Escort Max360: Under the Hood

Let’s take apart the Max360 and see what lies underneath. Let’s see the dual-horn antenna, GPS chip, PCB’s, RF board, internal components, and more. 🙂

Max360 components:

Max360 components

Max360 components 2

RF board:

Max360 RF boardMax360 RF board rear Horn:

Max360 horn

Max360 horn 2

Primary PCB:

Max360 primary PCB

Max360 primary PCB 2

Secondary PCB:

Max360 secondary PCB

Max360 secondary PCB rear

Display & Arrows:

Max360 display 1 Max360 display 2

Top of case:

Max360 top of case

Max360 top of case underside

Sides of case:

Max360 sides of case

Max360 sides of case 2

Profile shot of plastic bulge on top:

Max360 bulge on top

Bottom panel with heatsink: Max360 bottom panel

Max360 bottom panel underside

Full discussion and analysis here:

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    • David on February 13, 2021 at 10:35 am
    • Reply

    Is there a place that one can go to to purchase/replace the plastic body/housing of the Escort Max360? One of my kids desided it looked better spray painted red 🙁 Fortunately nothing inside was damaged (still operational) just ugly as hell… Any help would be great,

    1. Yikes, sorry to hear that! Reach out to Escort’s repair services and they should be able to help you out.

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