redline EX vs. Max 360c

Escort Redline EX and Max 360c radar detectors

It’s also a smidge smaller than the Redline EX, counting the Jay Leno chin. Stylistically it’s pretty similar to the new Redline EX.

Escort iX, Max 360c, & Max360

Escort iX, Max 360c, and Max360 radar detectors

The Max 360c also looks similar in design to the Escort iX, but wider and a bit bigger.

Escort iX, Redline EX, Max 360c, & Max360

Escort iX, Redline EX, Max 360c, and Max360 radar detectors

and here’s a look at all of Escort’s current top radar detectors. I wonder if this is Escort’s new style that they’re going for.

Uniden R3 vs. Max 360c

Uniden R3 and Escort Max 360c radar detectors

Finally, here it is next to the Uniden R3. The R3 is definitely smaller. The 360c feels sturdier and the build quality feels better than the R3, but in terms of size, the R3 is definitely the more compact detector.

Now that the new Max 360c has arrived, time to start getting familiar with it and putting it through its paces. 🙂

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    • Robin Taylor on November 22, 2018 at 1:31 pm
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    Is there another way to download the new firmware for the r3 other than windows ? I have an old macbook pro 2010.

    1. There is Mac update software for the Mac now. You might need a newer version of OSX though.

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