Jan 24

Escort Redline Review

The Escort Redline is the longest range windshield mount radar detector you can get. It’s the standard that other detectors are measured against when it comes to long distance range. It’s for this reason that it’s very popular among driving enthusiasts, especially people who drive on the highway. You can watch my video review above for complete information, as well as a head-to-head comparison with some of the other toughest competitors (Radenso Pro SE, Valentine One, Max360, Max2, Magnum, STi-R Plus, 9500ci, and Stinger VIP) to get a good feel for the Redline.

Redline in action


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  1. Ivan from MyCarNeedsThis

    I bought this radar detector this past Christmas from Amazon and holy crap, it’s a MAJOR improvement from my old V955. Being in Virginia gives me peace of mind driving around. I also recommend this radar detector for anyone who wants something sensitive.

    Thank you for this review Vortext, and the YouTube channel 🙂


    ** i too did a comparison, redline is a clear winner. (unless you have the dinero for the Stinger VIP)

  2. Don

    The price above is $437 but when you click it the page shows $510 where is the redline for $437



    1. Vortex

      Prices on Amazon fluctuate quite a bit so if you don’t see it now, check back in a few days. BRD has them for $499 shipped http://bit.ly/1NSCN8f which isn’t $437, but it’s a better deal than $510.

  3. david

    I’m just wondering why you want the Redline to be run on auto over highway? I under the making of the xr part 2,5,8 trs off rdr off but not the auto part over highway. I have a lot of k band in my area so I thought that using highway is my best option. Also can you help me with my Max360? I’m getting a lot off ka bands false 33.4 any ideas? I’m using highway since k band is in my area. I have rdr off. these radars are in different cars just so you know.

    1. Vortex

      Auto helps cut down on K band false alerts, similar to TSR. It’s helpful in the city in particular so if you do a combination of highway and city driving, auto can be helpful. Highway will give you full sensitivity on K band. It’s all a balance with falses. There’s no right or wrong.

      As for the 33.4xx falses with the Max360, that’s a known issue. Firmware 1.3 recently came out which helps the 33.4xx issues to a certain extent, but not completely. Update if you haven’t already and see if it helps.

  4. david

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did the update on the max360 I didn’t get much help. the max 360 is always on highway. Should I turn on rdr or will I loose a lot range on k band? Is the 33.4 cobra or what is doing that? Finally my stri plus doesn’t get the 33.4 alerts. Just max360. I did have to turn off the auto lock feature on my stri plus because the unit lock out true police traps. My Stri plus has 2,5,8 on tsr off rdr off and auto lock off. Finally I have a V1 but i’m not sure what to put the small dial on so the unit mutes. Does the vol. key go to the right more then the second small key? I just not postive what way those dials should be. I want load volume then do down automatically after. what should the smaller dial be at?

    1. Vortex

      Right, the update won’t fix the issue entirely, only somewhat. It’s a common issue at this point. As for RDR, the 360 doesn’t offer that feature. As for the V1, it has two volume knobs. The big one on the front is the main volume. The ring around it is the volume for “muted” signals.

  5. david

    thanks again where should I put the muted volume? does it go to right or left? Which way is lower volume after getting a false? finally should max 360 have tsr on or would this lower my range for k band a lot”? would you run max360 on auto would this help 33.4 k band false with no lowering k band range alot? does the laser Inceptor still do a good job in my area ct,ri,mass,n.h. vt? Also how hp-905 in my area?

    1. Vortex

      Put the muted volume wherever you want it. I like it a little above totally silent so I can still hear the volume. Experiment with it… Clockwise is louder, counterclockwise is softer, just like most volume knobs. TSR will hurt range and the 360 can filter out many K band falses without it, unlike the Redline. Try without TSR, but turn it on if you’re still getting too many K falses and see if it helps. Auto doesn’t help 33.4. That requires a firmware fix and there’s nothing you can do. LI and HP-905 will still work fine in many of those areas, however, there are some new guns coming out there like the Dragon guns and Stalker XLR that those jammers can’t handle so it’s best to spend your money on ALP’s.

  6. david

    I see so what your saying is put mute button towards down arrow. that would be lower. if want higher go to up arrow. what do you put your volume key on, and mute? any pictures? how can i find out what is used in my area for laser guns? ct,ma,n.h.,vt? is hp-905 coming out rapid plus system? any ideas what last Aprils update was? i appreciate all your time.

    should it be ok have a 360 and V1 in same car at same time? or add in a redline?

    i will try 360 on highway with tsr off because of k band pop off

    redline trs off rdr off pop off highway 2,5,8

    stri plus trs off,rdr off x off pop off highay

    1. Vortex

      No pictures. I run my main volume louder and muted volume quieter. Play with it and it’ll make sense. As for what’s in use in your area, https://www.rdforum.org/wiki/index.php?title=RDF_Geographical_Survey I don’t remember the details with Blinder’s update, but you’ll find that information in the Blinder section on RDF. As for running two detectors at the same time, NO!!!! Don’t do it. They will interfere with each other and mess each other up. One at a time. Keep it simple. Your settings look good, but you’ll probably need TSR on on the Redline and Plus to help with the K band falses. Auto on the Plus and 360 are nice because they have a GPS chip. At higher speeds they revert to highway mode essentially with full sensitivity and at lower speeds they’ll drop down around town to help with falses. The Redline doesn’t have a GPS chip so it can’t do this speed sensitive stuff, but again it’s up to you. It’s a balance and you’ll have to experiment and find out for yourself. I can’t give you all the answers. You have the detectors now so you can play with things. That’s the same thing I’m doing…

  7. david

    I’m sorry I asked so many questions radar roy use to help me. Know i feel lost so I lost a very good friend. I hope you don’t mimd me asking you questions. So would you buy a radenso pro? with V1 if I have volume up meaning towards side arrow or down arrow where does mute button go? towards up arrow is quieter? have you every had lock out lock rear radar on k band/ my units do that. auto ok on 360 and stri plus even with k band?

    1. Vortex

      I understand. Sorry man but I don’t want to keep answering questions all day. A few, sure, but everything within reason. Please check out the forums. There’s a LOT of knowledgable people who can help you out, not just Roy or myself. Thanks.

  8. james

    vortex please help. i want to update my redline and am using a smart cord live direct wire and when i try to update it says “Error Updating Your SmartCord Live DW 2!”. if anyone has a solution please help

  9. Johnny

    Are they any new updates for Escort RedLine

    1. Vortex

      Nope. Escort won’t be updating it beyond where it is today.

  10. Ted

    Hey, Vortex, just found your sight, I am in the market for a new RD and looking at the 9500ix, but see you don’t even mention it here. Does it not compare with anything you have reviewed – especially the redline? I like the GPS functionality, and it is cheaper than the redline. I haven’t ruled out the max 360, but it is pricier, for sure.

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