How Laser Jammers Work

Are you wondering how laser jammers work? Once you watch my video on how lidar guns work, here’s a series of videos to explain how laser jammers work.

How Smart Laser Jammers Work

This first video explains how jammers that use lookup tables (ie. AntiLaser Priority, Blinder HP-905, Laser Interceptor, Escort Laser ShifterPro, Escort ZR5/ShifterMax) work.

How Brute Force Laser Jammers Work

Next up we’ll take a look at brute force jammers like the old Lidatek LE-10.

If you’d like to see what it looks like from the perspective of the lidar gun, here’s a quick clip of when I went out to go test a fellow forum member’s ALP’s. See if you can guess which vehicle is his.

Note: This is why you kill your jammers when shot! Otherwise it’s pretty obvious…

How laser jammers work: Police officer shooting a Kustom ProLaser III

Finally, here’s a quick note about the receive windows of lidar guns which provides a little more information about the timing needed to make this all work.

For more information about laser jammers, check out my guide covering the best laser jammers.

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