I’m a manufacturer. Could you test and review my product?

Do you have an awesome radar detector or dashcam? If so, I’d love to check it out and potentially share it here on my website or on my YouTube channel!

That said, I gotta be up front that I turn down 99% of the product review requests. It’s very time consuming to do in depth tests and create detailed reviews so I’m now very selective with what I choose to review.

I prefer covering higher end products and/or something with unique and creative features. (There’s a thousand different dashcams on Amazon, for example, and most are fundamentally pretty similar, so I’m always looking for something a little different and interesting.)

I also make no guarantees when (or even if) I’ll release a review for a product I take a look at. It all depends on how I like it and how things fit into my release schedule.

If you have an awesome and interesting product that fits my niche of automotive electronics that help keep drivers protected and aware, you can reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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