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Radar Detector & Dashcam Holiday Giveaway 2017

Radar Detector Giveaway: Uniden R1 and R3's

In celebration of me hitting 20k subscribers on YouTube and because it’s the holiday season, it’s time for the yearly Vortex Radar radar detector and dashcam giveaway! There’s several ways to enter and you can do as many as you like to increase your odds of winning. This giveaway is open to anyone at least …

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Escort Radar Detector Reviews

Escort Radar logo

Escort Radar makes very popular radar detectors designed for the everyday driver. Escort’s radar detectors are convenient and easy to use and Escort has a line of different radar detectors, each tailored to a specific type of driver or set of needs. If you’re not a radar detector expert and have no interest in becoming …

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Are Radar Detectors Illegal or Legal in the USA? Radar Detector Laws

Radar Detector Laws Map: Where Radar Detectors are Legal

Are radar detectors illegal or legal in your state? What are the laws regarding radar detectors here in the USA? It turns out that laws regarding radar detector usage vary depending on where you are in the country and even what type of vehicle you’re driving. Let’s take a look at what the laws are …

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