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Uniden DFR6 Review & Uniden DFR7 Review: Best Bang for the Buck Radar Detectors

Update July 2019: The DFR7 is in the process of being discontinued and replaced by the DFR9. In the meantime, it’s being discounted heavily. You can now buy it for just $129 (use the promo coupon VORTEX1). At this price point, it blows away the competition and is an insane bang for the buck. If …

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Rocky Mountain Radar Judge Radar Detector Review

Genesis II

It’s time to take a look at RMR’s latest radar detector and do a Rocky Mountain Radar Judge review. You see, many people consider Rocky Mountain Radar to be one of the biggest scammers in the radar detector industry. They make a lot of wild claims that turn out not to be true, justify their …

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