Jan 18

Stinger VIP 10% Off Coupon Code

The Stinger VIP is a top of the line radar detector. It offers long range performance, is excellent at filtering out those annoying blind spot falses, plus it adds GPS to filter out stationary false alerts from speed signs and grocery stores. So you get both longe range and many ways of filtering out false alerts, all in one package.

It can also alert you to redlight cameras and speed cameras, has support for front and rear antennas to give you directional information, is fully immune from being detected by radar detector detectors, and can even detect the low powered MRCD (helpful overseas and in Edmonton) which makes it more future-proof.

You also have the ability to integrate it with Stinger’s laser jammers. Their jammers, especially the tiny optional fiber optic transmitters, are the smallest and least noticeable jammers available.

The detector had some issues initially, but Stinger’s engineers have been hard at work perfecting the system and making it the ultimate radar detector on the market. A recent firmware update has addressed most all of the major bugs. There are a few things that will be coming in upcoming firmware updates like improvements to the arrows and laser jamming performance, but it is now the most feature-packed high performance radar detector available on the market today.

They’re available for sale directly from Stinger USA at www.StingerRadarUSA.com.

You can save 10% on the Stinger VIP by entering in the coupon code “VortexRadar” (all one word).

Stinger VIP Coupon Code VortexRadar entry

Once you do that, it’ll take 10% off the price of the radar detector, plus anything else you add like a rear antenna, laser jammers, etc.

Buy now: www.StingerRadarUSA.com

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Walter Kotaba

    Where can I have best radar detector built in ?
    I live in Chicago area

    1. Vortex

      At this point I’d get the AntiLaser Priority to cover you for laser and then add in the Net Radar antenna for radar. Way cheaper than the Stinger, still good performance, and better blind spot false filtering. See my RD Buyer’s Guide here: https://www.vortexradar.com/buy-a-radar-detector/

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